Avoid 32deck.com


This just in from Casinomeister:

32Deck.com: Non-payment, Unresponsive to player issues.

Player brought a non-payment issue to us on 21st January: after providing photo ID and following specific play-through instructions from the casino the player was told to proceed with their withdrawal … but the casino people went after that request was submitted. Thereafter the player received no response from the casino.

We first submitted the issue to them on 22nd January, with further attempts on 18th February and 3rd of March. We have received no acknowledgment nor response from the casino in this entire time.

Warning: 32deck.com is ignoring player issues, failing to follow-through on payment requests, and refusing to acknowledge 3rd-party attempts to the aid the player. Players are advised to avoid 32deck.com until there is reason to believe that these issues have been resolved.


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