Avoid Realbet.eu at this time (Blacklisted)

realbet.eu blacklisted

Realbet.eu has now been Blacklisted – Read reasons why

Two players in the past week have filed complaints about realbet.eu not paying out their winnings. We contacted realbet.eu about this issue and we did receive a reply from customer support that realbet.eu is having processor issues and they are asking a their players to be patient at this time while they try and sort things out.

The following two emails are both player complaints and then the third is the response from realbet.eu support…



I made a withdrawal request for $503.69 on March 1, which Realbet acknowledged the same day. The next day, they said my request had been forwarded to the payouts team and was in progress. They said I would receive a check by courier 15-20 business days after approval. That was longer than the 7-10 business days the website said when I submitted my request, but still not a totally unreasonable amount of time. I checked back on April 1 and was told they were experiencing delays due to high volume. My final contact with them was on May 3, when I told them nothing less than a response that included a tracking number of my payment was acceptable at this point. They gave me the same crap about how they are sorry for the inconvenience and will give me the tracking number as soon as it is available. That was almost a month ago. It seems pretty clear they are not planning to pay at this point, so anything you can do to help is much appreciated. Thanks!


I have made a payout request for $2000 on 3/29/2016 and I have not received the check yet. Yes, it is already more than 2 months and everytime I contact them, the only answer I got is ” I am so sorry for the delay. We will let you know the tracking once it is available”. What a shame.

And this is the response from realbet.eu…

Hello Rick,

Thank you for the update.

We are continuously working on all payout requests that we receive and process payments in the order which it was received to maintain fairness to all our players who has requested a payment ahead of his.

Kindly know that we never missed on a single payout. We have delays and is not denying that.

Rest assured that once we get the player’s payment information, he will be contacted immediately.
We guarantee that he will get his money and will have his account closely monitored until we resolve his concern.
All we ask is his extended patience.

Best regards,

RealBet Customer Service

Now although we understand that a casino/sportsbook might have processor issues from time to time, one of these players is going on 4 months without being paid. The other player is over 2 months. At first we were just going to issue a warning about realbet.eu and let our website visitors know to avoid them but the bigger problem we see is that realbet is still taking deposits from their players under the guise that they will receive a “quick and easy” payout once they go through the withdrawal process. This is a flat out lie and they need to be held accountable for it.

At this time we have placed realbet.eu on our Blacklist and we urge all our website visitors to avoid this casino/sportsbook until further notice (which means when they start paying their players).

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. Another player scammed…

    Same story I received about my payout. I’m not sure I will even bet this year after being scammed out of $1900. I don’t understand why they are allowed to continue their web site for sportsbook betting.


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