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Edit: All complaints about Las Atlantis have now been resolved. It is safe to play at this casino.

We received a complaint about document verification from a player at Las Atlantis Casino a few weeks ago. Here is the complaint:

I have had no luck in obtaining validation of my account after 4 attempts with the staff at las atlantis.

I first submitted the card validation form, the bank account validation form, and the requested supporting documents (photos of ID, photos of credit cards, and a utility bill). This was done by email to the specified address on June 28.

On July 1, they wrote back claiming that certain information was missing. I then revised the forms, and resubmitted the form and supporting materials on the same day, July 1. I sent the materials that were requested twice on July 1 – a corrected version of the original and a newly completed set of forms. I did this to make sure that there was no problem or confusion. These submissions provided all of the information they said that they needed to confirm the account.

I then tried several times to get confirmation that they had what was needed by reaching out via chat. The people on the chat were not able to resolve any issues or provide clarity on when the issue could be resolved or even if they had what was needed.

On July 2, they reached out and falsely claimed that what I had submitted was incomplete. The email claimed, falsely, that the routing number and swift code were not provided. I sent them the forms yet again pointing out that all of this information had been sent previously.

They then went silent for days.

On July 6, 2021 I received an email in which they claimed that I had not sent the right routing number. Of course this statement was false. I sent them the forms again and pointed out that the routing number was provided.

Then, on July 7, 2021 another email falsely claiming that they had not received what was needed arrived. This email asked me to confirm the account, routing number and other banking information that had been provided to them on 4 separate occasions. I responded by confirming this information and asking for them to confirm that the account was validated. As of today there is no response or confirmation.

It’s clear that the practice of Las Atlantis is to delay and obstruct the payout of money by making the validation process as complex and difficult as possible. Even when people provide ALL the information and documentation requested on multiple occasions, the practice of Las Atlantis is to simply claim – falsely – that something was omitted and ask for a resubmission.

They then wait days to respond and when they finally respond they invent false reasons for not approving the validation. The effect is to postpone = in this case for weeks – the ability of the player to withdraw funds.

It feels as though based on my experience and from what i understand of the experience of others that this entity is an unethical operation that is simply trying to extract money from people without any intention of paying out winnings.

I am hoping that with your help I can expose these unethical and illegal practices and pressure this entity into paying what they owe me.

We reached out to Las Atlantis Casino and they were very quick to reply:

Hi Rick,

Hope you are doing well.
I’ve been in touch with the billing team and they notified me that the verification documents have been approved and that the payout request has been successfully submitted by the player. There might have been an error message if our player tried to request more than $2500 (as this is a max amount to be requested per week).

As for the verification of the documents it might be taking longer in case any documents are missing from the beginning or some info on the forms is mentioned in the wrong fields which requires those to be fixed to become valid. 

I appreciate your help on this matter. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. 


We contacted the player with this information and we are happy to report that the issue has been resolved:

Dear Rick,

Your guidance to be patient turned out to be entirely correct.  I am pleased to report receipt of the requested payout.  I deeply appreciate your assistance on this.

Best Regards,

On Feb 4th 2022 we just resolved another issue on document verification. Players should allow a week or two to get their KYC (Know Your Customer) papers verified. Most of the complaints we are receiving are related to document ID verification.

Latest resolved complaint:

I have submitted my verification form probably at lease 10 times since Jan 22 2022. About every three days they need me to submit something else. I always send what they need . Now my bank information is wrong, and it’s not.

When I talk on chat they said every time I submit something I go to the bottom of the list and have to wait for accounting to respond that can take 3 to 5 days. Would just like to get paid any help would be appreciated.

Casino’s reply:

Hi Rick,

Thank you very much for letting me know.

Here is a reply for the player:
Please be informed that KYC validation is a one time procedure required before your very first withdrawal. It is an important step as it guarantees your funds will be delivered to you without any delays.

Las Atlantis billing department informed me that your account has already been approved for the payouts. Please feel free to proceed with a withdrawal request via Cashier in your casino account.

Las Atlantis is a perfectly safe place to play. Just be patient when verifying your documents and also that the casino pays out in very low installments.

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Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. I have played faithfully day and night at las atlantis for months….i have a vip host but they don’t appreciate my faithful constant deposits as they don’t show much love as far as freebies.
    I recently withdrew $1,050 and after waiting 5 days got an email saying they approved 550 only. They put 500 back in my acct.
    This is ridiculous as I am a vip player and they disrespect me by throwing 550 my way only . and bitcoin mine you.
    I will not be depositing my multitudes of thousands at las atlantis anymore.

    I do not recommend las atlantis to anyone!

    Thanks for letting me vent….
    Love laurinda

  2. Payouts are insanely slow & always broken into small chunks.
    I’ve won a couple of small-ish chunks, usually around $1000-1200, and I’m good at watching my play-thru and making sure I don’t bet over the max.

    Regardless, the casino is INSANELY slow. It takes a week to respond, then a week to pay out & I usually only get half of what I request. It then takes a week to be paid out.
    I have to make ANOTHER request to get more of my winnings & it’s the same process.
    This is the bogus response I get.

    “Please, be kindly advised that the large payments may be divided into smaller units and paid out, according to the Casino’s payout limits, and the Player’s current Customer Level. You need to place a new withdrawal request for us to be able to proceed with it and send the rest of the winnings. Once it is placed it will be taken into consideration and approved within the mentioned timeframes.”

    For winnings of under $1500? I spend about that monthly.
    If we used that approach with out bills, it wouldn’t go well.
    It is so annoying, especially since I started playing there only because I had read reviews about them being ‘prompt’. Um…no, they aren’t

  3. The only reaeon i picked Las Atlantis was cause i looked up the most legit casino with the fastest payout times and whoever rates the casinos are obviously not players that have experience the casinos first hand. They took forever validating my account and tried to say i didnt send proof of address so i sent proof that i did! Then after almost 2and half weeks they validated it so i picked Bitcoin for payout method cause they said its fastest that it takes 1-3 days well on the 5 days nothing so they say its business days and that it takes 3-5 business days , they give you the run around i hope they dont screw me over. Im going to do my own blog on the best casinos and payout times thats More accurate since im going to be a real player with real experinces so people can have the real issues with different casinos and not go off what they pay people to false advertise so they get more money from people for being unethical and false advertising! People should have the right to know what they are spending there money on and dont fall prey to large scammers looking to hustle your money!

    • They are doing this to me. I didn’t violate rules or terms so they can’t use that to defend their reasoning for not paying me out. I requested 2500 which is their limit. I’ve gotten 1000 first and today 500. I’ve deposited over 6000. They sent me an email, with the first deposit, stating that they reserve the right to pay out in smaller increments. So I waited patiently and now they’re saying that they take into account how many times I’ve requested payouts- mind you this is my first time. I’ve requested 3 times because they have broken down those payments. They also said time of membership is taken into account. I’ve been with them only a few months. It’s really ridiculous.

  4. I too have validation complaints about this casino. Well that will stop because I am moving and I will be only ten minutes from a REAL walk in casino. I left over $300 on the table because they wouldn’t pay out. Las Atlantis really, really sucks!

  5. I’m so disappointed with this casino. I wish I would have read reviews prior to playing with them.

    Overall I’ve deposited over $6000 USD. I recently requested a payout of $2500. I used a coupon and read all terms prior to doing so. They paid out $1000. I contacted them and they said they reserved the right to payout in smaller amounts. So I requested the remaining $1500 and just received $500 with an email stating that they take into account a number of things like how long I’ve been a member.

    I’m fairly new. Customer service was great at first but now that I’m questioning payout (which has a $2500 limit!) They are lacking in communication. So as long as I’m depositing thousands, they love me and will speak to me whenever. When I have questions about payouts, and because they could not say I violated any rules, they send me that weird email and another small portion of my payout.

  6. It all started in April 4 2022. I decided to try a new site due to my usual sites being down. I was actually excited because they have games I used to play all the time. I used a bonus. Cash out was 35x the deposit. Which is fine. I won $1000.

    I sent in all the verification documents. Took about 5x of back n forth for them to finally approve them on April 19 2022. I requested a withdrawal on the same day. Woke up today April 22 to see that $300 was approved. Hasn’t been sent yet but it was approved. So apparently it will be $300 increments.

    I really wanted to like this casino and give them a shot but by the time I cash out the full $1000, it will have been almost a full month. I know they use these tactics so that people log on and lose their winnings. Honestly I would have by now if there wasn’t a max cash out amount.

    The terms state I cannot deposit with a pending withdrawal but they are telling me I can. I don’t want to violate any terms so I will wait. The time it took for verification is one thing. Literally they take 2-3 days to respond back to each email. But now the withdrawal limit of $300? Makes no sense. If you want people to play I suggest you speed up your processes.

    I may need to stick with my other sites. Not sure why you try to slow the process and avoid paying winnings when 99% of the time, your players will end up losing it back.

  7. Dealing with Las Atlantis has been (for the most part) a complete nightmare. And mostly because of the lack of transparency when it comes to payouts and VIP “conditions” that they state on their website being possible when talking to your “VIP Host”.

    I deposited around $5K on the site initially and I was immediately given a VIP host to talk with. (no choice) This host started off providing various deposit bonuses to my account (which I initially appreciated) and stated I was a VIP player. Through further communications, I was told VIP conditions could be asked for (These are in their Terms & Conditions) I asked for the main “VIP conditions” on my account to be expedited withdrawals within 1-2 days (It states it on their website that this is possible within their Terms & Conditions anyway) and an increase in the withdrawal limit. It was implied to me that I simply had to ask for certain benefits and they would look to get it “approved” for me.

    As seems to be the status quo with this site, I was given the run around for going on 6+ weeks. Various answers of “I am waiting on a response from our billing department” to “seeing what I can do” were given to me most every 3-4 days. All I asked from them after a certain point was an expedited payout, as a high limit VIP player (what they specified I was), of 1-2 days rather than the “normal” 3 days that they would repeatedly process payouts in.

    I would email MULTIPLE TIMES to simply ask for a speed up or an increase in my payout limit, which was implied to me over 6-8 weeks was possible (They just needed to get “approval” or a “deal”) in place according to my rep. And per my deposits, as I continued to play, I slowly lost the winnings I wanted to withdraw. I suppose playing was my decision/fault.. but the repeated requests over 6+ WEEKS to get an answer as to a simple, easy request was a nightmare. I won a good amount of money but then lost most of it through play, which I am certain was intentional on their part (the stalling) so I continued to play and lose. I had even asked what the process is for closing the account previously and they barely give you a concrete answer.

    I am very close to disputing charges on my card deposits due to “being dissatisfied with product and service and not getting what I was promised”. I have a lot in writing from them and myself pleading with them for help. The asks for withdrawal of money in 1-2 days was well within their terms and conditions, not to mention the VIP conditions they say are possible to ask for. All deposit bonuses but no help actually getting the money off. Maybe Chase disputes will get their attention.

  8. Something happened with me my funds have been approved since 8-10 and here it is 9-1 and still haven’t got my money into my account. I think we should honestly all just quit them and close our accounts and let future people know exactly how they are so they can see how it feels.


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