Spinit Casino Payout Complaint – Resolved in Favor of Casino

Spinit Casino Complaint Resolved

resolved  Spinit.com Payout Complaint – Resolved

Player came to us with a payout complaint about Spinit.com rejecting their winnings…


It’s a new casino and they’ve stated that I’m not getting my winnings because I used my daughters Paysafe account with her permission also my daughters first they say ids okay then. Something different help

I know. The complaint is a bit confusing but basically the casino, like ALL online casinos told the player that they cannot use someone else’s e-wallet or credit card. That is not allowed no matter if the player did get permission (always read the terms and conditions).

But there is another reason the casino refused the winnings. This player and her daughter were playing from two accounts in the same household. This is a major term breaker. NEVER have more than one account per casino per household.

This is the email Spinit.com sent the player…

Dear XXXX,
I hope this email finds you well.
I regret to inform you that your winnings have been removed due to a breach of the bonus’s Terms and Conditions during your game play.
Using some one else’s payment method is not allowed. Also only one account is allowed under the same household.

Your initial 10 GBP deposit has been returned to your gaming account, so that you may play with your deposit without being tied to the bonus terms.

Feel free to contact us at any time for any question that you might have. Our Casino Hosts will be more than glad to assist.

Spinit Support

Well at least the casino was nice enough to give her back on her original deposit. They most always do in these cases.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. This complaint just came in but unfortunately the casinos terms were broke and there is nothing we can do. Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before playing…


    Its really nice to see someone offer this service.

    I started playing on spinit.com a couple of days ago. I used a deposit bonus of 50% extra, which was added at once.

    After some time I had accumulated a lot and won in total 17.500 NOK (which is 2.000 euros aprox.) I had fulfilled the terms of accumulating the money a given number of times.

    I ordered a withdrawal of 20.000 NOK (2.200 euros) and sent in a copy of credit card, ID and proof of address. Which they confirmed to have received. This was yesterday. Today I receive an email from Spinit saying they have removed all my winnings due to a breach of the terms and conditions. The “breach” was wagering in total 7 bets above 50 NOK.

    I had no idea this rule existed and that they could use it like this.

    Now they took 17.500 NOK away from me, and tell me I will not get it back.

    Is this normal for a serious online casino to do?

    I do understand that when they have this rule in terms and conditions they can exploit it and use, but is it expected from every player to read the whole terms and conditions?



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