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Casino Players Report, Our Transition Over the Past 15 Years!

Our journey into the online casino industry began 15 years ago. Rick Norris, an avid online casino player wanted to do something different so he created a small watchdog site, Online Casino Scam Alert. He worked hours upon hours educating players on the safety of online gambling.

As our website visitors grew, we needed to expand, so we did. We re-branded into Casino Scam Report, ( This site set a precedent that many online casino sites soon would emulate, helping us to accomplish a dream that more webmasters would educate players against scam casinos.

For nearly a decade, Casino Scam Report and its editorial team helped many players find reputable online casinos and helped mediate hundreds of player complaints to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in withheld payouts and deposits.

In 2017, the team planned on taking Casino Scam Report to the next level with a fresh new look and brand. In an industry that is always expanding and creating new technologies, it is imperative that we grow and expand as well. So with hard work and dedication, we put together a bigger team and created our new vision… Casino Players Report. (

Casino Players Report takes on the same watchdog tasks as before, but implement a much more functional and eye catching brand to keep up with the changing industry demands.


Casino Players Report (formerly known as Casino Scam Report) has been online since 2003 and is dedicated to helping players avoid online casino scams. Our Scam Reports and Online Casino Blacklist are compiled and updated regularly as a players guide for avoiding online casinos that scam players out of their hard earned money.

As a player advocate and online casino watchdog group, we accept online casino complaints from players and contact the casinos on behalf of the player to help recover their winnings.

We post our findings on our Complaint Report and Scam Report pages to help others avoid being cheated.

The ultimate goal of Casino Players Report is to help our website visitors find trustworthy casinos that won’t rip players off and also to help resolve player disputes and provide information on the scam casinos that can potentially take their hard earned dollar.

If you have a complaint with an online casino be sure to take advantage of the free help we offer by filling out the Casino Complaint Form. This will alert us of the issues you are having and we will contact the casino on your behalf to help resolve your dispute.


Yes, online casinos are trustworthy. Most online casino transactions are through online credit card processing which requires that the customer have a legit credit card.

No online casino would risk its business by allowing underaged players or players without payment methods to play unless they were planning on getting busted by the federal government for underage gambling and money laundering charges.

Online casinos make money by charging a set percentage of each wager which is usually between 3% – 5%. This means that online casinos are more profitable than brick and mortar casinos because online casinos don’t pay for salaries, building leases, etc (which add up to about 40% of revenue in brick and mortar).



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