El Dorado Palace Casino Bonus Issue (Resolved) But Still Blacklisted

El Dorado Palace Casino Bonus Issue (Resolved) But Still Blacklisted

Update June 21st 2011: We are advising players to continue to avoid this casino because of non payout issues. They are on our Casino Blacklist and if you deposit money and get ripped off there is nothing we can do for you. You’ve been warned!

Edit From Admin: Casino Scam Report was recently contacted by a manager at El Dorado Palace that informed us that the predatory bonus term listed below is now NO LONGER in place. And for those that have left comments about problems with payment issues please contact their Customer Relations Manager “Sean” at [email protected] and he will look into your issues for you.

We recently received a negative forum post by one of our members. El Dorado Casino has a predatory term in their bonus terms at the bottom of the page that states “Players are not allowed to continue wagering if any amount of funds posted for withdrawal and/or pending to be withdrawn is detected by the Casino. Such activities are considered violation and are subject for all pending withdrawals to be void at Management’s discretion”.

This player had a withdrawal pending and didn’t know about this ridiculous rule so while he was waiting to receive his payout he decided to continue playing with $100 that he left in his real money account. The casino pointed him to this term and then confiscated his entire withdrawal. If the casino was fair they would simply have warned the player not to play instead of stealing his money.

We have been in contact with the management at El Dorado Palace and to their credit they did respond to this issue BUT they responded with alot of double talk as to why the player lost his winnings. If the casino doesn’t wish people to play while waiting for a payout to be processed they should simply lock the players real money account until the payment is processed. This bonus term in our opinion is predatory to players and therefore we are labeling El Dorado Palace a scam casino and they should be avoided by EVERYONE until this term is removed.


Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. I also had problems them
    Subject: I can not get a payout

    Ok I have another complaint about the same casino Eldorado Palace I did a 25.00 deposit and did the playthrough which they told me the cashier has approved but now they are waitting on the casino manager to approve which has been 3 weeks now and I kind need the money which they know already and they will not play out I did a 25.00 and won 900.00 and they will not pay out . Here is one of their e-mails
    Replied On: 02 Feb 2010 22:26:33
    Please understand, due to Weekly funds release limitations in Casino Banking, there is going to be a delay in customers’ receiving their funds.

    Your cashout will be scheduled for process once wagers and personal documents reviewed as final.

    We will contact you again to notify when withdrawal process starts.

    We hope for your understanding and patience.

    Another one

    Replied On: 09 Feb 2010 10:13:19
    Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delay in proceeding your withdrawal. It is now pending and will be approved soon this week. As soon as it is approved you will be notified immediately.

    Last edited on: 09 Feb 2010 10:13:19

    And another

    Replied On: 10 Feb 2010 05:48:08
    You will be notified once your cashout processed soon these days.

    Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated.

    Last edited on: 10 Feb 2010 05:48:08

    CC00000433 (24) Replies On Hold [Casino Cashier] Medium Feb 10 (7 days ago)

    Here are my withdrawns and deposits

    Date Amount Payment Means Deposit Type
    Jan 28 2010 22:51:51 $25.00 1000124077 QuickTender
    Sep 18 2009 15:08:20 $25.00 1000124077 QuickTender

    Deposit Bonuses
    Deposit Type Date Deposit amount Bonus Locked bonus Extra bonus
    QuickTender Sep 18 2009 15:08:20 $25.00 $45.00 $0.00 $0.00

    Balance Adjustment (Cash)
    Date Increase Decrease
    Sep 18 2009 14:46:39 $202.00

    Balance Adjustment (Bonuses)
    Date Increase Decrease
    Jan 28 2010 22:57:00 $7.00
    Jan 28 2010 22:53:56 $37.00
    Oct 16 2009 14:58:59 $20.00
    Sep 18 2009 14:47:13 $6.00
    Sep 16 2009 14:19:11 $50.00

    Pending Cashout requests
    Date Amount Additional info
    Jan 31 2010 23:04:58 $900.00

    Paid cashouts
    Date Total Amount Paid
    Sep 20 2009 23:13:35 $400.00 $400.00
    Sep 18 2009 08:07:19 $100.00 $100.00

    Reversed cashouts
    Date Total Amount Cancel
    Sep 18 2009 08:04:28 $100.00 $100.00

    I also have chats from them if you would like them and also screen shots of my playthrough and as of the last e-mail they have not e-mailed me at all so if there is something you can do I would love it and they also told me that the cashier approved it but now the manager has to and it seems he will not and also I called once and the person that I talked to told me that I can not play at other casinos and unless I play there they would not pay me .

  2. I was sent a 200 comp I wager alot at other casinos and am sure that was how they got my name I liked the games they offered and was going to deposit 250.00 but check out casinos first so when I saw this I decided not to play. I hope this is resolved in your favor and thank you for the posting.

  3. Another casino scam complaint from a player at El Dorado Casino:

    It is true these guys are a scam. I received a 200 check bonus code SCD011 from the Henry Jone supposely the pronotions director with no strings attached. But they come back to me a week later and say that I need to depoit 30% of the winning dollar amount which comes to 300 dollars in order to cashout on my 1000 dollars of winning. There is a guy by the name of Fred Larris who is the cashier manage who says that management must approve the payout and it took them a week just to promise me that I would get paid on 1/24/2011 , which has already passed. Still no money. I wish I would get some good news but it has not happen yet. The managers of the casino have not got back to me in 2 days. I keep emailing for an explanation why they are not approving my payout. There is no reply.

  4. I received free bonus of 200 also. I built this up to about 1400. I have tried to withdraw and first they said I hadn’t played enough. Then a week later they said I had, but I needed to send proof of identity, drivers license, bank i.d. etc. in an email. The same day I called back and they said I could only withdraw 500 and had to send them 150.I think this place is a total ripoff.

  5. El Dorado Palace = lying, stealing, manipulating, cowardly. For one, their slots are setup to allow winning,then are set to the slow lane after you enter their perverse cash out ritual. Since they don’t intend to pay your winnings to you, it doesn’t really matter except, you would expect to want to continue playing while your cash outs are processed, unless they told you your time is being wasted which as it turns out,it is. If they did tell you, there would be one less account for them to use as a front for the laundry. Ever wondered what became of the sadistic conquistadors? Look no further – El Dorado Palace. They give the place a bad name and cast a dark light on their partner in collusion, Quick Tender.

  6. El Dorado Casino has not resolve the problem yet. I was paid half of my original amount of my winnings which was originally 1000 dollars. There came back to me after they made a promise of paying me my balance in full and said can i take 500 hundred dollars instead of 1000. What kind of casino comes back and says can we negotiate your winnings when you were originlaay promised 1000 dollars. A casno who does not have the funds to payoff their winners. This casino is not afraid to take your money which is ok to me because this is the risk I take, but a casino who try’s to find excuse tom not pay out ots winnings is totally unaceptable. Doe’s anybody know who we can contact so that we all can file complaints to get these guys out of business.

  7. El Dorado palace are lyers. I was originally promised my 1000 dollar payout back on Jan. 24 2011 by management and it did not happen. One week latter after numerouse calls and emails management came back and told me that I will only get 500 dollars of my original winnings. Why, because they change the rules to a payout of 500 dollars as the max. This is total B.S. I was told from day one That the maximum payout would be 1000 dollars with using my bonus money from code SCD011 for 200 dollars, Which states no strings attached. Can anyone tell me what no strings attached means?

    After originally being promise from the cahier manager that I will get paid and here quotes “I give you my word” management finally agrees to my 1000 dollar payout on Jan. 24,2011. This day came and went. After numerouse phone calls and emails they finally got back to me and now want to negotialt a payout. The negotiate payout is 1/2 of my original payout of 1000 dollars. What casino that anyone of us has gone too has stated that you are going to get only 50% of your winnings. I have not ever played at any casino who only accepts half of my money. So El Dorado Palace. Why don’t you give your customers back 50% of their loses. Is this fair? I think so because of what you are doing. If you guys can pay get outb of business and stop ripping people off.

  8. Good news. El Dorado Palace have paid me my full 1000 dollars. I have talk to the management team and they are now committed to being a top notch caino. I now have a good relationship with all of their staff and they will do whatever it takes to keep customers happy. I do recommend this casino for all new cutomers.

    [Edit from Casino Scam Report] We have seen this type of comment before left by players that are promised payment if they say something positive about the casino they bashed earlier. We aren’t saying this is the case with this player. Just a cautionary advisement. We at Casino Scam Report still urge caution about playing at El Dorado Palace. We do however welcome others to post positive comments regarding payouts from El Dorado Palace Casino

  9. Eldorado casino is rly scams, even i played in poker, 1th they asked biger deposit 50 $, after i deposited, 3 weeks waited ,they everyday said i shoudl get money this week, have al lletters, even sugested me to pay out WMZ, but i wanted mb or netteler, after 3 weeks my cashout was canceled and i was asked to make 250 $ deposit, when i wanted to cashout 450 $ …

  10. I am trying to cashout too, but they wants bigger deposit.They ask me to deposit 100$ to be able to cashout maximum of 150$.They are fooling me.
    I already made initial deposit there.
    I will do anything to get all my moneys cashouted.

  11. I also still wait for my cashout. I had to deposit 50 dollars to cashout 150 from my winnings. They say it is approved and the money will arrive soon. But no money arrived on my account till now…

  12. i was able to get my cash out after a bunch pf emails and calls. i thought i’d never get it. in retrospect, it took a while to get my money because i was not able to meet all the requirements. oh well, at least i have my cash now.

  13. Hi Zoltan.
    did you make any deposit before? I made a deposit of $50 and was given a bonus and I was lucky enough to win. So when I cashed out, I was asked to submit some documents. took me a while but I still got my monies.

  14. yes I made the minimum deposit 10$, and they give me some bonus that I not wanted, I cleared it.
    Documents already verified.I will ask the Casinoscamreport to give me your email, please allow them and I will contact you to ask you what you told to El dorado to cashout you successfully.
    I tried many things.
    Thanks man for reply!

  15. I am 100 percent certain there black jack software is fixed. Fixed to let u win and then totally rape you until you are broke. I went from 20 dollars to 100 and then eased off my bet because i knew there manipulative down swing was coming. at 1 to 3 dollars per hand I lost like 8 out of every 9 hands until I was broke. I know how to play too. Lived in Vegas for 3 years. Total scam site.

  16. Hi I just started playing at eldorado and I won 500.00 i opted to leave 200 in the pot and i be doged if i am not getting the run around. Is there any body we can talk to about this. I am begining to think these are people that is just sitting in a room pretending to be abig time casino. If you find out any thing let me know please. thank you, lilmama

    Reply from Admin: Try contacting their Customer Relations Manager “Sean” at [email protected] then let us know if you are still having problems.

  17. well I justgot off the phone with some man in management and he informed me that in order to get my money i have got to continue to play until i play up 4000,00 in loyaltie points ihave already played 1559.00 but i was playing with their 50.00 bonus money to every body out there let everybody know donot play eldorado palace even if you play your own money and win they will not pay you

  18. Everybody!Just let make end of this scam.I have already contacted moneybookers about that site, as they are stealers.Please all of you contact the other payment processors, and inform them that the eldoradopalace.com is a big scam and to block all their bank accounts.At moneybookers it is on the review.Do that as quick as you can!The eldoradopalaces owner has a long year experience stealing other people.Before he was at name Taj Mahal casino.The software vendor is suspicious too.I really cant beleive that they can stole money from people using the most used payment processors like Visa , Moneybookers and others.I think contacting those payment processors is the only legal ways where we can hit those stealers.

  19. Even if you win without using their bonuses or coupons they find a way to screw you out of your winnings! I spent about $475.00 without using their bonuses and finally won $600.00 with a $25.00 deposit I had made and playing off and on while building it up to the $600.00. Leaving that in my account waiting for my paperwork to go through I decided to deposit another $25.00 and I didn’t win with that. Then, I received a We MISS you coupon in my e-mail for a free $50.00 known as MISS50. Them knowing I was wanting to play and them knowing they could get a chance to get back my winnings. Of course I went to the cashier and could not find a place to put in the MISS50 code so I e-mailed them and asked them for the MISS50 to be placed into my account. Just after I sent the e-mail I found where to put in the code MISS50 and did so.(lower left) I played it off and did not win. I received another e-mail that the MISS 50 had been put into my account. Now according to their rules I could only use that Code once yet they gave it to me again. Do you think they knew I already used it?? Try to put in a code again once you use one. I never use their free codes for extra money. But I did this time. Anyway I played and won and went way over their required play through and now I had $1000.00 in my account. Of course they would not pay that because of the MISS50 coupon I had used. They still would not pay and I e-mailed Sean @ CRM and he would not ok payment. We went back and forth for a few days and they still would not pay. I went ahead and played off 400 of the 1000 and left the original 600 in my account for cash out which I was waiting for authorization and they still would not pay. So in frustration I played off the remaining 600.00 and of course I could not win any more no matter what I played, imagine that! During the time I was e-mailng Sean and the cashier team my computer found a virus sent by them and some of their e-mails were disapearing, Wow! They really needed my winnings more than I, poor crooks. Now, I don’t even get ad’s from Eldorado and I sure miss them.

    My only advise is don’t play Eldorado, never use coupons because the playthroughs are set so high you’d have to hit a jackpot to win.
    And Sean, your the biggest crook of all at Eldorado you must get a percentage of all you can steal back and you give the good online casino’s a bad name.

  20. HI I see that eldorado is up to it,s old tricks they donot intend to pay any body so the best thing to do is just erase them off your computer and for get them that,s what i am going to do, and let everybody know that eldorado palace casino is a fraud and very crooked

  21. I deposited about $80.00 and started playing. I ended up winning $938.38. I am trying to cashout but no luck. I spoken to different people sent emails and nothing.
    El Dorado palace casino is not a legitimate casino. They don’t pay. They just rip people off.

  22. Yep – I truly wish I had seen this page BEFORE I played at eldorado!!! Fast / Easy deposits – cashout…. NONE – I think anyone would be crazy to send them all the documentation they “require” to cash out – free identity theft packet!!!
    I feel confident that they will be shut-down sooner or later…. sooner I hope.

  23. I am really pissed off that this casino is getting away with all this BS. I recieved a no strings chip and played through the playthrough and then got up to 800.64. I tried to cash out and they asked for all this private info and without thinking I sent it. I got an email from “fred” stating that my documentation was accepted and approved to show proof of identity.
    I went on the casino site to find out that my cashout request was reversed. I contacted customer service and talked to “Ella”. I asked her why my cashout request kept getting reversed and she said I am required to deposit 30% of my cashout amount that was requested. I was never told that I had to make a deposit of 30% to get the money that I earned. I do not understand why someone isn’t doing something about this. Just think about it for a second. You have to make a deposit of 30% of ANYTHING you request to cash out. So say you must deposit 250, in order to cash that 250 out you must first deposit 30% of that amount and so on and so forth. Either way they keep your money. I can only imagine how many identities where stolen from these fake casinos. People, please NEVER send anyone a copy of your cc. They will run up your bills. Someone needs to put an end to the El Dorado Palace. They give the real casino a bad name as people think they are the same.

  24. I deposited $10 with my visa and won $1000 and tryied to cash out.. a week later i was informed i could only cash out $400 so I cashed $400 out one sweek later it was approved only one problem my account will not accept any direct deposits.. fred at the casino begged me to just open an account with one of these 5 banks listed.I tried..I can not. now, it says that my cash out was credited to my accont only it was not!where is it? Why cant they just mail me a check.


  26. El dorado is trying to scam me out of $5000.00 I won playing 3D slots. David the newest “manager” told me I continued to play while I had 5 $1000.00 cash out pending. A violation of rules and they confiscated my winnings. I asked To be pointed out where the rules were written? I cannot find them anywhere. I too suggest contacting visa, and other places were people make deposits to get this scam palace shut down. I keep fighting with management until I see something is done to correct this. Wish me luck. Going to media too. If we all do same we may get heard. Don’t give up, don’t let the scammers win. I followed the rules and protocal. If they show possitive change they might get off black list. But they got same scam going for years from what I have now read. shame on David, Ellah, Gazel, Fred. Does upper management if there is one really know what’s going on?

  27. LOL..you guy think you got screwed..I signed up for a generous bonus which I got..I like the slots for they were different from other sites so decided to deposit 35.00…I never got a email for my signup or when I made a deposit…when I saw the first deposit bonus it was more than generous thinking they are trying to generate business for the site was empty..so I played some of it back in…yesterday I went out shopping and my bank card was declined..I said there has to be a mistake I knew there was money in my acct I go thome and pulled up my acct on line…OMFG!!!! they had roibbed my acct for 1000.00…had over draft fees totaling 200.00. I called the 800 number immediately..talk to some one named Shawn…he assured me my money would be deopsited abck into my acct. I got a email from them this morning saying they would only give me back 400.00 of it..I know my money is gone I’ll never see it again..but I have a computer email list and play in many sites I’ll blog on any site I can find to black ball them…anyone I talk to I’ll tell them to stay away from them they will rob your bank acct…now I’m afraid they will continue to use my card to draw money out so have to cancel that one and get a new one…

  28. The complaints say it all. A rogue corrupt casino. Also they charged my checking account more than I approved. Also the blackjack games are fixed to give dealer an extra advantage. I would sue but futile in this case due to logistics and jurisdiction. However I will sue an affiliate if I can locate one in the u.s.. The predatory term I thought was deleted at this time. May 2012 and fell into same trap. However.if I find an affiliate in the u.s. I will file suit. I am not a lawyer but good at pro se lawsuits. I would appreciate any who could assist to find someone. Keep complaing and chastise anyone who gives this casino a recommendation Thanks for reading

  29. I am at my wits end. I have tried everything from diplomacy to annoyance and getting zero response from Eldorado Palace Casino. I played blackjack with the casino approximately 8 months with a total of about 4k in deposits, then in Nov I requested a cash out of 18k. It has now been four months and I haven’t got a penny Not only that I haven’t ever gotten a response from the cashier or the manager for the reason. I even sent an email to “Sean” listed above and still haven’t heard anything. The reps in chat, when I do get one, just refer me to the casino cashier and tell me they cannot answer my questions. They have told me they do make cash outs to their winners. I have noticed the person’s(s) email address which responds with some kind of reference number is named “happyfox” – I don’t think this is a coincidence – they are happy to scam us…

  30. Me again. I just wanted to add that I read the rules very carefully and did not break them. I sent in my info and it was verified and approved. I wagered way more than I needed to to clear the bonus – in fact right now I have more than 240k (that’s right) in comp points, and I have not played on their site since I requested a cash out – in fact I requested 18 separate cash outs. I will continue to look for this money and do what ever I can do. I will be happy to participate in a law suite when one gets formed. until than blog, facebook, and google will have to be my forum.


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