Bingomania is now Blacklisted

Bingomania Scam

For years now Bingomania has been going downhill. This past week they really picked up speed on their journey into the abyss. 3 complaints for non-payout in less than 24 hours. One of the players told us she finally was paid but was shorted $40. The other two cannot get their payouts at all.

1st player complaint:


I asked for a payout for the amount of $1007 US last week. Since they only do payout every monday it wasn’t approved until this monday (which i was fine with really). I was to get my payout through skrill (moneybookers) as this has been the only way for me to get payouts in the past since I’m in Norway. In the past my payouts have always been in my skrill account the same day as they were approved. but not this time. So I sent support ticket. First time i asked I was told payout would be done the next day. Still nothing so I sent new ticket. Then they told me not possible to send through Moneybookers at this time so I had to provide debit card info. Did that and heard nothing from accounting. So new support ticket. Tried to ask why they couldn’t send by moneybookers and how long it would take to get my money. No real answer except from not able to send by moneybookers and waiting for response from accounting.

2nd player complaint:


I have been waiting on 3 cash outs plus the 40.00 they charged me for each cash out since I never received  in the 7 day time frame. They have given me so many stories and so many dates my money was sent. I have kept all tickets and emails from them. Is there anything you can do to help me get my withdraw? This is my last ticket I have received from Bingomania…

Below is the confirmation of your funds being sent:

2424      (personal info removed)        Mar 14, 21, Apr 4 & $40, $40, $40    

The funds were sent on April 22nd.



So along with these complaints and the fact that Bingomania also scammed CS Report out of money back in 2011, we have now Blacklisted this casino and we strongly urge our website visitors to avoid playing at Bingomania. Chances are you will not get paid if you win.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. We just received this message from one of the Bingomania players above…

    Hi Rick , thank you for getting back to me. I just got my money. Even though they did not reply back to you I do think your email did help. We should not have to keep putting in help tickets asking where our money I was going to give up online gambling because of this issue. A few years ago another site never paid me 1500.00 I had won. I love bingo and slots . I did not play there till I got my money. I deposit after I was paid and did win 800.00 on slots and hope I do not have same problems getting paid. There are so many still waiting to get paid, You can read the complaints on their facebook if they didn’t delete them. I really appreciate what you do for us players. Bingo mania should realize players are what keeps them in business. I can not thank you enough for your site and for what you do.
    Thank You,

  2. Another player experiencing delays getting paid…

    I submitted a withdrawl request on 5/15/16. On 5/16/16 Bingomania processed. Still have not received 493.25 in winnings. Told it would take 7-12 days to receive. contacted bingomania several times and have been told that the payment processor is in the process of upgrade. Contacted accounts via e-mail, filled out numerous help tickets.

  3. And another payout complaint…

    I have been waiting almost a month for a payout always some problem but never a problem deppositing money just withdrawing it starting to think the site is a scam

  4. Another scammed player:

    they let the cashouts builded up so they can short you money. I was short 20.00 on my last cashout so I went back and checked the last 4 I was waiting on for months and they shorted me 155.00, Also when I did my cashout I received a message , It said warning, If I continue with the cash out I will receive zero bonus. They said I was abusing the bonuses . It is hard enough to get bonuses there. I did tell them I play to win and cash out. They are in the wrong business if they do not want people to cash out. and only want donators .I did take a screen shot of that warning and also the ticket saying I abuse their bonuses. How can you abuse bonuses. I have no control over what numbers are called and no control over their slots, they do

  5. Another player ripped off by Bingomania…

    I can not get responses to my emails. I want my winnings of $440 and the one sketchy email I got from “Sam” asked me to send them ALL my banking info. Not a smart thing to do on the ibternet. They don’t answer their phone or respond to my emails- what can I do?

  6. Dear rick, I am another sucker whom has had no problem depositing into and now that I have made a withdrawal of 350 I don’t expect to see my money I’ve just had a hip replacement and I am only 47 I was really looking forward to finally winning something I hope you can help thanks heaps Tina Forrest

  7. I just joined a couple days ago and decided I didnt want to play anymore so i removed my banking info and today there was over $200 taken from my account I dont know what to do.

  8. Yeah, silly me made a few deposits and get a win and doesnt withdraw at all. shame. Why’s the site allowed to be still up after scamming for 5 years?

  9. My account was hacked they used bitcoin account to do it and now i can not retrieve that money. i had a problem withdrawing money this year. the last time i did withdraw i used money wire.

  10. I won $950. I was unable to withdraw any amount because I had not made a deposit in 30 days. Ok fine np. They won’t let you make a deposit when your account has more than $100 in it. So no winnings for me.

  11. I need help or at least to let people know that they will steal your cash from your credit card through the processors they use, they changed on me and charged me $10 for every deposit and I can get no help and no refund just a run around, I want everyone to know they dont’ care, I don’t want the money back now, am tired of trying! what a rip off

  12. Won $527.00 and have tried to cash out 5 times. Each time they don’t return emails and when I go to chat, they always say I need to do one more thing. When I do what they say its too late to withdraw and then another problem. Scammers don’t want to pay me.Giving me the runaround.

  13. I won a few dollars at bingomania and tried to get a payout. No way they got more excuses when you get close to wager requirements. They just raise it more. I did everything they asked.

    Why are they still around .. all they do is rip players off.

  14. I have been a member of mania since 2008. In all of this time there was never a wager requirement. I Always go to the My Account option before I make a deposit . Well this time was no different . I made my deposit and I received the deposit bonus . I played the games and when I hit the My Account button it shows that I have (OPTED IN FOR A BONUS ) And have a wager requirement of over $3000.

    I called a spoke to Marco. I told him that there was not an opt-in/opt-out option on the deposit page and he said that there was . Well it says opt-out is temporarily unavailable. So then he says players who joined 2020-2023 have wager requirements. I said well in that case I joined in 2008 so pay me my money . Then he says w/r are for all and it began in August . Not true because I withdrew in November 2023 with no w/r. My cash balance is $347.09 bonus is $274.62.


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