Warning about SmartLiveCasino

Warning about SmartLiveCasino

If your thinking about playing at SmartLiveCasino.com you might want to reconsider. Here’s why; A player from Smart Live Casino came to us last week saying that he had been scammed out of his winnings and asked us for help. The player sent us emails showing that he had in fact been paid out a partial amount of his winnings (2000 GBP) and that he then asked customer support when he would get the remaining 9150 GBP. Customer support emailed back this response:

“Unfortunately we were not able to process the whole amount from your account. We are doing our best to process the remaining amount”. 

The player waited and waited but the remaining money was never processed to his account. Another email to support got the play this response:

 “We will get back to you on Friday with our final decision regarding your account and the outstanding balance.  If you’re not happy with that decision you are free to contact our 3rd party adjudication service (http://www.ibas-uk.com/)”

Well needless to say for some reason they decided to not pay the player the rest of his winnings and the “3rd party adjudication service” was of no help either.

Another email to customer support was sent and we received the response that the player had been locked out of their account for fraud. The player had actually been locked out of their account before they paid him but then they reopened the account after he sent in his docs and paid him the 2000 and then promised to pay him the balance (we have all the email correspondence). They failed to mention all this in their response to us.

The way we see it if there was fraud involved like Smart Live suggests then why did the casino reopen the players account and start to pay him off? I asked support this very question and they are now choosing to ignore us.

At this time we would suggest players not deposit money at Smart Live Casino. In our opinion customer support is not being truthful about what is going on with this players account and they are withholding winnings that are owed to this player.



  1. This casino done exactly the same to me as well, and just through me off to other companies like ibas and the gambling commission and both were useless i wonder wether there all in it together, is there nothing i can do?

  2. I KNOW for a fact they do not pay out to customers; they miss sell the French Sections; they do not treat their croupiers well at all – swearing in their ear pieces, three sexual abuse reports now and the abuser has not been fired, terrible pay; no air con in the studios because of the wiring issues; not all of the croupiers are licensed but are dealing cards; the studio is a fire hazard; the list is endless…

  3. I have a similar complaint. I have made a withdrawal request for $150. After completing all required personal information and bank information they no longer respond to my emails and phone calls are never accepted. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this site until after the fact. I can only hope no one else makes the same mistake.


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