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vegas rush casino scam

We received the below complaint from a player at Vegas Rush Casino. Let this be a warning for anyone thinking about playing there. They can lock your account, make up an excuse why they locked your account, and steal your winnings anytime they feel like it. Avoid this casino.

Player complaint:

I made a couple of deposits at the casino and managed a withdrawl of about $1000 and eventually I was paid this after 19 days and a lot of chasing them up. I then made a deposit of $800 and lost that and then I made a smaller deposit of $182 and got very lucky and managed to get the balance up to over $8000. I requested a withdrawl of $2000 as that is the weekly limit and after a couple of days I got an email saying my withdrawl was cancelled and my account closed and got zero other info.

I chased this up on live support and they started saying the games I played were flawed and they are not paying me which seems very odd as I played many of the same games before and they paid out then so how come they are flawed now ?

Here is the chat transcript…..

Robert: Thank you for contacting VegasRush Casino!How may I assist you?

fjustice: My chat timed out. I was sent an email saying my withdrawl was cancelled and account closed with no explanation or anything ?
Robert: let me check

Robert: reason might have been mentioned in the email itself right?

fjustice: nothing in the email at all
fjustice: I had a balance of over $8100
fjustice: withdrawl cancelled, account closed, no reason, complete theft
Robert: no its not a theft

Robert: banking team might have checked the account and they might have found flaws so they closed it

fjustice: flaws such as I actually won some money ?
If the Casino considers a Player to be a professional (sharp), the Casino reserves the right to block the account. Also, the Casino reserves the right to invalidate all and any winnings and return the deposit to said Player.

Any winnings that have been brought in as an outcome of game mistake or system malfunction will be null.

Robert: you will get you last deposit back

fjustice: So basically any time someone wins you just decide not to pay them ?
Robert: Thank you for your patience, please remember that we are currently assisting multiple players at the time
Robert: everything is as per the terms and policies

Robert: If the Casino considers a Player to be a professional (sharp), the Casino reserves the right to block the account. Also, the Casino reserves the right to invalidate all and any winnings and return the deposit to said Player.

fjustice: You cnan jsut say that any time anyone wins ! That is utter nonsense
fjustice: You were quite happy for me to lose my $800 deposit. You are thiefs
Robert: no it was because of a flaw found

Robert: we arnt

Robert: thankyou

fjustice: what does that even mean ?
fjustice: A flaw
fjustice: A flaw being that someone won some money ?
fjustice: That;’s a great business model. Any time anyone wins any cash just claim there was a flaw and don’t pay them
Robert: no something which is not appropriate as per the casino terms
fjustice: what something ?
fjustice: You are just making stuff up
Robert: email back to the address from where you got the mail

Robert: for any further concerns

fjustice: translation – we are stealing your money goodbye
Info: Thank you for chatting with us.

So they are not telling me anything and just refusing to payout and claiming some nonsense about game flaws.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. Hi,

    My previous comment disappeared somehow! I wanted to know if you approached the casino? And what was their response?

  2. I’ve been dealing with this casino now trying to get a payout for 3 months. I got my account to 4000 dollars and I did receive the first 2000 after a month of arguing. I’m from the state of Arizona and our state id’s do not have an expiration date. So first it was we made an exception for you last time but you need proper government issues ID. I said it was state issued and they recommended I get a passport. So I proceeded to order a passport just for verification of this website. They then told me I can send in my expired passport and they will be fine with that for this time. I was unable to do that because I have to send in my expired passport in order to get a new one. So it seems everything was a go at that point if I could have produced the passport. Then while waiting for passport to arrive I went to the dmv office and requested a state id with an expiration date. That was 2 months ago. Now I check in with them daily and it’s “your withdrawal is under review”. It’s now been 3 months and 3 days since I put in for my deposit. This is Ludacris this is taking so long every other site I’ve cashed out on has paid me out in 72 hours tops. What can I do to get my money if anything?


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