Posh Casino Is Now Blacklisted – Avoid This Casino

Posh Casino Blacklisted
EDIT: Feb 5th 2023: Posh Casino is now Blacklisted. We have received too many complaints that have gone unresolved and unanswered by Posh casino management (and believe me, we have tried to help get these complaints resolved).
There are also numerous Posh Casino scam complaints below in our comment section from people who have been ripped off by this casino.

Posh Casino ScamWe are warning all our website visitors to avoid Posh Casino at this time. A player complained to us that Posh Casino scammed them by not paid her and possibly lied regarding sending her money to the processor.

We have tried to contact Posh casino about this multiple times with no reply. It is best to avoid Posh online casino at this time.

Again, there are multiple complaints about the casino below. Feel free to add your own experience with Posh in the comment section. Just leave a detailed message below and after we review and approve it, we will publish your complaint.

I have been waiting since the end of June to receive a payment of $300 from POSH Casino.  I have chatted and spoken to my VIP Manager, Lucca, several other Customer Support reps several times. They tell me the money has been sent to the processor on 8/11/18 but I still have not received the money. I have also contacted their complaint department and they do not respond. I think I have been more than patient waiting to receive this money. Can you help me collect?


Check out the comments below or add your own if you feel you’ve been scammed by Posh Online Casino.
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  2. I have been playing Posh for about a year and a half now. They are pretty slow with their payouts but I’ve never had a problem receiving any of them. I’ve had checks range from 500 to 1800. I’m not longer allowed to use their bonuses because of my numourous cashout while using them so I don’t play anymore. But I have been receiving my checks about one every five weeks and still have a few more on still to receive. So while they are slow, they have always paid me.

    • I just hit them for a total of $62,500 last night. 5/20/20. I was considering making them an offer for a cashout , like 66% all at once and call us even. Has anybody ever heard of a online casino doing this?

      • I have not but I am not sure if they will do that! I am waiting on 1500.00 from them it was done on the 13th of May and still nothing I have no idea why it takes so damn long its crazy!

  3. DO NOT PLAY AT POSH CASINO!!! Thorough scam artists! I played a straight roulette game and won a lot of money. They now refused to pay my winnings and have closed my account without cause so I can no longer access their site.

  4. I’m having the same problem. I’ve requested a withdrawal since beginning of Sept. They finally got my withdrawal approved on Oct 1, now they keep telling me that it’s delayed to get me paid. No apologies or anything. From VIP host to management, all rude!!!!

  5. Yes the problem with this casino is I had my withdraw in withdraw for 3 and a half days during this time I am contacting posh casino to make sure all my documents are good I sent them to them 3 different times then today 10/23/2018 I see my money is back in my account I get on live chat and they tell me that my pic was all blurry and I was missing docs when in fact I talk to the a lady who said that my docs was good They do this so I will loss my money back to them which I end up doing this is not fair and how and why does the United states put up with this I will be enquiring on how to make these casinos play fair cause this ain’t fair to some people that work hard for there money and just get taken by theses casinos non stop

  6. I have a 2500 withdrawal I have been waiting Aug 30 just got sent to processor 11 Oct told it will be in my account by Friday or Monday. They are slow but I always get paid usually it was around 34 business days this time longer

  7. I play in this casino.. but I withdraw around 15.000 us in different times… one thing I can say .. the time for pay is crazy but anyways.. they deposit directly to my my bank 2500 max (30 days)…

  8. They are rude!!! When you ask about your withdrawal, they almost talk about the time frame (it’s different every time I ask). They say 7-10 business days. It took them 20 business days to approve my pending withdrawal. They approved my withdrawal since Oct 1 they still haven’t paid my withdrawal out yet. It’s 19 business days now… Since approval. Still nothing. I’ve contact them, and they were all rude. Never apologized, didn’t say what was going on and never talked about when I would expect my money. I don’t think I will ever see my withdrawal.!!!! Horrible!!!

  9. I tried to email them three times but the email was returned undelivered each time. I requested withdrawal a week ago. Haven’t seen it. I haven’t heard from them… nothing. Seems like a scam. Stay away.

  10. LOL I like POSH. they once calls me from somewhere in the South Pacific. They are very generous in the bonuses they give. I dont know why I forgive them for this but once I had a $900 withdrawal pending and they erased it. “These things happen” they told me. LOL. I still believe in the right circumstances you coulf bet paid by these guys. It’s all timing

    • i am a player at posh casino i won 2500.00 in august we are now at the end of nov and still i have not been paid something us definitely wrong with this picture.

      • I am in the same boat. I have multiple withdrawals approved and waiting to be paid. I wish I knew how they made their money, because their bonuses are insane. I have been a customer for nearly 2 years and always get paid eventually, but this is the longest it has taken. Alot of their employees are the same, tho the VIP managers seem to come and go. Bottom line from my perspective is that the casino is not intentionally trying to scam anyone. They do seem to have funding issues from time to time, so hang in there. It sucks, because you cannot find similar bonuses anywhere else.

  11. I Wouldnt recommend this casino to anyone!! Out of All the Casinos Ive Played this one is the Longest Ever to payout and gives the most run around stories about my Winnings…how much i put on and then Won, As Well they repeat the different timeframes.. etc….I Won the end of September had to Make 2 Different withdrawls, and I Still havent received my payout yet
    All documents were sent and correct everything was good, I contacted them they said it was approved October.7..Contacted them again they said it was released to the bank October.19, Well I Still Havent received my Winnings…I Contacted them today and it was one excuse after another…
    This is Bullshit

    • Yes I agree ,what I can say I demanded my deposits back that I made there my credit card and they did give me mist of my deposits back over 500.00 dollars and

  12. As like your other complaints against Posh Casino I waited for months to receive the check which now has not cleared in 2 weeks in my bank has been unable to verify funds the check is for $1, 475.08

  13. I’ve been playing at Posh Casino for over a year. I’ve never had an issue. Lately though it’s been taking longer to receive my check since I cannot do a bank wire anymore due to my bank won’t allow it. My host always kept in contact with me. The online chat is fast. I’ve always received my winnings.

  14. I’m still waiting on my withdrawal. I’ve been waiting since mid-august. I still haven’t seen my money yet. They keep saying that there’s a delay, but that’s just ridiculous!!! Delays don’t take 3 months! When asked about it, they keep giving me different information. I don’t play there anymore, they are not honest and rude!!!!

  15. I’ve been waiting 2.5 months for a $1000 payout. I keep getting told there has been more delays but not to worry I will receive it. They certainly take it quick enough. I recommend you STAY AWAY from this one guys.

  16. I had free $500 start money. Somehow beat the odds and got my balance to a withdrawal-able $1,000. Waiting since October and no payout. Support keeps saying they are more backed up then normal. Always say touch back next week to see if the processor paid you…. I don’t think I’ll ever get my money.

  17. Raging Bull and Planet 7 oz are two of the biggest scumbag gaming crooks known to man. The games that conveniently begin the moment you may win & attempt to withdraw your allegedly verified account are a disgrace. And not even large amounts I’m talking several hundred dollars lol. After spending thousands

    • Raging bull and Ruby both closed my account and refused to pay me winnings in a combined sum of 1700.

      No reason given, was told the withdrawals were verified and approved 5 days later accounts closed and no explanation.

    • Here here on that one totally agree planet 7 oz just kept giving bullshit excuses but I did finally get my $6800 after 3months and raging bull just kept taking my money and someone had opened another account under my name and email (my ex girlfriend) but we’re not going to tell me. I only realised when I was reading a email that said my username was not the one I use so I asked them about 10 times to close that second account but still they didn’t. And there was a Christmas bonus that I deposited for and they wouldn’t give me the free spins i was entitled to. I guess they wanted as much money out of me as possible and if I had a win they were going to void it for something their computer system should not of let happen. At other casinos as soon as u try to register another account with Same email it stops you from registering another account.

  18. I always receive payouts from raging bull within a week. From 2400 to 200 they gave paid me in a quick fashion. On posh they take forever. Sometimes 3 months but, so far, eventually I have received it. I have one now for 1000 i’vd Been waiting for since november

  19. What banks will they do a wire transfer to they say they can’t do it to several banks I’ve tried to complete the wire transfer with

  20. I’ve played at Posh, it takes 5 days to get my withdraw I’ve cashed out a total of 10K. I’m always getting 1K bonuses, best customer services.

  21. I have been playing on posh now for 2 years and yes they are a little slow but I have always been paid by them from 500 to my best one 1700 no problem with them at all

  22. I have been playing with posh for 3 yrs now. It takes time for first withdraw but after that about a month. I won 20k and got a check every 2 weeks until i got it all. 2500 at a time. Just understand you have to have a bank that will cash the check.I have won and been paid about 40k so i see no scam here.

  23. It has been close to 2 months for me waiting on 1800 usd. They now say it takes 7-10 business days to get tracking information. More like 7-10 seconds. A TOTAL RIP OFF

  24. I have played at posh now for 2 years and have always got paid just call you VIP HOST once a week stay on them you will get paid I have won a good chunk and always received it

  25. Hi i have been trying to get my withdraw a l from FUNCLUB CASINO..since OCT.2018…TODAY IS JUNE 30,2019.. Fir s t of all i use my debit card nowhere in t heir Bio did they mention they only payout in bit coins..i explain i dont know anything about bitcoins..they had me open an account with a bitcoin. .they were going to show me how to receive my winnings…its was all lies..if i call MIKE HES SO KIND make promises he has g iven me his word..i have spoken with steve mike side kick and he ask me for my bit coin code …but when i random call them they put me on hold and never answer..they say the prosserhas your money all kinds of lies they old me 1,500.00..i t hought i was going to have a good holiday…my birthday in Feb…..
    All the holidays that money would have been nice to share with my kids…they need to be shut down they run these big promotions with cruises and all kinds of trips…but they won’t pay me my peanuts winnings or just give me ba c k the money i playef at their crooked casino….

  26. I joined Posh last November and on my second visit on their site and still playing my sign up bonus I won 13000 dollars. The payout by wire transfertook about a month and was delayed a couple of times by my own errors but the staff was always in touch and helped me to correct them. I have nothing but good to say about this casino and after multiple 2500 dollar wire transfers I am THRILLED and even HONORED to be a part of this pvt club and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to gamble and recieved an invitations.

  27. I have had my withdrawal in.process for over two and half months, they keep saying it hasn’t been done and that it will happen next week. I need help with posting and warning every one not to play with these people. They have all verification documentation. I believe that they use and sell our personal documentation. They have no intention of paying the money. I have documentation saying they have timeframes and they have blown those time frames out time and time .

  28. Personally, I absolutely love this casino. I have never had any problems with this casino and I will always use this casino as my go to. There are a lot of casinos that take time paying winnings, and when you let anyone leave a review…you will get negativity from disgruntled players. There are two sides to every story.
    Posh Casino has free tournaments everyday and everyone has a chance to win, even without a deposit! There are a lot worse casinos out there.

  29. They owe me a payout of 1148.00 and keep saying that they sent it and their processor is what’s holding my payment up. I won this money over 56 days ago and havent been paid yet. I call or text and I just get the same run around it was sent to the processor.

  30. Posh casino is a rip off! Two years ago before the coronavirus it took them 3 months to pay out They said 7 to 10 days to process and 7 to 10 days to get to the financier. It took 96 days before l got a payout. Don’t play there. They hope it takes to long and you go back and play your money back into the casino and you lose it. SCAMMING everyone. It’s not legitimate. lt should not take that long to get a payout.

  31. I applied in early June for a payout of just over $2,000. Many emails later, I was told it had been sent to the processor but couldn’t give me a time frame. I finally received the payment on September 3rd-about 80 days later. I took it to my bank and ran thru my checking account only to get a call today that they cannot accept it. It is a check written out from a Canadian bank but in US dollars. My bank was told that it came from an online gambling account and could not be processed because it was gambling. ?????? My bank is sending me the check back but what should i do now? I’ve sent an email and tried calling POSH but no answer. I

  32. I am waiting almost 8 months now, and have 5 payouts left to go,and 3 payouts have been approved by the manager, but none , they told me, have been sent to the ‘processor’, so likely it’ll be close to a year before I get the last payouts.

  33. They just wiped me out…had 4k in balance and 600 waiting for withdraw….I just literally was playing went to go get food came back and all gone…wtf

  34. I feel like I’m not going to get paid. I won $1500 off of $50. Cashed out in July and it’s not January. Everytime I send an email I get the same automated responses. Basically telling me there are delays and this and that. It makes no sense what so ever that it would take nearly six months to pay out $1500!!! Do not gamble here. It is not worth it!!

  35. I won over 5k .. Played it down to 4700.00 .. tried to log back in and they had put a lock on my account. I have sent e-mails with no response. No idea why they locked my account other than they are afraid i will cash out!

  36. I have gotten paid Twice from Posh Casino. Both $100 amounts. One at the end of 2021 and the second one just last month (April 2022). There WAS an amount around $27.00 Leftover in my account, so I played it in the slots. I won $109.08, ok? Then I requested a Withdrawal. They gave me the runaround. This is what my account looks like now:
    04/29/2022 04:30 PM Manager Withdrawal Approved! -$109.08
    04/29/2022 04:30 PM Manager Withdrawal Requested -$109.08
    04/29/2022 04:29 PM Wire Transfer Withdrawal Declined $100.00
    04/29/2022 02:59 AM Wire Transfer Withdrawal Requested -$100.00

  37. Yeah, I had about 12 withdrawals with Posh, and they are now taking a almost a YEAR to pay me. To be fair, they have paid, but yes, it’s now pushing a year on my withdrawals. I think they’re mad because I won more than I put in by far.

  38. I’ve had 8 withdrawals – first one back in March, that have not been paid. Was told their processors are having major delays. Yet they call me nearly every day about some sort of special or coupon. I’ve been paid in the past after about 60 days each time…..they sure do take your money fast!

  39. I won 42,000 February 2023 only received 2500 so far now excuses my bank asked for chargebacks because my account was hacked now excuses I told them to take charges out of winnings which was 129 this place is a scam RUN!!!!!


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