Real Vegas Online Casino Scam

Real Vegas Online Casino Scam

Real Vegas Online Casino Scam

Real Vegas Online Casino Scam
Real Vegas Online Casino is a scam. If you play at this casino, you will not receive your winnings. The Real Vegas casino has been scamming players for many years, and they are blacklisted on nearly every website that advertises online casinos. For well over a decade, Real Vegas Online Casino has been on our blacklist. Real Vegas is a member of the Curgam Malta Group of Scam Online Casinos, which includes the following sister sites:

Please share your experience if you were scammed or ripped off by this casino in the comment section below. It will help other players to avoid this casino in the future.

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Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. Another player gets ripped of by these crooks:

    I have made a 8000.00 withdrawl request in august 2015 and have tried numerous times to see why I haven’t received my monies as of yet. I did everything they asked ex. documents. They keep saying the acct department is still working on this. They have to info for me to talk to anyone in that department. The supervisor is never available. Always and excuse. And now they aren’t even answering my emails. Can you help me with this issue? Thank you

  2. Complaint:
    Played in real Vegas casino deposited 35.00 won 500.00 on August & they won’t pay me even I submitted all doc. & was sent an email stating that my payment was pending..3 mon. Later.i questioned the long wait only to find out I supposedly played a free bonus that was sent to me for 200 free spins & I didn’t follow the rules by using a bonus while waiting for a withdrawal there terms that I see or they didn’t send me..They offered me a 35.00 chip…but I want the money that I honestly question is, why didn’t they send me my money in a month…they seemed to have baited me on a free bonus that I am not sure I played cause I didn’t get my money so why would I want to play there..I swear I didn’t play the free spins.but they said maybe someone else would be using my acct… M.

  3. And another player gets ripped off…


    I am having a problem getting paid legitimate winnings from two casinos in the same group. I also have winnings pending from two other casinos in this group (Realtime Gaming), but they are not as old as the one from Real Vegas Online Casino and Mighty Slots Casino. My problem is that nothing is being done whatsoever to pay me winnings, which were won playing 100% by their rules and per the terms of the coupon used. I have contacted Live Chat, emailed, and called numerous times, and no one can give me an answer as to when I may expect to be paid. I have heard every excuse in the book, but never a legitimate response as to why my withdrawls are still listed as “requested”. At times, I have been frustrated in my conversations with their representatives, and they have always been cordial. I have never threatened them in any manner, but I have eluded to the fact that I am unsure that they are legitimate and honest based upon very poor online reviews. I have tried exceptionally hard to be as polite as possible, but my frustration level is very high at this point. They have also told me that the only way to withdraw my winnings is via bank wire, and in all honesty I am not comfortable with that. All documentation that was required of me has been submitted at the time that the withdrawls were requested. The payout amount from Mighty Slots is $1,602.00 US Dollars. It was requested on 01/05/2016, and literally nothing has happened with it. Their agents always say the same thing…that it is “pending approval by the management”. This concerns me as other than checking my documentation that I am who I say I am and where I live, there should be no approval needed as I won this money per their rules and specific terms of the bonus coupon used. The pending payout from Real Vegas Online has been separated into two payments by the casino. $4,000.00 US Dollars total (two payments of $2,000.000 each). This withdrawl was requested on 01/10/2016. All required documentation was sent to them at that time. Both casinos have stated that they have all of my documents, and that they have been submitted to the”accounting department”. The accounting department is unavailable to contact via Live Chat or telephone, and I have sent them numerous emails, with no response other than a form email claiming that an agent will contact me within one business day, which never happens. I am very concerned as I did deposit quite a lot of real money in good faith that they were reputable casinos. I appreciate any help or input that you can provide me with in this matter.


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