The Virtual Casino Group, Ten Years of Unethical Practices Continues

The Virtual Casino Group, Ten Years of Unethical Practices Continues

The Virtual Casino Group of online casinos has been on our blacklist of rogue casinos for over 8 years, they have continually shown no regard for players, affiliates and advocates when it comes to fair gaming and reputable online practices.

It never ceases to amaze me when I come across a complaint about a non payment to a player, a free players card to lure players in, lack of support from a group that is notorious for unethical business practices.

Simply take a look at their terms and conditions,, just one quick read and you will know that these practices are terrible and players will never benefit even if they follow the letter of the law.

The Virtual Casino Group

The above list of casino are all associated with The Virtual Casino Group, will now redirect you to, it is all a part of the same group you have been warned about.

A quick search will provide you with plenty of warnings to stay away from these online operators, but I still feel compelled to make this post after just receiving yet another casino complaint from a couple who received a “FREE Players Club Card $100.00” to use at Rub Slots. The player and his wife used the free players club card and won a little over $400, when contacting customer support for a payout they were met with excuses and eventually an account closure with no further communication.

Another report from a player that received a $100 rewards card, he won almost a $1000, played down to $700 only to be refused any support when trying to cash out and the ripoff reports over the years continue to grow unfortunately to players chagrin.

The old adage if its too good to be true really applies here with this group. Unfortunately the temptation to play with free chips and then win makes everyone excited but what you have to realize is this is just a way of getting you to sign up and deposit. There is never any intention on the behalf of Ruby Slots, or any other casino in the Virtual Casino Group of paying winnings on a Free Players Club Card.

Please be warned and disregard emails offering Player Rewards that are full of FREE Chips, this group will try every trick in the book to get you to play.

Play Smart from the Start, unfortunately even with online operators like The Virtual Casino Group the terms and conditions do apply no matter how unscrupulous they happen to be!


Maggie Bean
Maggie Bean has been a part of our family since we began over 20 years ago when we started the Casino Scam Report site. She is head editor of articles as well as checking and reporting on the latest casino bonuses and promotions.


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