Mighty Slots Casino Scam – Blacklisted

mighty slots casino scam
Mighty Slots Casino Scam

Update: Mighty Slots Casino Scam. This online casino is part of the Curgam Malta group of casinos and they are all Blacklisted!

If you choose to play at Mighty Slots Casino or any of the listed casinos below we cannot help you. They are well known scam casinos and the odds are against you if you win and try and cash out. ONLY play at online casinos that are on our Approved Listings. You will thank yourself and us later.

News just came out (this was over 7 years ago.. see date of blog) about a player at MightySlots.com not getting paid after waiting for 3 months. Player is owed $900 and customer service inquiries have gone unanswered.

Mighty Slots is associated with the below other not so reputable scam casinos that belong to the Curgam Malta Group. Even after 15+ years this casino group continues to scam their players. You’ve been warned!

Avoid these other Curgam Malta casinos!

Mightyslots.com and Mightyslots.biz
Realvegasonline.com and Realvegasonline.biz
99slotmachines.com and 99slotmachines.biz
Plentyjackpots.com and Plentyjackpots.biz
Slotnuts.com and Slotnuts.biz


Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. Those fraudsters own me 3000$ for more than one year already! So keep your hands away from mightyslots, plentyjackpots and other sister sites!

  2. i am new at this .but i was playing i real vedas casino did the 980 .had to play at lot of money .and i got the promom paid back and was told i could cash out 300. dollars .but its bean 16 working day but all they say is the have a lot of pay out and they are working on it .but on firday i got a email from player securty and said every thing was approved but when i ask when i well get my money they keep tell me its still being work on it .how long should it take to get a pay out .

  3. On Dec. 20, 2010 I won $1086.00 on $26 worth of comps and I have been waiting on a pending withdrawal since 1/3/11. They keep telling me it’s due to the high payout volume. Yeah right?

  4. Just a note about this group. They have owed me money for about 4 years. At that time one of the two owners of the group died and the other owner sold the group. They went offline for a little over a year during which no emails or phone calls were returned. After that year, one day all of a sudden they were back and giving the standard response “You will get your money”. Well, about 6 months ago they actually started paying me what they owed me which was a little under $20,000. Even though sometimes they go up to 2 months between payments to QuickTender AND the amounts have ranged from $500 to $2000 and are random, they have consistently continued to pay and so far I have recovered a little over $11,000. I have no doubt that I will get the rest of it (otherwise why even give me what they did) although it might take some time. I am pretty sure that part of the reason for these guys and many other casinos we would deem legit having delays in payouts is probably due to the huge amount of chargebacks players have been and still are initiating. I believe this group to be reputable at this point and are probably paying out their current winners first so as not to lose their business, so we old timers have to wait. The point is they didn’t have to anything, but they have been paying and I think all review sites should take another look at the group. And NO I AM NOT A REP OF THE GROUP! 🙂

    When I received my 3rd payment in the 4th month, I think my very faith in the goodness of at least some people (and companies) has been renewed. If anyone else is being paid by this group, please leave a comment. I think they deserve another chance for what must be a huge financial problem paying current players while also getting funds back to players from years past.

  5. Dam it Realvegas owes me $1500.00 since 30th of may and now i have come to the conclusion i will not get my money!!I should have checked this site long ago!!!!

  6. Real Vegas owes me $900 and I get no responses from them. It has only been a month, but they keep telling me I need to send in more information, such as drivers license, which I already sent twice now. Going back to slots jungle where I know they pay rapidly. Thanks for all of the comments!

  7. Ok, Real Vegas finally sent an email saying they approved all of my documents and that my withdrawal was in “finalizing” and I would receive it soon. They only use one withdrawal method now. That may be part of a problem. If I get it, I will certainly let all of you know.

  8. Well what i am reading it happen to me too i won $743.11 i been waitting for my withdrawal live chat telling me they still processing or they got some new system or high volume of payouts or it begin finalizing you’re get your pay they tell you this story everyday i tell them i need my money and they tell me I’ll get a email from them for updates i had’n got an email yet from them I’m so tired of these people.

  9. Right now i feel i been scam they got all these online casnios everything sound so good and when you do win they don’t want to pay you they just tell you anything to make you think you going to get your winning we all been lie to i pray and hope to get my winning if i get it never again will i play online casnio I’ll go to a real casnio if i win i know I’ll get my winning online no good.

  10. I’m thinking the money we player had won they keeping are money for there self’s and getting rich from us player the live chat getting pay well from it why they can’t pay us.And when i won i was so happy about it now it just a big problem of getting pay from them.realvegas is no good.

  11. on Oct sept Sept 28, 2011 at 7:32 pm I won $ 13,300 and they keep telling me that they are either updating to a new system, they will email me when there is a change in my status, there is a high volumn of payouts or it’s being finalized. It seems to me that before they give anyone a licence to operate the casino they should checkhem out and monitor their system over the internet. Now it is hard to get paid but they can take you money quick out of your account. There should be some reprecussions that can be done to recoup your funds if they do not pay. I did not use any comp to win.

  12. Real Vegas online has owed me $2400.00 since
    Dec. 2,2011. After all I’ve read about them I don’t think I’m getting paid. I’m thinking about filing a formal complaint the the U.S.
    Federal Trade Commission and the Pa. Gambling commission just to feel alittle better about getting screwed!!!

  13. Yes I was playing the bonus round on 99 slot machines and I still had 2 bonus spins left and it told me how much I won even though I still had 2 spins left what kind of scam is that.

  14. I have been owed a payout of $2500 since 9-11, and I keep getting told that they have a new processor, or it is in process. After over four months, I have just about given up. Do not play at RealVegasOnline. They are a big rip-off fraudulant casino.

  15. DO NOT PLAY AT REALVEGASONLINE…I wish I Had found this wesite and read about them before I played there. I have been trying to get my $5,000 I won from them in early January and have been treated like every other prson who I have read about here.I do hope we can do something to them as I have been an online playr for years and am embarrassed that this one got by me. But, I am retired and will not leave them alone for all of us.

  16. SLOT NUTS has been really impossible! Wishing i had found all this information first! Withdraw of $5050 input 9/30/2011. As of January 31, 2012 they called fro swift number and bank info. Said they have sent the first $1300 of the $$, but no record at my bank. Weekly phone calls say, we’re doing it this week, we did it 3 weeks ago, it is pending, it is approved, you should have it, you will get it. URGHHHHH!! 3 other casinos paid out with 2 to 4 weeks wait. This one has been really really bad.

  17. yes me to a victim of slotnuts. I won 4000.00 dollars feb 21 2012, sent in all documents requested bankwire so they have the swift number and my bank acct no. i have repeatedly emailed with only automated responses and when i go to live chat they tell me it is in process, lol.. like they have told all of you. so today i decided since i probably wont get the money i will cancel the withdraw and play some and put my withdraw at 3250.00 and i put in promo code 79chip no knowing any better beings i am new to these online casinos and decided when i stopped playing to chat and check on my withdraw, i was then told i was playing on a 79 chip and i only had to spend another 400 to get the max wd of 300.00. this confused me and i explained my winnings was prior to my playing the 79chip and was advised by the operator to stop playing as you cannot play while you have a pending withdrawal, lol where is this stated???? it is my money and I will do what the heck i want with it so anyway i stopped playing and we will see what happens. sure wish i would have found this sight and knew the info on slotnuts before i spent 2000.00 dollars on thier scam sight. there should be something that can be done. how do they stay online is the real question. anyone know how to get something going to get this website closed down i will sure take action. i work hard for my money and certainly dont enjoy just giving it to scammers……

  18. Back in January I won $4000.00 on real vegas. I did all that was required from them to make a withdraw. Now 3 months later and calls every day, they say the same old thing, we are processing your withdraw, we are having a large amount of withdraws, there are no new up dates. They dont answer e-mails, just auto reply, there is only one number you can call, and they tell you the same old thing every day. This place is a scam, dont waste your time, they are not going to pay you, and you cant do anything about it.

  19. Today is March 23, 2012 and I won a total of $1500 on January 30th 2012, and submitted my withdraw request on Jan. 30th 2012. Its been almost two Months now and I still have not been paid my money!! People!!! Do not play any of these casinos, for they do not pay!!! Slots Inferno keeps telling me that it is in process. How long does it take to wire the money into a bank account?? Maybe two minutes?? Its been almost 2 months and still nothing!! Head the warnings people and dont play these casinos for you will not get paid….not one dime!!! They owe me $1500 !!!

  20. I wish I had read comments from this site before I went to realvegasonline. They owe me $800 that I am apparently never going to get. It has been almost 3 weeks and what scares me the most is that they have copies of my personal information. Don’t let them get away with this. The realvegasonline website is a scam!

  21. Was just banned from this casino because I kept calling everyday regarding my withdraw for $648. Then I threatened them with disputing my deposits with my bank. We need to get this casino shut down!

  22. they still continue i am next idiot join this scam how is possible over 2 years they working and steal peoples? nobody nothing do? normally need report them to fbi fraud complaint center i found in google how they can be still alive not in prison? i am surprised what a suck

  23. I was finally sent an email about my withdrawal from August 12 2011 in April 2012 and was told my withdrawal was cancelled and I needed to use another method of withdrawal, gave them my bank info and swift#. Now I wonder what they are going to do with the bank info. Please do let us know if anyone has been paid by these people??? Thanks

  24. For Real Vegas online , I played the 1000 FREE offer. I apparently won $150 from that. I attempted to make a bank wire withdrawl but when I called they said that “YOU BREACHED THE CASINO WITHDRAWL POLICY BY ACCEPTING ANOTHER BONUS -$10 OFFER”. The only problem here is that I NEVER ACCEPTED ANY SUCH OFFER! IT JUST SUDDENLY APPEARED ON MY ACCOUNT! WHAT A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS!

  25. I got paid more than half of my winnings from Slots Inferno. My first withdraw every has been a extremely difficult with Slots Inferno. I had no idea of the process and I am embarrassed to say that I believed them when they told me that I would get paid my winnings of $5500.00 within 7-10 business days. 2 months and 20 phone calls, e-mails and faxed letters I finally was able to get more than half of my money. Very strange how this money just showed up in my account! I had resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to get paid but was determined to stay focused and not let them get by with the incredible lies and delay tactics. I had played at Slots Inferno for almost a year and they had always been very good with nice bonuses and a friendly support staff.

    I am now chasing them again for the remaining $2100 they owe me and fell confident that I will be paid in their time, not mine. I am not sure whether this group has re-organized and is trying to develop a better reputation or am I am just one of the lucky few to get paid. I did submit a complaint to CDS which can be found at the bottom page of their website. Within two days of filing the complaint I got a portion of my money. I don’t know if they had anything to do with getting my money or not.

    If you have not been paid at all and have been through this horrible process with Slots Inferno all I can say is do not give up. Continue to fax letters explaining how you have been treated, send e-mails and continuing calling at least every other day but do not threaten or be too nasty because they will lock you out from what I have been told. It’s horribly frustrating I know, the same stories, same excuses, the lies etc… But maybe if they know you refuse to let it go, you will get paid.

    Don’t give up!

  26. Wish I would have checked this casino out before I gave them over $2500.00 in the past 9 months. Tried to cash out 2 days ago $1170.00, they are telling me that they gave me $50 after I went through my initial deposit that day (I didn’t play through any promo code or offer), they just put it in my account. My account states that the $1170.00 is withdrawable, yet they are telling me that I can only cash out $150.00. This is FRAUD. I am researching contacting the attorney general in my state as to what can be done. These people are thieves & liars and scammers. They’ve pissed the wrong person off and I will not stop until something is done.

    • RealVegasOnline.com is the worst of the worst. They’re on our blacklist for a very good reason. Nobody gets paid… ever. I wish you all the best in trying to get something done about these scammers but nobody that we know of has been successful yet.


  27. While dealing with 99slots, my Father called to discuss a possible withdraw, after various errors kept preventing him from withdrawing. The person on the other end gave him your typical run around, going as far as putting him on hold for fifteen minutes. When he started to question if it was just a scam, and if what the person on the other end was basically telling him was that he wasn’t getting anything from them, and said as much to the customer service rep.. they hung up on him without so much as another word. Thanks to this site, my Father is wising up to places to avoid online, and the cons that like to hide behind sheep’s eyes.

  28. I didn’t know this at the time that there was even a blacklist or any scam casinos. My very 1st casino I played was plenty jackpots. I won 900.00 on 10-17-14 its only been over a month but i haven’t received my winnings. They keep telling me its in process and has to be approved by a manager then i will get my funds. So many customer service people all give me the same answer, theres so many customers cashing out managers are doing their best to complete the withdrawals, Please be patient.

    • Hi Norma,
      Yes, we try to update our blacklist and keep it active so players can have a resource to not play at these slow to no play operators. Please keep us posted as to how your situation unfolds and let us know if there is anything we can do.

  29. Another Mighty Slots complaint came in today for $1100. Player requested payout in Dec 2014. Still nothing in Feb 2015
    On 12-14-14 I requested $ 1100.00 payout and im still waiting .they say its still processing. April W

  30. Another Slots Nuts complaint 4/24/2015…

    Casino = Slotnuts

    Money Owed = 5,964.00 USD

    I have won money , had documents , approved , have been given many assurances my 3 wire transfers will be effected there has been no money received after waiting since 23/2/15.

    Keith M

  31. Real Vegas Online Payout Complaint 4/30/15

    i have requested a payout and submitted all the paperwork they asked for and all they do is give excuses- fax machine is down, no record of paperwork received and finally they couldn’t open the files because they arent the correct format. all crap!!! They sure take my money quickly when i deposited it but arent willing to give any back

    Cary G

  32. Another player gets ripped off…

    Casino: mightyslots
    The payment was refused by telling me that I used more than one coupon that they sent me in email. I didn’t.

  33. and another…

    I requested a payout of $10,000 On July 10th, 2015. I received the confirmation letter from them and now I only get the same email each time I inquire about my payout.
    It seems they have no intentions of paying me.

  34. and another…

    i am having problems trying to recive my winnings i have thereating with a solicotor but they are not botherd they just ignore my emails or say its still in progress

  35. I made the mistake of using real Vegas online before reading comments.i deposited money on this site,won $2000 on the 10/08/2015 did everything they told me sent documents in etc everything was ok told me I would receive my winnings,a couple of weeks went by asked where my money was told there was I high volume of withdrawals and would be available on the next batch of withdrawals.so kept getting the same answers all the time on chat,sent emails which I got no response from.so I wrote to OSGA and they tried to contact them with no luck.this company needs to be shut down.just a bunch of thieves,DO NOT USE REAL VEGAS ONLINE!!!!

  36. This just came in about a player at 99 Slot Machines…

    i play last feb 19 2015.and won over $500 and i ask them is i could cash out and they said yes and i just text someone today nov 30 2015 and they said i couldn’t get paid cause i didn’t follow there rules which is bullshit.they kept putting me off.there policy was 7-10 business days.ill get paid and every time i called or text them they would say that it was in accounting waiting for approval to be sent to me..waited 9 months..and now they they come with some stupid story not to pay me…Vivian

  37. Another player has a bad Christmas thanks to the Grinches at Mighty Slots…

    I ask for a with draw on Nov 6th 2015 I have been on the phone and on chat trying to get my money and all i get is the run around. It is only $2,500. but I won it and would like to have it before christmas what should i do

  38. And another player failed to do a simple Google search on mighty slots before depositing…

    on march 17,2016, I played at mighty slots and won the jackpot,playing GOD OF WEALTH it was for 9,000 but because the coupon stated I could only redeem 2500. I did not dispute the fact that winning a jackpot excludes winning payout of coupon.Well the problem is that on top of everything,they have not paid me anything. all documents and copy of all credit card,id and statement has been turned in,monts ago. Everytime I call they just go along w me,assure that I will gget my funds but nothing has been done..Please can you assist me w this complaint

  39. Another victim of Mighty Slots…



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