Avoid Jackpots Heaven

Avoid Jackpots Heaven

This is one of the most bizarre things we’ve ever seen from an online casino. Challenging Casinomeister and JTodd from the APCW to legal action for posting facts about a shady online casino operation. We seriously doubt this will go any further than Jackpots Heaven’s empty legal threats but it sure makes for good reading.

Our advice is to AVOID THIS CASINO!!! And if you are now wondering what all the fuss is about read on (and watch and listen to this crazy video).

Andrew Fenech of Jackpots Heaven:
How to do All the Wrong Things

Did we really need another reason to avoid the rogue Jackpots Heaven casino?

Seriously, there have been so many questions about this operation, ranging from the legitimacy of their license to questions about their “random number generator”. No one seems to know where they actually run their company from, they’ve been accused of lifting verbiage and graphics from other websites, and their “24 Hour” customer support phone numbers are a joke.

Add to the severe warning signs above the fact that Jackpots Heaven “Public Relations” officer, Andrew Fenech, resorted to making threats against many industry webmasters who were publicly exposing these issues and you start to get the picture of a real knucklehead. But now, Mr Fenech and Jackpots Heaven have completely outdone themselves!

In a video sent to the APCW on February 25th, 2010, Jackpots Heaven has a message for the APCW, Casinomeister, and others who would question their complete lack of integrity. And that message not only bolsters the warning signs about this group, but also presents a pretty solid case that these people are legitimately insane. Hiding behind graphics and computer software which alters their voices, this video is an exercise in how to destroy your reputation and bury your brand in one easy step:

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