Raging Bull Casino Is Now Blacklisted

Raging Bull Casino is now Blacklisted

Raging Bull Casino is part of the Audeo N.V/ Merkus Ltd Group of casinos that have been scamming players out of their winnings for quite some time. We have had multiple complaints about this group and their casinos that include not only Raging Bull Casino But also Grand Fortune and Malibu Club. Raging Bull and it’s sister casino are now Blacklisted.

We advice players to stay clear of these three casinos. If you get ripped off by them we can’t do anything for you.

RagingBullCasino.com is owned by Audeo N.V and managed by Merus (UK) Ltd. Audeo N.V (127564) a registered company in Curaçao whose address is E-Commerce Park, Vredenburg, Curaçao and Merus (UK) Ltd 37A Chippenham Mews, London, England W9 2AN,United Kingdom. Audeo N.V is Licensed by the Government of Curaçao (License 8048/JAZ2012-016)

Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years he has helped players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings.


  1. I have been playing and depositing at ragingbullcasino.com. I have deposited thousands of dollars and finally won money in their casino. This winnings was not used by any bonuses and is free and clear of any play through requirements. Their system shows a withdrawal balance of over $20,000. Even with their allowable withdraw of 2500, I’m a year away from receiving my full amount. They will not respond to my inquiries, they are reversing my requests, stalling me and being deceitful in their casino practices.

  2. Raging Bull & Grand Fortune which I have existing unpaid withdrawals was recently purchased by Virtual Casino Group, I was assured I would be paid my withdrawals but have not been paid. Raging Bull $2000.00 withdrawal is from Oct 2016 while Grand Fortune $850.00 & 294.50 was requested in Feb 2017. I am trying to gather as much information regarding Virtual Casino Group, address, owner(s), etc. Can you please assist.

  3. I payed to play at Raging Bull Casino and Planet 7 Casino their affiliate. Both casinos took my money but when I won delayed the payments with excuses. After waiting 8 months for a payout from Planet 7 they canceled my account saying I had more than one account with them. This is a lie because before I used my credit card I talked to a support agent to delete accounts if there were more than one. Raging Bull Casino after two months refuse to pay because they stated that I threatened credit card charge back, which is another lie. I paid money from my credit, followed all their rules and won fair and square but they refuse to pay because they cannot follow the rules to their own agreement and they are thieves. They never intend to pay anybody. They treat you like you are causing a problem when the only problems come from their side. They should be closed down.

  4. Raging Bull casino allowed me to make many deposits of which none of them I won on and cashed out. After about a month of play, they decided to block my account and refuse to allow me to make any more deposits. So, this casino takes all of your deposits when you are down and then blocks your account to ensure that you can never win your money back. I always viewed a casino as a give and take situation. However, raging bull casino just wants to take your initial deposits and make sure that you will never be able to cash out from their system. Please help me with this matter. I have done nothing wrong and now they want to make it impossible to ever have a chance at winning any of my money back.

  5. Raging Bull is a scam. So is Planet7, Dreams, Captain Jack whom are all affiliates. They say you broke the rules after they send you free play. I just happened to win but they will not pay out a lousy $ 114.00 dollars.

  6. Raging bull sent me an email with a link that intentionally creates multiple accounts, because of this my $10000 winnings are apparently void. Intentionally sabotaging and frauding people out of winnings.. this site should be shut down!

  7. i used a coupon for raging bull casino i won 1600 dollars or so it says on withdrawlable amount but i guess for coupon i used i can only withdraw 100$ so why dont it say withdrawlable amount of 100$ if thats all i can get its a lie when i see where it says withdrawable amount 1600 if i cant withdraw that amount only 100

  8. I won $917 and have been trying to receive my payout since 6/22/18. I submitted all the necessary paperwork that was required only to be told by Raging Bull Casino that my bank would not except an international transfer. I spoke with my bank and they gave me all the necessary information that was needed and did not once say they wouldn’t except the transfer. After Raging Bull said they wouldn’t I requested a check. I was then told my bank wouldn’t except their check and that I needed to open an account with another bank. They didn’t have any issue withdrawing funds from my account but once I was due a payout they have complied.

  9. Hello ,I deposited $30.00 into my casino account,no coupon no bonus .I won $2569.00, attempted to withdraw and casino says I’m only allowed$30.00 of that. I chatted online with several agents they disagree with me.They are claiming I used a coupon which I did not, cause I already new if I accepted that I would only be eligible for$100.00 as I learned when first winning.

  10. I joined up with RAGINGBULL CASINO and spent a fair bit there before finally having a good win , $4500.00. Then the fun started trying to withdraw. I had to send all required ID several times and then silence from them. No payout and no replies to my emails. They are obviously a total rippoff and I am going to saturate social media with this. I have warned them and I am aiming on at least 20,00 plus people receiving my report.

  11. I am angry as well. Won’t answer wont pay up. Told that all the Id I supplied and all they could verify was my fob. But weird thing all the emails to an individual at raging bull have gone from my email. I deposited a heap of money and they blocked me from using my account.

    I also have been looking at merus… And the link above shows who owns 75% etc…. But funny thing it’s Netherlands branch lodges financial information for clinical tests.

    This is crap why have they not been shut down.

  12. They won’t let me call them they won’t delete my acc and they won’t change my state I have been told to send documents card an photo I’m not I want my details of here now I’m in NSW wa

  13. Hoodoo raging pull au Australian one they take your money and when you win they pulling the time making storey why the winning not on your acc. After 3 moths they won’t pay you they take you money off your bank card. And that’s stilling. Full stop. They got you bank detail and all you Id and where you live. Now you are exposed to be used they can you you id and bank. Extra well they stolen from me taken money off me what I deposit but not pay my winning. Well that’s fish to me and I will expose they all around the wold

  14. I’ve played raging bull for a while now I’ve put a lot of money through the and never had I problem with them accepting my deposits but the moment I win money is a different story I stared withdraw as normal they accepted my documentation for Withdrawal told me the amount going in up to 5-10days then all of a sudden kicked me out of the casino with the excuse they are allowed if they choose

  15. Because of the misunderstanding, they quarreled with the customer service of this website As a result they directly blocked the account without notice and all contacts were blacked out preventing customers from retrieving the balance of RM 4000 in the account This online gambling fraud company that deceives peoples money

  16. I recently won a lot of money through Ragingbullslots on line. I asked for a certain amount through a withdrawal request, and Then won more and added more to the withdrawal request. Which was $2200. After that I was unable to login, and got message saying I’m not being allowed to Login, and see customer Services. But I cant’ get anyone because I can’t log in. Then I missed my time limit to submit Verification information to HooYu, But it time out. During this time, my son was Sick with COVID19 and was in Critical Condition, at Beaumont Hospital in the Detroit Mi Area. He finally got better after 14 days in the Hospital, and is now resting at home. But still weak and will have long terms problems with his lungs for a long time per his doctors. And I’m sorry, but I totally forgot to deal with their request until it was too late and now can’t send the Information they request. I was told through a email to submit another notices to the Casino to get them to send the Request again, so I sent them a Email to the Support, Customer Services etc. And it’s been a few days, since they said they would get back to me, and I’ve heard nothing yet. At this time I just want my money. Also, I’m not sure, but I understand Now, that I may have to have some kind of Bank account, and I only have a Credit union to receive my Withdrawal. However, when I deposit my funds I was not told of the limits they would have to Give me a withdrawal, which I have a real problem with. I know people who don’t even have any kind of banking accounts or credit union accounts. So How are they to get paid their winnings. You see in my opinion these kinds of issues need to be up front and clear, before people deposit their money. Any thing you can do to help me, Get my refund, I would greatly appreciate this. Thanks so much.

  17. Raging Bull Casino will drain your bank account dry. They intentionally void payments, cash winnings, they are a blacklisted casino website, that have stole in four months by fraud $17,000 of my money. Will never ever be seeing a cent of it back. Don’t use the site. You will loose all you money. They never pay winnings.

  18. they are not paying me my money they keep telling me the never got the banking info I got an online banking account, not my personal account they still have not contacted me still I keep online texting with and it the same thing we need your banking information so they said my withdraw was denied and they put the money back on my account I played a few hundred then did a withdrawal request and the same thing once more we need your banking information first I have saved all text chats with all email everything 3 days then 7 & 10 days 865.65 is my withdrawal amount can you please help me get my money thank you Yvonne triplett

  19. Ragingbull Casino.. also uses rbc111.com
    only found out how bad they are after trying to setup my withdrawing part of my account..

  20. I have won money and when I have won it is quickly swiped off my account, they keep sending me emails saying I have a payout of $5500 and I need to verify my account which I have and not yet been paid

  21. MARCH 22 2021 I WON 5000. I still haven’t received anything. They keep sending me the same message saying someone contact me! I get a message only when I threaten to contact my lawyer. But still haven’t nothing!!

  22. I’ve spun a probably around 10000 times at raging bull and only twice did I get above what I put in. But after that it’s been so much loss I can’t even count. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars there and it has just eaten it all and not given anything back. I don’t know how they get away with it. They keep telling me it’s random. But there is nothing random about fixed. I hit bonus after bonus after bonus and nothing hits!!!!

  23. I too was SCREWED OUT OF $10,000,BY RAGING BULL CASINO I HOT 9/10 ONY FIRST PLAY Passed VERRIFICATION got a swift wire acc# the VERRY next morning they put OOOPS ERROR up and blacklisted me when after 23 days I created a new acc to ask why. They said for having multiple acc,. When I exclaimed I needed to talk I did not play at all at the casino they politely BLACKLISTED ME TOO .


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