SCR888 Casino Scam – Blacklisted

SCR888 Casino Scam

We receive complaints almost on a daily basis about SCR888 casinos that are scamming players out of their winnings. These casinos go under many names but they almost always have the SCR888 name somewhere on their pages. These casinos mainly cater to Taiwan and Malaysia players but they are in most every market (accept the US).

Click here for our list of Malaysian Approved Online Casinos

There are too many of these casinos to list and they keep popping out more on what appears to be a monthly basis.

The below listings are just a few, but you can see by their website design, some (but not all) SCR888 casinos feature Asian women pictured in the Live Chat box that will pop up in the lower right corner asking if you would like or need any help. Players can also recognize these casinos by their banking options (usually located at the bottom of the website).

These banks are:

Hong Leong Bank
Public Bank
RHB Bank
Climb Bank

There is nothing we can do to help you if you play at these casinos. SCR888 casinos will not reply to any of our player complaints.

We urge players to NOT play at these casinos. All SCR888 related casinos are now blacklisted.

These are just a sample. There are too many to list.


  1. Please take action on this club suncitym their games software are cheating. With small bet of rm0.90 per game can lose me rm10k in 1 month. No pay out and bonus from this company. Their games spinning are cheating. The jackpot are fake also.

  2. Wins club sms offer me to play casino then when I win about 1 thousand I wan to withdraw . Then they ask me Id , after I tell them Id then they just silence and dowan to pick up call until now (2day) Scr888 .

  3. In 29/12/2017 chatting in what’s app to Cash out RM 1400 in Sun City Casino Game,after 2 minutes , the online game agent make my game id blocked down and can’t log in to the game and also what’s app do the same things.
    This is they contact number list.
    019-8039861 010-5063461 018-3260903
    018-2751813 010-5069204 018-2163961
    And this is he Bank account number and name of the account.
    Insan Melodi Bundle
    MAYBANK 562870508786
    CIMB BANK 8008704907
    PUBLIC BANK 3813699418
    Hong Leong 15300733072

  4. This online casino club suncity operate by Taiwanese. Their games was unfair!! Cheating monies! Join for 3 month with small bet of rm2- rm4.50 on the games never pay out for 1 times: the games system adjust by them till no free games. Lose about 20k in 3months. Please take actions on this suncity regarding their cheating shames systems!

  5. Hi My name is Eric here. I have been registered and playing the online casino since 2015 until Nov 2017 until my account have been blocked and not allowed to withdrawal my winning money out since 18th November 2017. The customer service keep telling me that my account been investigate. Do you able to help if the online casino’s jurisdiction in Philippines? Please advise

  6. i win money about 300 myr in app sun city casino but they no want let me withdraw.
    i whatapp from afternoon until now they see message but no replying

  7. Dealer has blocked my SCR888 whatsapp after i want to withrawl credit. They also blocked my fb account to comment on their pages. All screenshot have been taken

  8. I played 918 kiss ID 01440507952
    Dealer contacts,
    wechat ezwin8
    watsapp 01133893103

    I request for credit withdrawal but dealer no bank in for 4 days. They say waiting for management approval. Then I call and a guy ask me for Rm500 GST in order to help me withdraw my credit.

  9. Before this online casino call scr888, now they change the name to 918kiss. Their games was unfair setting and keep on hacking my account when i playing the games. They will cut off the game and forme player to log in again after that the bal inside the games must lose all when continue the games! It happen many time! Amd this error making me lose 12k plus in 1 week, please take action on this scam malaysia 918kiss casino.

  10. 918kiss, won 1200 with sicbo game, agent said the winnings cannot cash out because they don’t cash out with sicbo game.
    Later they automatically transfer my account to newtown with only my deposit, all my winning points gone. I suspect they pocketed the money themselves and let the higher tile boss pay them.

    My ID 01115379494

  11. June 29, 2018 at 7:25 pm
    boss…boleh try contact no ni 0173028971…dorang boleh tlong dptkn duit u blk…tapi dorg charge 20% dr amount kite menang… mula2 takut juga….sebab da byr 20%… lepas dua jam dorang contact sy blk n mita sy cek acc bank…. saya dpt blk rm10k sy…

  12. After I have won almost 500 Thousand SGD at, the casino denied paying out to me. This happens after I have withdrawn several times and left with a balance of 300 Thousand SGD in the account. I have screenshots showing their denial of payout. Now they deleted my account.


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