Avoid Plenty Jackpots Casino

Avoid Plenty Jackpots Online Casino
Plenty Jackpots Casino Scam

Update: Plenty Jackpots Casino is part of the Curgam Malta group of casinos and they are all BLACKLISTED! If you choose to play at any of the listed online casinos below we cannot help you. They are well known scam casinos and you will not be paid your winnings.

We just received an email from one of our site visitors complaining that she is owed money from plentyjackpots.com. Looking further into this website and calling the telephone number to see if we could talk to a manager about this issue we found out that it is just another website owned by Curgam Malta Ltd who just happens to be the same group that owns all the below scam online casinos:

Mightyslots.com and Mightyslots.biz
Realvegasonline.com and Realvegasonline.biz
99slotmachines.com and 99slotmachines.biz
Slotnuts.com and Slotnuts.biz

Avoid the above casinos. They are all Blacklisted. Read the comments below and you will see why…

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. never got paid, deposited and got through there playthrough last october 2010, never got paid, just kept getting computer generated e-mails from them

  2. Wish I would have read this article before I played at 99slotmachines.com. They have given me the run around now over two weeks. Everyday I call they require a different form of ID, Fax not working for their FAXback form. It is just a scam. What kind of business has not got their fax machine up and running? I have tried speaking with supervisors, they said to cancel the transaction that I needed to play more. Not the case. Not paid yet, and not holding breath.

  3. Plentyjackpots.com owes me $1300; sister casino, slotnuts owes me $550 since 7/11; only getting computer generated e-mails. No one will respond or call. Avoid all these casinos; I filed a dispute and will see if they can get it resolved.

  4. I won $5000 on 11 Sep. 2011. Filled out both the Authorization Form and the Fax Back. They sent me
    the ticket numbers on both. I am now having no luck in the approving my cash out of $5000. It just sets in my History pending approval. They got all the right documents. What happened: I deposited $100 and got a 250% bonus. Total $350 to play with. I had to wager it 40 times. I did that and cashed out $1536 on the 9th. I was told I had met my play through requirements. The next day I reversed my cash out of $1536 and played a lot more. I mean a lot more. I ended cashing out $5000.00 to be wired to my bank account. I will update the progress of this withdrawal as it goes along. Right now it is not looking like they want to pay me.

  5. 99 slots- Its been 6 months still have not received my money. This is always the same. Even wrote to the headquarters. The withdrawal that you requested is still on process,we apologize for the delay,but right now we are still waiting for updates regarding the release date of your withdrawal. Please wait for the notification email,once the withdrawel is ready to be send. Its all bull s___. I had to send all kinds of proof who I wasa. License-telephone bill, etc.

  6. I am having similar issues with slot nuts online casino. I requested a payout of $950 after ensuring that I had went over the play through amount, which was verified by their live agent. Requested payout on 10/16/11 and never received automated ‘LTK code email’. Spent 2 days calling and chatting and resending my documents through email since the ‘fax had been down for over a month’.
    Stayed on live chat and got them to admit they received my forms and was told I would be contacted by account department in 1 business day. That was yesterday, 10/20/11 and the whole casino stayed down all day for ‘system upgrades’ so I couldn’t access account aqnd no one could pull up my records.
    Today, 10/21/11, i live cahtted and was told that it is in process and just wait for act department to contact me, but it wouldn’t be today, but soon. I am about to call them and I am not going to stop. I have copies of all email and have begun keeping the chats as well.
    Will keep you posted about what happens.

  7. slots inferno has owed me 1,000 since august, 2011 – have not gotten paid yet – no fax machine – no supervisor to speak with – everytime i speak to chat they tell me it is being reviewed to process – SINCE AUGUST?? give me a break. now i just won money from plenty jackpots and am now finding out they are the same scam outfit? wish i had known that before playing with them. can someone tell me with whom i can contact to file a dispute against slots inferno and now possibly with plentyjackpots!!!

  8. I have also been owed $900 since August 12, 2011. Now December and I doubt I will see even a cent. It is RealVegasCasino that owes me. I give updates on this and will let you know if I ever get paid. I suspect it is a Ponzi scheme and they pay in order. There used to be a posting on here that someone finally got partial payment after several years. That even would be better than no payment at all.

  9. Have any of you ever received your winnings? I’m waiting for a $5,000.00 and a $900.00 withdrawal from slot nuts and was just curious if ANYONE has ever been paid by them! Thanks.

    • We heard this week from someone that received a payment from their sister casino Real Vegas Online. This is what he said

      “Real Vegas paid me off very slowly but I am like a pit bull I torment them and they paid me off Big $$$$$. “

      We’re pretty sure it was someone from the casino pretending to be a player so don’t put too much faith in this claim. We wouldn’t recommend playing at ANY of the Curgam Malta group of casinos EVER! Too many complaints about non payments. This was actually the first time we’ve ever heard of anybody getting their winnings from this group and that’s why we’re suspicious.

      CP Report

  10. I actually heard from Slot Nuts yesterday. My $5000.00 withdrawal was denied due to problems with ‘the new processors’. They told me to rewithdraw the funds…. funny how now rather than a $5,000 limit with a $50 fee, per withdrawal….. its a $1,000 limit with a $100 fee. This request was frm February and i asked customer support if I need to wait another 2 months to have my withdrawals processed and they ‘assured’ me that the process will continue where it left off…. we will see.

  11. I still have not been paid from last August. Coming up on 8 months. I will try the tormenting technique..if only I knew what that was. But I will keep after them, maybe it will help. I am now playing at Aladdins Gold and they always pay within a week by check.

  12. I met my play requirement on 11/5/13 and requested a w/d and it is still pending every time I call its being escalated to management and not even an email is sent, I also have a w/d request from Real Vegas.

    • Hi Brenda, this is unfortunate that this is still happening with group. I can’t understand the unethical behavior from operators such as these, we appreciate the post. Please keep us updated.

  13. A hugh rip off plenty jackpots casino no payout it has been four months. You cant even talk to a supervisor..the support staff wont let you. Dont waste your money at this site. A HUGH RIPOFF…IF YOU SEE A CASINO WITH THE PHONE NUMBER 877-676-1504 STAY AWAY!!!! They are disgusting people who lie lie lie!!!!

  14. Don’t play with this casino on line. I tried withdrawing my money and they had every excuse under the sun. Bad

  15. Here is another complaint that just came in:

    i reqested 2 withdrawals $2000 and $1000 in October 2014
    I have contacted them through live chat, telephone and by email. THe email sends a standard reply that i will hear from representative in 1 day and no one gets in touch Also any mail submitted to their reply address [email protected] comes back undelivered

  16. … and yet another person gets scammed from Plenty Jackpots Casino:

    Name: Jennifer

    I want to report a scam going on with Plenty Jackpots Casino and it’s affiliates and I want to know how and where to post and report it to everyone before they end becoming victims too. People need to be warned because what is going on is much more then just unprofessional customer service agents but it is total Fraud on all levels and they are operating without any regard for gaming rules or regulations and I wouldn’t be suprised if the whole entire thing is a complete scam . I would also like to know how I can find out if it is actually a real online legitamite casino and if it is how do I find out about filing an actual complaint with the gaming board or just how it all works as far as the chain of command goes and the gaming laws that are especially for internet casinos That govern the ethical part of business practices because I am sure there has got to be some kind of consequence for blaten fraud even though it is a socalled casino they can’t just get away with it and continue to rip people off with their terms and conditions that they make up as they go to suit whatever the situation is at the time. It is Fraud Fraud Fraud no matter how you slice it and they need to be exposed and everyone needs to be forwarned about them and how their scam affects every single person who falls for any of it because they will not ever pay up ever no matters how much money they have of yours or owe you they will not ever ever pay out a single penny of it and they don’t care and are not afraid of no gaming board or regulations because they make up their own as they go and say that you agreed to theirs before you even started It is not right It is not fair It is not legal or legitimate and it is down right criminal and Fraudulent on all levels and all of their live support people are so unprofessional it is unbelievable that it is even really real

  17. Another complaint was filed today about Plenty Jackpot Scamming a player out of their winnings.

    i requested 2 withdrawals $2000 and $1000 in October 2014
    I have contacted them through live chat, telephone and by email. The email sends a standard reply that i will hear from representative in 1 day and no one gets in touch Also any mail submitted to their reply address [email protected] comes back undelivered

  18. Another player gets scammed…

    I requested a withdrawal on April 17, 2016 for 3,975. I sent in all my required documentation on April 20th twice by fax and 4 times by email. After 2 weeks the status has not changed. I contacted live help. They said my documents were not received. I emailed them twice more and confirmed they were received. Two weeks later the status was still requested. I again contacted live help. They told me my utility bill was not received. It was sent with every fax and email. Again I sent it and confirmed it was received. Two weeks later and still my withdrawal is requested. not pending not approved nor denied, just requested. and it is also split into two withdrawals, when their policy is not to do that under 5000. after being hung up on at live help several times simply for asking for a manager’s name, my payout is still divided and still listed as requested. Can you please help me? I have copies of many chats and documents. Thank you

  19. Another player that will not get paid by these thieves…

    I am having the identical issue to the fellow that has a report listed here. Cannot collect $ 5,000 withdrawal which has been split up into 3 separate transactions. I have sent documention from 2 different emails, I have sent it to 2 different casino’s (Plenty Jackpots and RealVegasOnline) as Belle, Zenice and Edward had requested. I converted documents from PNG to PDF thinking this was the problem as they kept telling me all they had were 2 pieces of documentation which is a lie…Oliver is not available. Zenice sent me personal email to attach documents to then conveniently ‘disappears’ as Belle did, then I got Edward…blah, blah, blah. I’m guessing all 3 of these people are the same one person and that one person is who is pocketing the deposits from this casino and the sister casinos. Not only that, but all information is now compromised. I would like to see that 5,000 withdrawal deposited into my bank account. I too have various chat records. 2 days I’ve been lied to and disconnected from and plain ignored while ‘waiting’.

    Can someone give me any ideas on who can help me get either this withdrawal or all the funds I’ve deposited to these casinos back? This is plain theft.


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