Warning: Cake Poker is Delaying Online Poker Payouts

Cake poker Refuses

We have recently been receiving numerous complaints from online poker players about Cake Poker delaying player payouts. The emails from Cake pretty much all say the same thing;

“Due to the current delays we are experiencing with cashouts, I’m afraid we cannot confirm a timeframe as we could not guarantee a timeframe and we do not wish to mislead you. We are hoping you won’t be waiting much longer and we will email you as soon as the funds have been sent”.

Some of the responses from Cake are saying that they’re “backed up” with payout requests. We are not talking about a few days or weeks here folks. We are talking about months going by without the players being paid. This is completely unacceptable. They certainly aren’t getting “backed up” with taking players deposits.

We urge caution at this time to new and existing players depositing at Cake. Chances are you will not be getting your money anytime soon.

There is good news though. If you enjoy playing on the Cake Poker Network you can still do so by playing at Intertops Poker Room. Intertops uses the Cake Poker Network but when cashing out players go through Intertops Processors and not Cakes. Intertops is where I personally play at and payouts have never been faster.



  1. re4quested cashout Feb 2nd for $500 from cake
    same email replys OVER AND OVER from cake.
    we dont know when you will get paid but you will
    well its June 12th so thaTS ALMOST 4 1/2 MONTHS FOR A LOUSY $500

  2. I have been waiting almost two months for a modest payout from Cake Poker. No one should play at this site. They have several times emailed me that they are working on the problem; which is BS. You either have the money and are going to refund it or you don’t. They clearly don’t. AVOID.


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