Rome Casino Scam

Rome Casino Scam

For the past few weeks we have been addressing a forum members complaint about Rome Casino and their Top Game software. Jonathan who is the senior VP of Top Games stepped in and assured us that the problem with 3 of the jackpot games not showing the wild symbols on reels a 1 and 5 would be corrected. Over 3 weeks later nothing has been corrected and players that play for real money on Diablo 13, Douguies Delights and Wild 7’s have no chance in hell to hit the jackpot.

Until this has been corrected our advice is to avoid playing at Rome Casino. They have been Blacklisted until further notice.



  1. Top Game Announced today the completion of its comprehensive game review.

    Online gaming platform provider Top Game has responded to inquiries from its players concerning their progressive jackpot slots games. Top Game acknowledged these inquiries by players from some months ago, and has completed an intensive review of the games in question in order to shed light on the issue.

    Technical teams assigned with investigating the software have found no problems in the game software. At the same time as the internal review was conducted, Technical Systems Testing, Ltd. also conducted a review. TST’s review corroborated Top Game’s internal findings: the games in question work properly, with no problems discovered in the software or payouts

    All affected by the original issue have been refunded in full in a total amount equal to the JP, based on the influence of the wild on the JP game.

    Top Game reassures players that the game platform is safe and secure. The games continue to meet or exceed industry standards for fairness and payout percentages. Top Game remains committed to excellence in customer support and online gaming.

    In case you want to contact us please find our email available for you anytime.

    Best Regards ,
    Top Game Management

  2. ROME CASINO does NOT send payments to players who win money. They will tell you that it takes THREE WEEKS to process a payment and will ask you for personal documents to be faxed to them in order to process it, but you will wait forever and never get a penny. PLAYERS, BEWARE of this FRAUD casino.

  3. Just to add to my previous comment, I have screenshots of my cashout/winnings, screenshots of conversations with the reps, dated copies of the emails sent to me in response to my supposed payment as well as emails requesting my passport, etc after all of which I NEVER GOT A PENNY.

  4. I requested a withdrawal from Rome Casino, and after faxing all the required forms and copies of my information, as of six months later, I have yet to receive a penny. Also, they no longer even bother to return my e-mails.


  5. Hello Mia and Daniel,

    My name’s Noah and I am an online rep for Rome Casino. I understand that there have been problems with your withdrawal, and I’m here to help.

    First, I don’t know the details yet, but I do apologize that you’ve encountered such problems, please allow me to investigate.

    Please trust that I will resolve this issue for you. I will need your casino user names to achieve this. Please email them to me at or, if you don’t care about writing them here, then you can do that as well.

    Kind Regards,

    Rome Casino

  6. I made a withdrawal for three weeks ago. No reply, no answer. All documents is sent.

    Beware of this casino. Its all a fake.

  7. Hi Christian,

    Christian, Rome Casino is DEFINITELY not a fake. Please allow me a day or so to investigate on your behalf, and I’ll find out what the situation is. I’ll update you shortly, as I have said in my email to you previously.

    Kind Regards,

    Rome Casino

  8. bonjour
    j’ai un gros problème avec Rome casino
    Mon compte a été bloquer je ne sais pas pourquoi
    Et impossible de les contacter
    Merci d’avance pour votre aide

  9. Was playing BlackJack, in the middle of the game I was block out. Tried the support – no response. Tried the phone number -no answer.

    I fell that I been scamed………..

  10. patvirkelis 08:32:14
    Michelle 08:32:15
    Thanks for contacting us! A support rep will be with you shortly.
    Dean 08:32:21
    welcome back to the casino! 🙂 can i offer you today’s amazing first deposit deal?
    patvirkelis 08:33:07
    i gawe withdrawed 150 from my acount .There was 254 . and Now i hawe 0.00 .Why?
    Dean 08:33:52
    hi gilbertas, you can’t cashout yet, you have not made a deposit yet
    patvirkelis 08:36:26
    i got 5 dolars bonus . And i hawe played thill i can makw withdrawal . now i see that 150 ins pending , and i dont see the other money 104
    Dean 08:37:21
    you can’t withdraw till you have an active deposit of at least 25
    Dean 08:37:26
    you can cashout the 150 after that
    patvirkelis 08:40:45
    whe i deoposit 25 i can withdraw all 254?
    Dean 08:40:57
    you can withdraw up to 150 from free chips
    patvirkelis 08:41:51
    then where now is other 104 ?
    Dean 08:42:19
    you can ONLY take out the 150
    Dean 08:42:23
    you’re welcome to deposit to cashout
    patvirkelis 08:42:59
    can i play from the other 104 ?
    Dean 08:43:36
    patvirkelis 08:44:10
    so the 104 dollars is gon?:D
    Dean 08:44:17

  11. patvirkelis 08:59:28
    In Faq is not informed that when you get bonus after all requirement / playthrough you can not pick up the money with no deoposit and part of the money is removed .
    Adam 08:59:29
    Thanks for contacting us! A support rep will be with you shortly.
    Dean 09:00:45
    you’re welcome to email for details on where it’s written
    Dean 09:00:59
    always max cashout 150 on the free chips, no more, no less, with a dep of 25
    Dean 09:01:10
    have a good weekend.


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