$20,000 Epic Bingo Party w/ $1,000 Guaranteed Games

Vegas Crest Casino

Are you ready for the party to begin? The $20,000 Epic Bingo Party at Vegas Crest is just a week away! There is only a week left until Vegas Crest hosts the $20,000 Epic Bingo Party, so mark your calendars and get ready! What are you waiting for? Let’s party!

The big event takes place on the last Saturday of every month. This is a must attend event if you want to win some epic prizes, such as $10,000 for just winning one game, for example?

This special night of bingo is always looked forward to by bingo players from around the world every single month. The event will be held in the Tournament Room starting at 6 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). The fun and excitement will begin at that time.

Main Event

As of 11pm, there is $10,000 Guaranteed Coverall. There is a charge of $5.00 per card. This week, Vegas Crest is offering a special of buy 3 get 2 free and they have capped the maximum number of cards per player at 120.


In the time frame between 6pm and 10pm, there will be ten warm-up games, which will pay out $1,000 each, guaranteed! It is $2.00 for each card that can be used for the warm-up games. With all the warm-up games offered at Vegas Crest, you can take advantage of the special buy 3 get 2 free offer.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars, set your alarms, or pre-purchase your cards right now so that you don’t miss your chance to walk away with a guaranteed $10,000 cash prize.

What you need to know about Vegas Crest’s $20,000 Epic Bingo Party!

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Vegas Crest Casino

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