Grand Reef Casino Dispute – Resolved

Grand Reef Casino Dispute - Resolved

UPDATE July 11th 2018: Grand Reef Casino is now Blacklisted

resolved Grand Reef Casino – Resolved

Player complaint:

“I have been waiting for my winnings from this casino for 2 months. The amount is 750.00 in winnings. They keep fobbing me off and I am beginning to imagine the worst that they are not going to pay me. Is there anything I can do???Please help Thanks Tricia.”

We contacted Grand Reef and there appeared to be a name mismatch on the account and credit card. Things were sorted out and the player got paid. This is the response from the player…

” Hi Rick……. Just want to say I have received all the money owed to me from Grand Reef. You were an amazing support to me during the time when I thought I would never get anything at all. A Huge thank you. Kind regards and best wishes for the New Year. Trish”


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