Another Warning For Players

Another Warning For Players

We received yet another complaint today about from one of their players. The player states in an email to us that he was playing the slots at and hit $600. He even goes on to say that he never took a bonus and therefore the win should not have any bonus terms attached to it. The player went to the cashier and selected a wire transfer for the payout but after 3 weeks of waiting no money had been transferred to his bank account. The player then went back to the cashier and selected the check method and the casino told him they could not offer the player that method either.

This is not the first time (or the last I fear) that we have received a complaint about We are again warning players to avoid gocasino for possible scamming of their players winnings.

We have tried numerous times to contact the casino about these allegations and so far our emails have gone unanswered.


Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. i won 240.00 …………tried to withdraw 200..faxed them all required info….i registered my account one time….after i tried to withdraw i could not log back into site……..i called their 1-800 number and spoke to customer service…. they told me i had several accounts and refuse to pay me and im no longer welcome to play at any of their casinos…sorry….is there any thing else i can help you with they asked…..i argued the point with them telling them i did everything by the book….so dont waste your time or your money here!

  2. Avoid …I won 900$ on my second deposit..I did not ask for a bonus because I wanted to cash out in case I won. Well after winning I called them to help me with the withdrawal and they simply hang up…..I selected bank wire from their cashier: couldn’t proceed. I finally selected the check option and still have not seen the check..ONCE YOU DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY IS GONE

  3. Hello. I’ve deposited $25 (a low amount because it was my first time playing). They gave me some kind of bonus which brought me up to $50 automatically…then played a few games, saw the min balance to withdraw was $50 so I called to withdraw they told me I had to get my balance up to $500.00 or play slots to loose $25 to bring my balance back to $25 (my origonal deposit) then keep playing until I got back up to $50 so I could withdraw, so I played WAR and took me down to $0.00 really fast, I only betted $1.00, $2.00 at the most.
    PS: I think the games are rigged. I uninstalled their software and will never play again thanks to the stupid bonus crap!

  4. I won $2000.00..didnt take any bonuses so there was no requirements..withdrew the money via wired transfer.. received email stating that the transaction has been processed..check my bank no I clled my bank sd they never recvd a wired transfer..clled the go casino the rep was rude and tld me I had to wait 7-10 business day…in addition to the 72 hours I already waited..when I checked my casino account they had redeposit my funds..when I clled to find out why..the rep didnt know. sd to clled bck tomorrow ans sw the accounting dept..clled bck another rep was redeposit because she had to confirmed my banking information..when she did she sd..its the same information we have.. its best if I do a check instead of a I did..had to wait another 72 hours gain..sent 5 response asking why do I have to wait another 72 every time you redeposit you have to wait.. but I didnt redeposit you guys did..tld me it wasnt their fault I still had to wait..finally I received an email saying they cant process my withdraw until I verify my address..I have sent a copy of my drivers lic.. and credit card when I first started playing. and resent when I withdrew my winnings..received another email saying my withdrawal has been processed via check..I havent received anything…it has been close to a month..GOCASINO IS A RIPOFF..they wont get another dime from me…

  5. I am new to online gambling and put 300 dollars into the site. I played until it said 420 dollars and then had a computer issue. I called them and said I would like to cash out and they said I needed to spend 10 times the bonus. I said my amount said 300 and I didnt see any bonus. the woman said it was below so I asked what I spent from this bonus. she said 102 dollars so I said ok, then can I have my 300 back and ill forget any winnings. she said I cant cash out until I spend 10 times the combined amount. I certainly did not realize that my 300 dollars was theirs until I spent 6000. I read the rules but since the 300 was all that showed up and I never accepted any type of bonus and no bonus was added to my money I didnt think that applied to me. im new to this scam but it looks like im going to have to call my credit card and try that route since the “help” at the casino was rude and basically called me stupid. also they said I should read more carefully. I explained that I was not looking for a scam and I was innocently trying to have a little fun on a boring friday night but didnt think the site was out to get me in such a sneaky way.

  6. >> just about everything that happened to you all happened to me as well. from the “bonus” bull****, to the service rep giving you the run around numerous times. This place will not PAY YOU!!!

  7. This place is a rip off and unless you just like throwing your money away, i would stay away. The stupid bonus crap and the poor customer service or non-existant service. The winners they have are rigged and even the tournament winners are always the same names. I cry BS!

  8. The Scam: High rated payouts for slots and other games across a number of sites online. 100% bonus that is AUTOMATIC when you do you first deposit. You then must wager 10x the deposit amount + bonus amount on slots. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    My Experience: Saw they were rated ok on a bunch of sites. Signed up with the intention of playing poker and blackjack. Deposited $500. Got a $500 bonus. Started playing Blackjack. Total got up to $4020 at which point I decided to withdraw some. Upon trying to withdraw, their system informed me I must wager $10,000 ((500 + 500)x10)) on slots prior to being able to cash out any money!!! So I did it. I played their red white and blue slot machine for 2.5 per pull (7.50 max bet) to complete the 10k wager requirement. I then attempted to withdraw my remaining ~2k (yay for BS high payout slots). It let me select a check payout and informed me that it would take 72 hours to process. I got an email the next morning saying I didn’t follow the rules and my winnings were void. They took ~1.5k out of my account and left me with my original deposit amount of $500 saying I could withdraw that. OK fine, went to withdraw and my account has been disabled… Trying to work with customer service to get this resolved and get my money OUT…we’ll see.

  9. I’ve been a player for several years. Needless to say i’ve never cash out. Today there was a notice that ny players were no longer welcome. I feel stupid for playing for so long. Is there something I can do if this site was a fraud to begin with

  10. Maybe it’s time to find a Lawyer and start va Class action Siut, it’s time to turn the tables on these scammers. Count me in.

  11. Yes, I agree with all that has been said. It is impossible to get any money out of them. I played last week, then was told I did not meet the wager requirements, played on until I did, then after sending all the docs got a final reply that they redeposited the winnings. I will support a class action suit. It is a rip off and all stay away!!

  12. I’ve been playing at go casino and ended up winning 9,000 a few months ago and actually did get paid, after a little run around about my documents being faxed correctly. I feel that a lot of casinos give this run around in hopes of you redepositing as I have unfortunately ran out of patients in the past with other casinos and redeposited, (20k) and lost the money I once tried to pull out.. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason for the difficult time in getting registered in the first place. Anyway I’ve been happy with go casino as I truly think that they are a fair one to play at.. Just my thoughts is all

  13. David, thank you for your positive email because I am currently waiting on a $1,500 payout!!! I was getting very, very nervous about my money ever showing up!!

  14. is a RIPOFF!!! I’m just your normal Joe living here in Ohio and last year I played now and then. one day I decided to cash out and take my $50 (i’d found another site i liked much better).

    i got an email from “[email protected]” (no name) stating i would need to provide PROPER documentation. i have scanned them my drivers license, bank statement, mail from two different addresses, and more…but it’s never enough.

    i’ve heard others have had similar problems. i urge everyone to file a complaint. you can view their contact info below:

    Rosehip Ltd.
    Domain Manager ([email protected])
    Caribbean Suite
    The Valley
    Not Applicable,TV1 11P
    Tel. +59.994611401

  15. Why do they have casinos online my first time i wanted to play casino online i play real vegas they gave me a bonus and told me i got to play playthough i done it and won $732.00 they said i can withdrawn the winning $50.00 will be taken out for fee now my winning is begin process everytime i chat or call they telling me they waitting on a update or it still begin process or they got this new system they working on for US player they lie so badly now my gas is shut off because i can’t get my pay it still processing how long is the process.Don’t play real vegas if you win anything you be waitting to DOOM day and i still did’n get my winning. Still fighting with them.

  16. i play here in gocasino and i win 4000.00 and get paid in one month with no problems,,, just send the right documents that they ask you for after you win,

  17. I started playing in 2010. I can honestly say I have played and won (and actually received a check that didn’t bounce). But recently, there has been news concerning this casino being closed. Please google GOCASINO and read for yourself. To those who are waiting on payouts. Don’t hold your breath. If they are closed; do you really think you will get your money? And even if you do; the check will probably bounce. They ask for all of your personal identification several times and that makes me wonder if the information is even kept confidential — probably being passed around. By the way, they closed in July 2011; they are under the new name “Liberty” casino. And I wouldn’t trust Liberty either!!! Remember, if your funds are stolen, there is little that can be done about it because the U.S. had very little (or none) dealings with international casino’s. Just a bit of advice!!!

  18. GOOD CASINO: Hey all this is the only casino that I have played, won over. $800.00 and had fedx pull up 6 days later with check in hand. I highly recommend HighNoon Casino..
    BAD CASINO: Mighty Slots Casino
    what you all are saying about GOCasino happend to me @ Mighty Slots .. won 500.00 and went through the same BS as GO did to all of you..


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