Avoid JuicyStakes.com – Payout Problems

Avoid JuicyStakes.com - Payout Problems

We are recommending at this time that players AVOID playing at JuicyStakes.com poker room. We had a player complaint about not getting their payout and it has now been over 2 months since the request for a check was made.

We contacted Juicy Stakes and they assured us the player would get paid and but they told us they were experiencing payment delays (which usually mean processor issues).

From Juicy Stakes support: ” There are some delays at the moment which is why it has taken so long but we are working to make sure it does not take much longer. We will email the player as soon as the funds have been sent.”

After replying that a month and a half is not acceptable for a payout I received this back…

“I agree completely with you. It is not a timeframe that we want and we are working hard to speed checks up for our players. We’re hoping these delays don’t persist for much longer. I’m afraid I cannot provide you with an exact timeframe as we could not guarantee it and I do not want to mislead you or the player. “

This was a month and a half ago and now today the player has reported to us that he still has not received his payout in the amount of $3000.

Players are advising at this time to not deposit at Juicy Stakes for lack of payment and possible payment processor issues. If you are a player at the casino or poker room it may be wise to put in a withdrawal request as soon as possible. The delays could get longer.


Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. my name is robert stevens ,57 elsin lane, willingboro,new jersey 08046.on monday february 06 2012 i deposited 100dollars into an account[pltpay.com/decent448081890113]to try their texas holdem gaming tables with the idea that i would be playing against other players.i found out there’s no such thing ,and that i would have to play against a machine.that was’nt my intention.i’ve tried to get a refund by e-mail.their response was that they wre not able to assist me.i would like to know what other options i have to retrieve my remaining balance of $83.00.yours truly robert stevens

  2. Are you talking about the casino or poker room at Juicy Stakes? The poker room is on the Cake Network and has real players. Although I wouldn’t advise playing at the casino or poker room.

  3. My Wife deposited $25.00 onto her account. She was charges $25.96 TWICE!!!!!! I imediatly reported this to them (we even got an email saying they were having problems and that it could have happened that there were two charges instead of one) and that any aditional costs would be refunded with the $25.00 that were taken. We were told that we would only be getting the $25.00 and NOT the 0.96 because this was a “bank charge”. I asked my bank and was told that they had not charged us anything!! We were also told that this “refund” would take 7-10 business days even though it had not even been taken out of our account yet!!! THEY ARE getting rich earning interest using YOUR MONEY and CHARGING YOU FOR IT TOO!!!! SCAM!!! STAY AWAY!!!!! PS And I have the emails to prove everything I have written!!!

  4. i’ve been trying to access the game app for playing poker at juicystakes.eu and i get message unable to connect to server. please help.


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