Pokiez Casino Complaint and Warning

pokiez casino scam

A player filed a complaint about Pokiez.com

Pokiez casino successfully allowed me to withdraw $2000 and then after all the documents were uploaded, said there support team made a mistake. There were two emails sent for a successful withdrawal of $1300 and $700. all documents were validated and approved. also there was $468.00 credit left on my casino account.
I have made several attempts contact them about this matter and the are now refusing to respond to my emails. I have tried to contact them on [email protected]. they said that the their team made a mistake and l was not meant to be able to place a bet over $8 and l was betting $10 but l was not meant to be able to then how was l? they took all funds away and gave me $20 in the casino account. Please is there anything l can do about this? Sincerely Jacqui

We looked at Pokiez.com terms and conditions and couldn’t find any rule for the $8 max bet.

We contacted Pokiez Casino and as of this post the casino has not responded to this complaint.

We advise our website visitors to avoid Pokiez.com at this time. If you deposit money and win, we have no way of helping you recover your money if they choose to not pay.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. How would I recover my gaming account? when I log-in my account says “this account has been closed”

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

  2. Exactly the same happened to my mate and I. They said we claimed a 10 bonus and we didnt follow the bonus rules to forfeit the 1900 won after already approved the withdraw. So we were left with nothing. Close this place down

  3. I didn’t do any bet above 5 AUD. I went to withdraw my 3k they email me saying I bet more than 75 AUD on a game that max bet is 10 AUD deposited 400 AUD. They are a very much a scam even if you do everything right!!!!!

  4. I tried cashing $3000 out but they refused to pay it as because I played a game called Tiger stone it apparently forfeited me withdrawing so they only gave me back $50 to the site but what’s the point when you can’t even withdraw as they have some bullshit excuse they need to be closed down and refund everyone back everything they have ever put in

  5. Scammed me of 5k AU. Said my bets were too big and refused to cashout. Avoid at all costs, if you win they won’t cash out.

  6. Scammed me of $55,000 as I used my partners card for a singular deposit with his permission. They asked for his documents be signed by a justice of the peace and we even threw in a notarise statutory declaration form confirming he gave his permission and then after almost 2 months screwing around to get documents notarised and sending them into the casino they refused the withdrawal and took back all the funds. They say it’s stated in their terms and conditions that you can’t use another’s card on your account but in fact, this is not in their terms and conditions. Absolutely criminal.

  7. Wow and i really thought it was a good site so its really scammers pages can’t believe it wouldn’t let me collect my winnings all this time well now we all know FAKE AS FAKE

  8. . . WARNING WARNING WARNING @Pokiez.com Yes POKIEZ.com will Never
    let you withdraw the money you Win, they will make every Excuse Not to
    Pay then start all over again with the same excuses after you provide
    all the needed information, saying they have No record of any of the
    information I gave . Pokiez.com also Stole back $800 saying I Cheated
    after 6 months of $5 dollar Bets saying I should have Dropped my $5
    dollar Bets down to under $1 dollar when I win on a Bonus, Seriously
    that’s Not Gambling . Why is it so hard to make a Complaint report to
    ACCC ???


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