SpinBond Casino Payout Complaint

SpinBond Casino Scam Payout Complaint

The below casino complaint came over the holiday weekend. We have not spoken to anyone at SpinBond casino so we can not validate whether or not this is an online casino scam.

I am writing to try and get some understanding and clarity of a recent decision made by one of SpinBond Casino Managers to deplete my account of all my Balance and pending Withdrawal that resulted in $4,165.03 taken from my account due to what I can only think is some sort of misinterpretation of your own T&C’s or is a scam that is deliberately in place to deny winnings to be paid to all punters, I have attached the transcript of my conversation with a number of your live chat staff that outlines a few of my concerns with this transaction that I will summarize below:

NIGHTOWLVIP coupon was redeemed for $90 and states the following rules:
310% Low Playthrough will keep you up!🦉For a $90 deposit and a 5x playthrough, spin & win ’til 5am to & take your wins home faster. Use code: NIGHTOWLVIP Bonus comes with 15x playthrough, $30000 max cashout, is for Slots and Keno only, and will redeem for $90. Max 3x redemptions per player. Offer ends at 05:00 am AEST.

I note the clause that states “Bonus” comes with 15x playthrough and is for slots and Keno – This relates to the Bonus portion ($279.00) as the $90 deposit is stated separately with a 5x playthrough and no mention of restrictions.

All of the winnings on my account that were accrued over a number of days and nights were then suddenly taken from my account totaling $4,165.03 AUD, when querying why, I was told that it was because I played a few hands of poker and a couple of spins of roulette well after the play through requirements had been met from this coupon that I assumed was no longer in play, this play was less than 5% of my total play with the rest 95% on slot machines, at no time did I play these games during any Bonus period using Bonus funds, as the play through requirements had been well and truly met, I thought that all funds were unrestricted as they were stated as withdraw-able.

My issue is that the rules are not clear and are open to interpretation and that the intent of your rules is to weed out cheating or dishonest players that are trying to scam the system to their advantage, this is clearly not the case in this instance and the decision should be reversed due to the following issues:

The coupon does not state anywhere that by playing any restricted games ALL past, present and future winnings will be voided, how is anyone to know that they could be jeopardizing a massive jackpot win by simply spinning a $1 chip on the roulette wheel?

The sub clause that your staff directed me to that they state that I breached the rules clearly does not make any sense at all as it clearly reads and states that if any player uses a promotional bonus that has restrictions to certain games they will have their winnings voided – their winning voided (as worded in T&C’s) this could only be construed to mean that no matter what games you have played whether restricted or unrestricted you are unable to collect any winnings as it does not specify anywhere that should you play said restricted games then winning would be voided and whether this relates to the bonus portion, the winnings made from restricted games or all and any winnings on any games from here on then for future days should you maintain over $1 in your account.
If the Player uses a promotional bonus that is restricted to certain game(s), this will result in their winnings being voided. The bonus rules will continue to apply even after the playthrough requirement has been fulfilled. Surely, due to the pure ambiguity of this clause and how it is written this cannot be relied upon to take every single cent from a customers account as I would think that providing a bonus that requires a deposit that you had no chances of winning from would be considered illegal?

I also note that when you have an outstanding bonus requirement, all restricted games are not active in your software making you unable to play them anyway, by activating them and allowing you to play them once the play through requirement has been met is surely a signal (authorization) from your site that the games are now allowed to be played.

If this was not the intent of the Casino or the Bonus, the games should never be activated to be played while this bonus is considered active on your account as this would be considered enticement (entrapment) for a player to accidentally play the game and unknowingly void a massive jackpot bonus due to a $1 spin on the roulette wheel that your software has now allowed. I doubt that this is the intent of the casino rules as this would be considered unconscionable behavior contrary to company laws.

Due to all the circumstances outlined above and in the live chat, I respectively and politely ask that you refund the amount taken from my account as there is no way that anyone would be aware of any such rule that would disallow genuine winnings (Doragon Gem $3k+) to be voided based on the unclear information provided in your T&C’s and considering the evidence provided herewith that clearly show that there was no intent to flaunt or scam the SpinBond Casino rules.

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  1. ******thisbis a correction of spelling.
    I too have now had $7500 stolen by them (SPINBOND)over a $28 player reward that was added without my knowledge I added the NIGHTWIN COUPON played and lost like $200 at the beginning then I checked awhile later as it was a low playthrough with $12000 MAX CASHOUT to see if I played play-through it said I had so I kept playing and was down to like $280 and got free games and WON $8000 played to $7500 and withdrew my money went to check a day and a half later and they had taken it all and said it was MIXED FUNDS OVER $28 and I have cried as being a carer and having to have operations, I have then looked into these casinos and realised it is actually ILLEGAL TO PLAY THEM IN AUSTRALIA SO I HAVE GONE TO MY BANK FOR REFUNDS IDK IF THEY HAVE THEIR MONEY BACK CAUSE IVE LOST TRIPLE WHAT I HAVE WON AND BEING FRAUDED IS A TERRIBLE FEELING ESPECIALLY OVER $28


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