True Blue Casino Scam

True Blue Casino Scam

We’ve had numerous payout complaints about True Blue Casino lately and every complaint we send to the casino has been ignored. Adding a casino to our Blacklist is not something we take lightly. We have warned True Blue time and time again that if the complaints keep piling up that we have no choice but to add them to our blacklist. Those warning have gone unanswered as well. It is with our regret to add this casino to our Blacklist. If you deposit funds and play at this casino, you will most likely regret it.

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Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. I have completed all the documentation a number of times but True Blue Casino keeps telling me it is not correct and giving me the wrong email address to send it to. They have been stalling me off for about 2 months. Why are they still operating??

  2. True Blue Ripoffs! After thinking my winnings were going to be deposited back into my account WITHIN 5 TO 10 DAYS AFTER MY IDENTITY CONFIRMATION HAD BEEN RECEIVED, I stupidly put more in to play and won enough to withdraw again after playthrough. I was winning big amounts on features and it wasn’t going onto my credit balance. Then i tried to live chat with them and i was unable to even get back onto that site. Then i googled and seen they are blacklisted so i felt like an idiot. The next day…( yesterday), they went into my bank account and withdrew $160 without my knowledge. I cancelled my card today! They are dogs of the lowest kind!!!!!!

  3. True Blue Fucking Bullshit withdraw pending 30 day email take 10 day to answer live chat not available after first chat asking Why withdraw take to Fucking longtime to bank, True Blue Casino Stealing all Withdraw money..
    Many Bad complaints
    ..Payment declined- no communication from the casi no,Another complaint regarding a delayed payment without any communication. We are unable to tell if these customers ever got paid.
    ..The player waited for his payment and was unable to ge t
    The casino did not answer any of the players’ emails. They only asked for identification documents again. The payment has an unknown status.
    ..Delayed payment from February 2017. No information or excuse from the casino, the player had been waiting for more than one month.
    ..The player had 2 pending withdrawals and had been wai t
    Many requests were declined in this time period in March 2017, the player constantly got disconnected while trying to contact the live support. No clue if he ever got paid or not.
    ..Delayed payment, even worse because the player was not ab le
    The player tried to reach a representative through phone and email every day, he got frustrated because he was unable to get any updates. We have no clue if the player got paid or not.
    ..Again delayed payment, it was impossible to reach this casino vi
    The player placed an official complaint after 20 days of waiting for a reaction, there were many complaints during February and March 2017.
    ..15 days after a withdrawal request the player got an email saying it had been declined without a reason. Later he got different answers from the support.
    2 months later the player still did not get his winnings. He was told that a manager would call him soon but no one tried to reach him. Uncertain case and unprofessional comunication from the casino’s side.
    ..Delayed payment- waiting for more than one month, unkno wn
    The player did not play with a bonus. He requested a withdrawal on 22nd of February, one month later he still did not received anything.
    ..After a successful verification process player was still unable to get his winning.
    No confirmation from the player of receiving a delayed payment , therefore we are not sure if it was paid or not.
    ..The player placed this complaint after 3 weeks of waiting for his payment. The reason given was that the casino was changing the management.
    Later we had no answer from the casino or from the player’s side. We are unable to decide what was the reason of it or if the player got paid.
    ..The player was promised to be paid in 2 weeks. Then he waite d over 2 months, no clue if he was paid or not.
    This payment was pending since December 2016. In February 2017 still no outcome.

  4. Hi,
    On the 28th of August 2019, I won US$35,000 on True Blue Casino. After 3 Months of Persistence and Patience, I FINALLY RECEIVED my FIRST PAYMENT of AU$2,388.
    I was in the process of RECEIVING my SECOND PAYMENT of US$2,500. Only to find out after opening TRUE BLUE Casino today, the 12th of November 2019, IT IS BLACKLISTED!!
    Now I need to know how to RECOVER THE BALANCE OWING? I saw your comment, stating that you cant do anything if Casino is Blacklisted. But, as I was receiveing Payments BEFORE it was BLACK LISTED. I must have some way of Recovering the rest of my APPROVED, ENTITLED WINNINGS. I have kept EVERY Document, Email, Chat Agents Name, Withdrawl Request ID Numbers. EVERYTHING. I Read T&C’s to Confirm I FOLLOWED THEM. BY THE BOOK. THEY DIDNT! The most Common Excuse or Pitch to DELAY the Withdrawl Payment, From Live Chat Agents Was: I needed to Send Documents AGAIN. Which were ALREADY APPROVED and THEY HAD BANK DETAILS to Start the Wire Transfers: They would Say they have Escalated the requested Withdrawl and notified Manager ( 4 Times by 3 different Agents): Automated Messages stating to Allow 7-10 Days to Receive Withdrawl: And Something about How its Still in the Allowed Time-Frame??? WHATEVER THAT MEANS…?? I dont know what TIME-FRAME they were following. Because it definately WASNT the 7-10 Days once Approved and Processed, the TIME-FRAME in T&C’s which I followed.

  5. True fi#%kng blue casino is the shitiest, dog, scam, lowlife mutha f=^k worst casino ever..dont waste your money on this casino..go play somewhere else.. the staff are all fake..they dont exist.. thats what you call ghost staff.. the odds of winning is 0%.. gauranteed you will never win.. I HATE THIS CASINO SO MUCH..

  6. Have been a VIP member for over a year and never had mad a withdrawal. The first time I did make a withdrawal I went and got a new government issued identity card and went through the verification process. I was told that the id I submitted was domestic and can’t be used, so I contacted live chat and was asked to submit the identity card to them which they approved followed by my banking details for an international wire transfer which they received and approved on. After several days I contacted live chat just to check up on the withdrawal and double check that all the information I provided was correct in which they said yes and the winning funds should be wired through on Monday 20/04/2020.
    However this morning I went to log into my casino account but couldn’t so I reset my password and it still wouldn’t let me into my account. I contacted support and was treated very rudely by them saying your account has been closed and when asked they would just end the chat. Went back several times to ask to speak to a manager and was told on every occasion that the manager was busy and they would end the chat.
    I had a $2500 withdrawal that was being processed and a large sum in my account that I was playing with. Have also sent emails to true blue casino without any reply

  7. Don’t send your ID to these scammers. If you do you are risking identity fraud.

    They don’t payout. They tell you to add more funds to enable withdrawal but you’ll never get your money.

    As dodgy as you get.

    They owe me $400. I’ll never see it.

  8. I’ve won 40 thousand payout is they reakon when they already said yes go ahead with withdrawal can’t now back to I’d and documents again for the millionth time I had screen shot of all messages etc… hundreds till no avail.

  9. What the hell do i do these guys have just ripped me for money ive been waiting months for medical equipment now they close my account when i had just had them tell mw they wrre puttinh my withdrawl rhrough this is a scam im so dirtraughg . What can i do? We NEEDED THAT MO EY SO BAD. im a single mum with broken back. Please. Please help that money was supposwd to be for medical equipment now i read it happens all the timew?

  10. Ive just realised ive been had / i did not get the bonus crap , just played straight , but they say because they gave me 20 a week bonus plus i paid into that i cannot withdraw ? U cannot win on this scam of a business
    Im going to the media. I thought id get 200 dollars this week . Dumbme

  11. Disgusting casino. Live chat support never warns you about their ‘mixed funds’ policy where, even if you’re using your own money, if you have over $5 of their fake credits, Nothing you win can ever be withdrawn.
    all the live chat assistants do is tell you to give more confirmation of identity and more documents.
    hopefully someone sees this post before they fall into this absolute scam. Over $700 that is easily never going to be seen again!
    And probably identity theft coming up next!

  12. This is still happening- I’m seeking for class action suit – I have endless evidence – have had verification/withdrawal/documents run around since February!
    Withdrawals just cancelled completely on their side.
    Other withdrawals ignored.
    I’ve spent over $3000 here ffs.
    I don’t care about the winnings now, I’m seeking all funds I have deposited to be repaid and for the casinos online licensing to be terminated.

    • lol, im with you, have spent thousands and my first withdrawal was 3500 after weeks of sending in id i just received 100 today, got onto them and they said the rest was non payable, i had gone way over playable balance and then they say there was max payout of 100, fuking joke

  13. I have been continuously mucked around at True Blue Casino with trying to get legitimate wins banked back into my account. They are very happy to take your money. Have been Run around with all email addresses given wrong to communicate with them. In fact it is quote difficult to communicate at all with them. Live chat are helpful yet your funds just get transferred back into your casino account to have to withdraw again and again to have them banked. The last time this happened it took months and months to receive the payout. Now here we are again same problem after I put faith back into their site. How is an operation like this allowed to run.

  14. These guys are the biggest frauds, I’ve been trying to get my winnings for a month now, they finally paid out $210 of it, but now say the rest I can’t get as it came from cashback, though for the whole month they have been trying to delay payment and nothing has been mentioned whatsoever that I couldn’t get paid out. They should be shut down and not allowed to operate and especially advertise on Instagram, which is where I saw the ad. Have all the email trail asking for my documentation yet again, even though it was verified. Now I’m worried as it doesn’t allow me to edit my personal information, that they will try and use my information fraudulently. That really worries me. Can’t believe they are still online and operating. I asked to see there gaming license and they get just ignoring my messages.

  15. True Blue Casino is as scam . This is the worst experience I have ever encountered in dealing with a so called reputable company.
    The same old story, I won 7000 dollars and they removed it totally because they said I had mixed funds.
    Information forwarded is always incorrect. They always want more. Apologise profusely but do nothing. Can we rid the industry of these con artists
    I have never chased any thing that I thought was not rightfully mine .This crew takes the cake.
    Every dollar I won was turned over numerous times My balance showed 7000 and 7000available to withdraw.

  16. I had spoken to Brian child’s which I requested for a top up and he advised I wasn’t eligible and I had left the chat as I was disgusted at the fact that I have been treated poorly and scammed due to the fact I have deposited almost $20,000 in the last month and half. After closing the chat I came to log back in and I get a notification the website isnt available which I have screenshot to prove, when I tried logging in from a different device it logged me in then logged me out and ended up getting the same error message. I have emailed the support team from true blue casino from Tuesday and they yet not replied to my email. I was promoted to a VIP level 3 due to the fact at how much I deposit and I have been blocked from everything and I can’t even access the account so that I get my evidence of transactions however I do have my bank statement to prove the amount of money I have spent. Is there any way or anyone i can complain to please.

  17. Same thing for me, submitted my documents to be then told we don’t except government ID cards, This is the only ID I have and I live in Australia so it’s a government card! I have emailed and have had the same email come though saying the same thing! This is very upsetting to still find people being scammed , especially in the COVID 19 pandemic😡😡😡😡 very disappointed, why are they still operating🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. I won 2000 all of which states withdrawable funds in cashier. Its been a month so far but they said they would honour 1400. I asked a few questions, basically they want to completely take away all free spin money that came with any bonus including the bonus money. I couldnt get my head around that at first but I can guarantee everyone you’ll get 100% fucked over on your money. Im counting myself lucky to get a single dollar as much as I wanted to go off at them i had to keep composed. Played other online casino…never any ballshit like this

  19. Refuse to pay my 18700.. mixing funds I spoke to the casino staff member from the day 23rd of Octoberthis until yesterday I have valid reason I reject it I have deposited into the casino than I used pending funds I’m a first time winner I have evidence of the biggest win 10 thousand dollars. I get this staff member saying they transferred to my account 1200 I feel uneasy about it. I won 18700

  20. Hi everyone! Trueblue casino they changed name to azurehand i report this website when you withdraw money they ll asking you many private things until you feel annoying and stop request them . I withdraw $2300 aud already provided what they need in there website but they keep email me to provide certificates where you born and legally visa . They dont want to transfer money when u win . I keep reports them but then now change name to azurehand
    Please be careful dont play there .

  21. Yep. Total scam casino. Pleas beware. I had requested to withdraw just over $1000 via bitcoin. This was refused from their end as bitcoin withdrawals were unable to be processed bag that time or some rubbish like that, soni needed to withdraw via wire transfer. This was annoying because I needed to get all my bank details to them for the payout. They slowly accepted my details over a week or so of email with their customer service representative. Then, I find the wire transfer withdrawal request was no longer on my transaction record for my casino account so I contact them via live chat. I went through 3 live chat personell that all insisted that the transaction was cancelled by me and i had played through the $1000+ so it was no longer available to be withdrawn via wire transfer. When I pointed out that there was a conspicuous absence of any wire transfer request from my account they used that as phony evidence to say that see! I had indeed played through the balance. Then, why was I emailing with their representative for 2 weeks to verify my details for a wire transfer if there never was a wire transfer request? They just deleted the funds from my player account, and said it was me that played it through. You can’t even check if you did play it through because the game play history only goes back 100 spins per game. Total scam casino

  22. Has anyone actually received a payout? In the same boat. What’s the process for taking action?
    Probably spent over 20k, and only waiting over 3 weeks for my first and only withdrawal of 1k bitcoin. Would be great if anyone here has a suggestion, but I would love to see all money refunded. They happy to take your money no questions instantly but need to verify and process your ID before giving it back?

  23. I am trying to withdraw 2000 now from the 27/11/21 and everyday I message and ask and all I get is it’s with the processing team please be patient. I feel I’m not getting my winnings

  24. This Casino was TRUE BLUE but now they operate under SPINBOND CASINO AND HAVE RIPPED ME OFF I HAVE GONE TO MY BANK AND TILD THEM ITS IS ILLEGAL TO PLAY ONLINE AND THEY HAVE STILE $7500 from me yesterday and I’m so upset have been crying since so I’ve told the bank this is a fraudulent site as I remember I played there under True Blue and they have changed a few times under different names… I can only HOPE THAT THE BANK CAN GET 2 /3 years of money back I don’t care if they pay back the ones I won as they will only outweigh what I have lost more than the amount win and now they took my $7500 as they said there was a $28 player reward that resulted in MIXED FUNDS 😢😢😢😢


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