Bingo Canada Complaint – Resolved

Bingo Canada Complaint

We had a complaint come in from a player at Bingo Canada this week…

I have followed all the rules. When your bb’s change over to cash it is now yours and you have fulfilled you bb requirement.   When I went to cash out they told me I have a bad bet and gave me a session id number. For two days I poured through all results…. The number is not there.   When I told them that they just saided I had mad bets of 12 bingo cards each costing a dollar. They say you are not allowed to make a bet or spin over 5 dollars. Well my bets in casino where only 1 to 2 dollars..  A definition of a bet/spin is to do with casino games not bingo…. Bingo you buy cards and win set amount…So I have done everything correctly and they lied over and over to me..  For two months I jumped through hoops to get all my paper work in so I can hopefully win and withdraw…. I had deposited on the 7th I am sure by the 9th I was playing with cash anyway….. It doesn’t matter.  they always find a way to not pay customers, unless you are big rollers or people who work for them that play….. I have a bunch of emails and all my records…The staff being caught lying etc…. They also falsely advertise on site..  it says on wed and sat 600% bonuses. than at 11 pacific time  my time I deposited and they are on est.  So you get lower than advertised…. I have read some reviews. They do this to alot of people. Thankyou Sandra

We contacted Bingo Canada support and we promptly received this reply…

Please note that we have looked into it and found that indeed, when checking the game logs, we noticed that the customer had bets of over U$5 while playing the bonus that he was trying to cash out from, which is a breach of our terms and conditions.

Due to this reason, unfortunately the withdrawal request could not be approved and all the winnings were voided, as per the following rule that can be found on our site, under the Bonus Rules page:

2.11 Until the play through requirements have been met, the maximum amount per spin/ bet that can be placed is $5. We reserve the right to decline a withdrawal and void any winnings, if you place a bonus money bet higher than the allowed limit.

The member received the bonus on 08 Nov 2018 05:20:55 (system time) and finished playing it (met the wagering requirements) on 09 Nov 2018 21:49:34. According to the game logs, at least one bet of over $5 has been found. The example offered by the accounting team when this situation has been is explained is the following:

Transaction ID: 181109221639373929
Date: 09 Nov 2018 21:34:01
Transaction type: BINGO_BUYIN
Balance before: 1172.72
Transaction amount: 12.00
Balance after: 1160.72

We hope that this information has been of help and we would like you to know that we are available 24/7 in case you need further questions or concerns.

Kind regards,
Account Manager
Bingo Canada

With the proof being sent to us that the player actually made a $12 bet, we have found in favor of Bingo Canada and this complaint has been marked resolved.

Please make sure you check the max bets in the casino’s terms before playing your bonuses.


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