Play Anonymously of Shark Ridden Tables at Ignition

Ignition Casino

Anonymous play at anonymous tables is where its at when you play Ignition Poker

Anonymous play definitely puts the game back into your hands. Ignition Pokers’ Anonymous tables eliminate the threat of predatory poker players using HUDs, or heads-up displays to try and break you down. The new exclusive anonymous features will do nothing but entertain and maximize your poker playing session each time.

There’s a few features that will better your poker playing when you play at the Anonymous Tables. The first one is the level field; no playing history is made available to your opponents. The second is no tracking software that will expose your tendencies with real control, and skill building which means your poker playing action will be better than ever to make you ready for live matches.

Poker is always meant to be fun and when you play Ignition Poker that’s exactly what you get. Put your skills to the test and use the best poker software money can buy and take real control over your gaming session.

Get started playing the Anonymous Tables today with a $1,000 Poker Welcome Bonus. All first time players who make a first deposit will receive a 100% match.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino

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