Eurolinx – non-payment, no response to player issues


This just in from Casinomeister:

Starting several weeks ago player complaints regarding Eurolinx started trickling in. We attempted to contact the representative but got no answer. Emails eventually precipitated a response from Eurolinx management that the rep had moved on but they’d find someone else from Eurolinx to field our issues. That hasn’t happened and repeated attempts to get attention to these, and newer, outstanding issues have been ignored:

Warning: Eurolinx appears to be withholding payments and ignoring player issues. Until further notice players are advised to avoid this casino.

Rick Norris is the originating founder of Casino Scam Report ( which has now been rebranded to Casino Players Report. For over 18 years he has helped players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for players.


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