Casino Sieger Warning – Canadian Players Beware

casino sieger warning
This warning goes out to all Canadian players who gamble at casino sieger ( At this time the casino has informed us it has no way to pay Canadian players. Casino Sieger has informed us their banking processors cannot send wire transfers at this time. Transfers are apparently being rejected.

Also, e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill are not an option either.  Although they say this will be fixed in the future they are still accepting deposits from Canadian players despite not being able to pay players their winnings.

We the below complaint from a Casino Sieger player on August 31st 2017…


I have been in contact with Casino Sieger for 8 weeks after requesting a withdrawal. It has got to a point where the live chat team and the email team do not response. I withdrew money to my bank but the casino said it was rejected. I contacted my bank who advised no such payments were made. I was waiting for 1500 euros but have now got to 5400.

I hear our technical team will get back to you every day but no one ever does. I was relying on this money and today I just cried as I believe I will not ever see this money. i have been in contact with MGA but they did nothing which is not surprising  according to their reviews. I asked for legal advice and all they say is now is we cannot help you with your case please seek legal advice.

I went to the bank today and have the 100% correct details I sat down with somebody and they advised there should be no reason for them to reject these payments. I have sent this to . This is a lot of money and I would hope somebody can help me or give me an idea of the next steps. I don’t believe that a gaming authority can just say seek legal advice.

I contacted casino sieger to talk to there legal department and they would not give me this information including where are they located and where  I could send some legal documentation if need be . they just said send to generic help email who do not reply. I was advised last time that this would be resolved two Fridays ago.

I have screenshots of my balance and login because i am scared they will just clear my account and close it. I had this same problem with and they sorted it within 2 days. Please help I do not know where to go I feel lost and hopeless. They have my correct details which i confirmed with a half an hour appointment at my bank why cannot they wire transfer me this money.

We contacted the casino about this complaint and after sending two emails we finally received the below reply from a manager one week later…

Dear Rick,

I trust this email finds you well.

Firstly be informed that the case and communication with the player has already been brought not to only your attention, but as well to attention of our licencing authority MGA where we have already reverted on the case and why the payouts to her account at the current moment are not possible for us. We are aware that the situation like this is bringing inconvenience to the player, but rest assured that this is not a case of any scam or unwillingness to wire to the player her legitimately gained winnings.

Unfortunately, all of the bank transfers that we have attempted to settle to the player’s bank account have been rejected and bounced back to our bank account. The problem occurred due to the fact that player is coming from Canada and all the bank wires to settle the player’s winnings to Canadian bank accounts, such the case is with this player, are being rejected. Transfer through e-Wallets such Neteller and Skrill channel is is not a possibility because Paysafe Group is not allowing Canadian customers to make or receive any transactions from Gaming merchant accounts.

At the moment we had no option than search for the solution from our payment provider, which, in order to make the withdrawals to Canadian customers available, needed to implement a new technical solution on their end by doing extension on the credit card refund channel. We have no reason to withhold player’s winnings but unfortunately at the moment the solution we’re awaiting is in the hands of 3rd partner and as much as we push from our end, we cannot influence on when the solution will be fully functional.

I hope you can understand that implementations like this do take more time, and at the moment we only ask the player for a bit of more patience until we have a positive update from our payment provider.

Casino Sieger
Management department

Casino Sieger’s management states…

Unfortunately, all of the bank transfers that we have attempted to settle to the player’s bank account have been rejected and bounced back to our bank account.

But according to the player, Casino Sieger has only attempted a transfer once…

But i would like to point out since I went to the bank and and gave them 100% correct details for my bank they have not tried to send a bank transfer again

The player has also informed us that their bank is claiming that no wire transfers were rejected…

They said they sent payment to my bank 8 weeks ago but i contacted my bank and they said they did not reject any incoming wires

In all fairness to both parties we have presented each side of the story and some of what we have presented is the players word against the word of Casino Sieger’s management. Unfortunately the fact does remain that the casino cannot process ANY payments to Canadian players at this time and this is the purpose of this complaint report.

If you are a Canadian player we urge you not to deposit any money with Casino Sieger at this time as you will not be paid any winnings. As soon as the casino is able to process Canadian payments again we will update this complaint report to reflect the change.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


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