True Blue Casino Scam

True Blue Casino Scam

We’ve had numerous payout complaints about True Blue Casino lately and every complaint we send to the casino has been ignored. Adding a casino to our Blacklist is not something we take lightly. We have warned True Blue time and time again that if the complaints keep piling up that we have no choice but to add them to our blacklist. Those warning have gone unanswered as well. It is with our regret to add this casino to our Blacklist. If you deposit funds and play at this casino, you will most likely regret it.

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  1. I have completed all the documentation a number of times but True Blue Casino keeps telling me it is not correct and giving me the wrong email address to send it to. They have been stalling me off for about 2 months. Why are they still operating??

  2. True Blue Ripoffs! After thinking my winnings were going to be deposited back into my account WITHIN 5 TO 10 DAYS AFTER MY IDENTITY CONFIRMATION HAD BEEN RECEIVED, I stupidly put more in to play and won enough to withdraw again after playthrough. I was winning big amounts on features and it wasn’t going onto my credit balance. Then i tried to live chat with them and i was unable to even get back onto that site. Then i googled and seen they are blacklisted so i felt like an idiot. The next day…( yesterday), they went into my bank account and withdrew $160 without my knowledge. I cancelled my card today! They are dogs of the lowest kind!!!!!!

  3. True Blue Fucking Bullshit withdraw pending 30 day email take 10 day to answer live chat not available after first chat asking Why withdraw take to Fucking longtime to bank, True Blue Casino Stealing all Withdraw money..
    Many Bad complaints
    ..Payment declined- no communication from the casi no,Another complaint regarding a delayed payment without any communication. We are unable to tell if these customers ever got paid.
    ..The player waited for his payment and was unable to ge t
    The casino did not answer any of the players’ emails. They only asked for identification documents again. The payment has an unknown status.
    ..Delayed payment from February 2017. No information or excuse from the casino, the player had been waiting for more than one month.
    ..The player had 2 pending withdrawals and had been wai t
    Many requests were declined in this time period in March 2017, the player constantly got disconnected while trying to contact the live support. No clue if he ever got paid or not.
    ..Delayed payment, even worse because the player was not ab le
    The player tried to reach a representative through phone and email every day, he got frustrated because he was unable to get any updates. We have no clue if the player got paid or not.
    ..Again delayed payment, it was impossible to reach this casino vi
    The player placed an official complaint after 20 days of waiting for a reaction, there were many complaints during February and March 2017.
    ..15 days after a withdrawal request the player got an email saying it had been declined without a reason. Later he got different answers from the support.
    2 months later the player still did not get his winnings. He was told that a manager would call him soon but no one tried to reach him. Uncertain case and unprofessional comunication from the casino’s side.
    ..Delayed payment- waiting for more than one month, unkno wn
    The player did not play with a bonus. He requested a withdrawal on 22nd of February, one month later he still did not received anything.
    ..After a successful verification process player was still unable to get his winning.
    No confirmation from the player of receiving a delayed payment , therefore we are not sure if it was paid or not.
    ..The player placed this complaint after 3 weeks of waiting for his payment. The reason given was that the casino was changing the management.
    Later we had no answer from the casino or from the player’s side. We are unable to decide what was the reason of it or if the player got paid.
    ..The player was promised to be paid in 2 weeks. Then he waite d over 2 months, no clue if he was paid or not.
    This payment was pending since December 2016. In February 2017 still no outcome.

  4. Hi,
    On the 28th of August 2019, I won US$35,000 on True Blue Casino. After 3 Months of Persistence and Patience, I FINALLY RECEIVED my FIRST PAYMENT of AU$2,388.
    I was in the process of RECEIVING my SECOND PAYMENT of US$2,500. Only to find out after opening TRUE BLUE Casino today, the 12th of November 2019, IT IS BLACKLISTED!!
    Now I need to know how to RECOVER THE BALANCE OWING? I saw your comment, stating that you cant do anything if Casino is Blacklisted. But, as I was receiveing Payments BEFORE it was BLACK LISTED. I must have some way of Recovering the rest of my APPROVED, ENTITLED WINNINGS. I have kept EVERY Document, Email, Chat Agents Name, Withdrawl Request ID Numbers. EVERYTHING. I Read T&C’s to Confirm I FOLLOWED THEM. BY THE BOOK. THEY DIDNT! The most Common Excuse or Pitch to DELAY the Withdrawl Payment, From Live Chat Agents Was: I needed to Send Documents AGAIN. Which were ALREADY APPROVED and THEY HAD BANK DETAILS to Start the Wire Transfers: They would Say they have Escalated the requested Withdrawl and notified Manager ( 4 Times by 3 different Agents): Automated Messages stating to Allow 7-10 Days to Receive Withdrawl: And Something about How its Still in the Allowed Time-Frame??? WHATEVER THAT MEANS…?? I dont know what TIME-FRAME they were following. Because it definately WASNT the 7-10 Days once Approved and Processed, the TIME-FRAME in T&C’s which I followed.

  5. True fi#%kng blue casino is the shitiest, dog, scam, lowlife mutha f=^k worst casino ever..dont waste your money on this casino..go play somewhere else.. the staff are all fake..they dont exist.. thats what you call ghost staff.. the odds of winning is 0%.. gauranteed you will never win.. I HATE THIS CASINO SO MUCH..


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