Cyberspins Love Monday’s is Your Goodbye to the Blues

Cyberspins Love Monday's is Your Goodbye to the Blues

Each Monday in February, Cyberspins hosts its Love Mondays event, where you spend four straight hours in the Valentine’s Bingo Room.

There’s only one Monday left to play CyberSpins Love Mondays. Win yourself guaranteed prizes and a chance to win $14,000 Coverall.

If you have missed out on Love Mondays this month, you still have one more chance to join in the fun. On Monday, February 14th, Valentine’s Bingo will take place for four straight hours beginning at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

All evening long, several games will be played for $14.00 with cards just $0.15 each and a buy one get one free promotion. There is another game scheduled following the $14000 Coverall. For this big game, cards are $0.50 each with a special buy three get two free offer. A Coverall payout of $140 is the minimum payout.

The final big game will be Cyberspins’s €24,080 Coverall min €240.80 at €1.08 per card. Cyberspins has another deal, so grab three, and they’ll throw in two extras. Prepare for some epic wins this month as Cyberspins give you the chance to win some love.

Don’t miss out on this great promotion Monday night. Cyberspins starts Monday, so sign up before then if you haven’t. Cyberspins will get you started with their special new player bonus worth $1,250 in casino bonuses plus 200 free spins. Once you sign up, you get 10 no deposit spins, then 100 spins with your first deposit plus 100% bonus up to $500, and 90 spins with your second deposit plus 150% more up to $700.

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