Virtual Casino Group – Blacklisted

Virtual Casino Group Blacklisted

Update: Virtual Casino Group is now calling themselves Group

It’s never easy when we receive casino complaints from players that have been taken advantage of by a sub par operator. In the last 12 years of Casino Scam Reports existence, we’ve helped hundreds of players resolve issues with online casino’s…good, bad and indifferent.

Our blacklist is stagnant at times because of better standards, better regulation and of awareness through the different resources available online willing to make a better place for players .

Unfortunately, with that said, there has been an online casino faction that has continued to plague players, taking their winnings, locking out accounts and overall just shady dealings. This group is the Virtual Casino Group.

Over the years players have been falling victim to their underhanded dealings, its been noted on several occasions that players don’t receive winnings and the typical “M.O.” of customer service will be to ask for documents and from there begin a run around from support that ends with the player becoming bewildered and eventually giving up.

This week’s email is from “ElmoBites”, her claim is not different from many that have filed a complaint, however it does not make it any less important. It does make it more troublesome because for years this casino group has been allowed to continue their abuse of players.

“Prism Casino is a total scam if you accept their “free” chips or “awesome” deposit bonus, but don’t expect to withdraw. They gave me a “free” chip for my birthday, I already had $800 in winnings in my account, but thought, that’s nice of them, I will accept. I’m sure it’s in the fine print…but if you don’t spend all you free chip and winnings within a certain amount of time they take all your money. They did a managers withdrawal for all my winnings, when time expired including the $800 of which I had before I even accepted the chip.

This latest one really takes the cake and I will not be playing at their site anymore just want to warn other people. I had $1000 I had won on slots, I went and played poker and won another $800, so I did $1300 withdrawal because I know they are going to take $280 bonus they gave me and I wanted $1000.

I logged in today and my account has $80 and my withdrawal was denied. They took the $1800+ in my account. They said I wasn’t allowed to play poker because of the bonus I accepted. First off I kept winning at slots so I had played through hundreds of dollars even though the bonus says “no rules or playthrough” and poker was locked for a few days. When it became unlocked I figured I had played through whatever requirements. Second if they want to play that game then they should have only taken what I won at poker minus the hundreds I spent at poker not my entire account and initial deposit.

They didn’t even give me my bonus on the $80 back. It also takes over 45 days to get your check if you can maneuver around their scams to not pay you. They’ll tell you not to tell your bank it’s from a casino, what’s that all about? BEWARE PEOPLE BEWARE”

Casinos associated with the Virtual Casino Group include:

Once again we are hoping to bring awareness to the unethical practices of the Virtual Casino Group and we are pleading with players to join in lending a voice in the comments below. The more we do to spotlight this groups actions, the greater we succeed in their failure as an online casino operator.



    So just wanted to give you update on Prism. I got a call yesterday from VIP host they are sending me a cheque for $800+ that was in my account before I played poker. I don’t know if you contacted them but thank you if you did it helped :). I did not tell him I am still not playing at their casino anymore, want to make sure I get the cheque, lol. Thanks again

      • We just received this email from the player:

        Hey Rick,
        So they must have seen the report on your site. I received a cheque for $1000 on Monday, not 45days it took when I won a tourney, and it has cleared. Thank you very much for posting my complaint :).

  2. Another player ripped off by Slots of Vegas and the Virtual Casino group…

    Requested withdrawal in May 2016. Complied with all policies and procedures. After considerable delay I was told that the payment would be processed and sent out immediately. Received email telling me to open a new bank account at specific banks in order to receive payment. Replied by email to never hear back and have them block my email. Followed up with customer service and was told again that the withdrawal would be expedited right away. Still nothing. Slots of Vegas has done everything possible to avoid payment of the $2500 I am owed. I recommend avoiding Slots of Vegas and anyone affiliated with them until payments are issued as agreed.

  3. Ruby Slots player complaint just came in…

    I requested a cash out of $700 on October 19th and have not heard from this casino about my pay out. It is showing that my payment is pending. They do not respond to live chat and when calling, the calls go straight to music. After holding for over 15 minutes, I was able to leave a message, but none of my emails. or voicemails have been answered.

  4. This just came in from a player at Ruby Slots Casino

    I have waited over 3 months for a payout. The customer service department and finance continually bounce me back and forth, claiming my documentation is not accurate, or that it is incomplete. Every time I contact them I am told the same thing; my payout will be processed within “a few days”, and it will take up to 2 weeks to receive.

  5. Another player scammed by Slots of Vegas Casino…

    we got ripped off $1,800 for a $2,000 winning not to mention they took over a month to inform us they will just give you the run-around when you contact their customer service reps and online chat service the manager back out $1,800 out of the winnings and was told they were keeping it .avoid this casino at all cost this is the a waste of your time and money do your research they have very bad reviews we wish we had did this .just to mention we played “Sloto Cash” and got paid 3 times in the same time frame excellent casino online very friendly customer service … AVOID SLOTS OF VEGAS

  6. i won 950 dollars well over a year ago at the casino put me through the wringer with the usual stalls about missing documents.after all of the documents were sent and verified, they blocked my account and refused to talk to me anymore. i dont know why as they will not tell me the reason. i have won at this casino in the past and never had any problems.

  7. On September 5, 2018. I won and submitted a withdrawal. For the amount of $302.00. I submitted all the documentation on time. Including my identification. I received an email on September 21 confirming my wire information. I then continued to play by withdrawing money from my account. I did not change my withdrawal status. I havr log in everyday and chatted with csr. I kept a copy of all my chats emailed to me. In addition I printed my playes and deposit sheets as evidence including my withdrawal request. My last visit I was told that I would be wired my payment of $150.00 in 20 days. They claim that I had a bonus and they removed it from my payout. The bonus was not for that withdrawal. However the have control so they can say that. I have not received my payment and I have my evidence that the withdrawal did not include a bonus. I would like you to assist me in getting my $150.00 before 30 days becomes 90 days. I have all of my documented evidence

  8. This started because I won $1900. My payout request went thru the normal process and was approved on 10/15/18. Then, today 10/31/18 when I requested the status I was told it was never sent to the processor and I would have to wait up to another 10 business days. There was no explanation as to why the request was not sent to the processor on the 15th. I was basically told that after approval it should have been sent to the processor on either 10/24 or 10/25 which makes no sense. In the past I was told that the approval was when it was sent to the processor. I could not get an explanation about the gap between 10/15 and 10/24 or 10/25. I believe I was being lied to. After it was becoming clear i was not going to get an explanation I asked if the casino would credit me a free chip due to their error making me have to wait longer than I should have to. I asked 3 times and was ignored the 1st 2 times. After the 3rd request I was told I would get $150 credit. It was put into my account. Then when i was signing off I advised the rep that I was going to complain to you & his boss about the chat & that I had copied the chat and I signed off. The rep then took back the $150 credit. I contacted chat again & was told he took it back because I said I was making a complaint.
    What kind of business has supervisors who act like spoiled children? I think his behavior needs to be handled.

  9. I wish I had seen your blacklist before I spent hundreds of dollars at CoolCat Casino. Tried to cash out $2500 and got the runaround. Now I know I will never see that money.

  10. Its bs that theres nothing you can do if you get scammed. I just had a $500 withdrawal request pending i wake up this morning and im locked out of my account.. i call they tell me that theres nothing i can do theres nothing else tp say im just screwed ive made 3 deposits on there and nowbim screwed

  11. This is the second time I’ve had this online casino scam me with pay out. My wife waited 20+ days and never was able to with draw from ruby and now i just won over $22000 and cool cat said i had multiple accounts and i don’t. When i asked for the accounts i had, they locked me out. If any way possible could i get some help please.

  12. I requested a withdrawal from Slots of Vegas in the form of a check. Nowhere in their agreement or during the withdrawal request does it say I need to contact a third party finance department but after 3 weeks of waiting for my check I was told the payment processing center didn’t know I wanted a check so they put the money back in my account and I had to start over. You must select a method of payment to request a withdrawal, and now I’m being told I have to email a bunch of information to this payment company but Slots of Vegas claims they cannot confirm that everything is in order. The player agreement states it takes 7 days for a withdrawal to be reviewed and then 7-10 days for a check to be issued, that’s ALL it says but I’ve had to confirm identity through hooyu AND now email my user name, bank name etc to another party and nobody will confirm what’s going to happen now. This company has breached their own player agreement several times and it really needs to stop.

  13. This is the worst casino for withdrawals, I have requested a withdrawal for $600 for 3 month now. They ask for 4 documents which I sent immediately. They said they did not receive it after 2 weeks. I sent it again 4 more times and then they finally received it. Now they tell me that they don’t like my two banks and they wanted me to open an account with bank of America. I did, Now they want to know where I was born, I told them in Switzerland, now they want to have prove that I live in the USA, I have lived here for 52 years, I produced a utility bill and to delay it anymore they wanted to see my passport. This whole theater was to get out to delay my money.
    The same thing happen to planet 7.I communicated with a guy called Shane who is in charge. He told me that he would see to it that I get my money. Well I finally got the money from planet7 but not from Coolcat (sisters) So I logged into both of the casinos and tried to open the chat,but it does not work anymore. There telephon is also disabled so all I could do was write and I did with no response. I just read a great report on Coolcat …that is so wrong !!!

  14. I have been getting the run around about the status of my withdrawal request that I have made on July 28,2019. As of today September 13,2019 i have not received my winnings. I have sent all information over and over to them that they request and Everytime I talk to live support it’s always the same ” our financial department will be in touch when all documents r approved” I have received confirmation email from the finance department saying all my documents were approved and still haven’t received any assures that my funds will be deposited . I want to talk to a live person but NO contact numbers available. Wtf. I have ALL conversations downloaded and screen shots of every word and document I have sent them and what has been said. My patience is up with this casino . All I want is my money that I won and be done with them. I would be more then happy to send u all transcripts of documents and conversations I had with them . Just please tell me how to get my money if u can and plz with all the complaints I have read about this casino SHUT it DOWN. They obviously don’t know how to run or finance this type of business.
    Thank You Now I’ll Wait for ur Response which excuse this but hopefully won’t take as long as Ruby Slots to get back.

  15. n June 7, 2019 I finally won 800.00 dollars and requested a withdrawal for this amount from Slots of Vegas by electronic wire/ e-check payment. I sent all my banking information and documents that the casino requested and finally on July 17, 2019 I received an email from Kelly, (Casino Support Center) which started:
    Thank you for sending all the documentation required to verify your casino account. Your account has now been completely verified and updated. For further assistance regarding your withdrawal, please contact our customer support team via live chat. Regards, Kelly.
    That’s when the delay tactics started, first by a person named Ray who was requesting the same information over again and I provided him all my banking and documents and after about a month another person named Aaron who wanted to escalate my withdrawal payment but he wanted basically the same information which I sent thinking that he would help me so I sent all my banking and document information again but never heard anything back. I sent Aaron 4/5 other emails after but I didn’t receive an answer back. I also could not access my account because I was blocked out.
    On September 30 I tried accessing my account again and I had a live chat with an agent and I explained that I requested a withdrawal of 800.00 dollars from Slots of Vegas on June 7, 2019. The agent informed me that Slots of Vegas had revoked/canceled my account and the 800.00 was withdrawn. I asked the agent, why my account was canceled and who withdrew my 800.00 dollars? The agent advised that his manager or him could not provide any more information and closed the live chat.
    Slots of Vegas closed my account and stole my 800.00 dollars.

  16. Long story short, closed my account to avoid paying my winnings. I did everything they asked to withdraw my winnings. (Wagering deposit and verification) I even got an email that said I qualify for express payout. 3 days later I wanted to log in to check the status and wasn’t able to log in. I contacted support and was then told that my access has been revoked but gave no reason just “Any casino account can be closed solely at our discretion as part of our policies to ensure game fairness, the safekeeping of company assets, and our third-party payment service providers.”

  17. I was playing T-Rex in slots of Vegas casino. I had my winning’s up to over 1.300 I checked with cashier and it said I could draw out all of it.well I only made my withdrawal for 800.00.and after a few day’s of not hearing back from them.I contacted which they said I needed to send my I.D my Son’s I.D a bill with my address,which I had done that day and sent in.well now I can’t even log into the casino.and still haven’t been paid.they told me they’d be in touch in five day’s.well this was on 11/2/2019 I do have everything screenshot. I was so happy and excited to have won and now I’m angered that a place so dishonest can actually operate here

  18. I have a serious issue with CoolCat Casino. I played and had a total of $1000.71 available for withdraw (have evidence of exact amount in account). I made sure I submitted the documents they require prior to any withdraw approval as well as made some contact info revisions with them directly. I then submitted withdraw request (which upon doing so they immediately removed 1,000.00 from my account leaving me with .71 cents which I also have evidence of occurring). After submitting said request I received several emails from them (2 different representatives plus the standard auto reply) Said emails incorrectly advised me that my drivers license was not included within documents I sent to them. I responded to both emails advising them to recheck my emails as everything required was attached thereto.
    After not hearing back from them and upon reviewing a ton of complaints against this online casino from people they have cheated and slow paid I sent them some emails voicing my concerns. I still did not hear back from them until suddenly receiving an email with the following contents:
    Connie T (Support Center)
    Jan 26, 4:15 AM CET
    Hello Daniel,
    This is Connie T following up on your ticket number 5747097.
    We regret to inform you that your casino access has been revoked. The decision is, unfortunately, non-reversible. Any casino account can be closed based solely on our discretion as part of our policies to ensure game fairness, the safekeeping of company assets, and our third-party processors. Your understanding is appreciated.
    Connie t
    Apparently this is something that others have complained about occurring to them as well so basically a standard business practice for them for whatever reason. It could be that they were upset with emails I sent advising them that I would seek redress from as many agencies to retrieve my money after reviewing all the horror stories about these same type of acts and their failure to respond and timely process my withdraw.


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