(Resolved) Warning About Begado Casino’s Payouts

(Resolved) Warning About Begado Casino's Payouts

Update: 2/28/13 Players were sent bank wires and issued new checks from a different bank that now appear to be cashable. The fees incurred to at least one player ($35) were reimbursed by way of a free $50 casino chip with no playthru requirement.

We’ve had two complaints from players in the last week about payout checks bouncing from Begado Casino. To add insult to injury both parties involved have incurred bank fees from the bad checks. It appears the checks being sent are from a bank in Canada. Problem is that account’s been closed. We’ve contacted the casino about this issue and they’ve told us that the first player has been sent a bank wire. No word yet as to whether or not they will cover the bounced check fees of both players. We will be posting an update on this when we find out more information.

If you are a player a Begado Casino we advise you to not use the “Check” option when cashing out at this time.


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