Real Vegas Online Casino – Still Scamming Players

Real Vegas Online Casino - Still Scamming Players

Real Vegas Online Casino is a SCAM. This casino and their sister casinos listed below are BLACKLISTED. DO NOT PLAY THERE

We received yet another report today about a player being scammed out of their winnings from the notorious casino (Curgam Malta Group). This casino along with their sister casinos below are all scams and they do not pay out players:

These casinos are on or blacklist for a very good reason. THEY RIP-OFF PLAYERS !!! They’ve been doing this for many years now and players need to be diligent about where they deposit and play with their hard earned money.

It’s very simple people… DO NOT PLAY AT THESE CASINOS!!! There are many trustworthy places to play that will pay you your winnings. The Curgam Malta Group of casinos is not one of these.

Please choose a safe and honest online casino that will pay you your winnings by visiting our approved casino listings. If you ever have an issue with any of our approved casinos we will get things resolved for you guaranteed. Play safe people!

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Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. I would not recommend to play this casino. I asked how to withdraw money from my account. They said that they need to get a copy of my drivers license in order to qualify the withdrawal. So I sent it to the casino by email and filled my banking information. After a week, I called there and was not qualified the withdrawal. They took my identity And banking info. Hope they do not use my information. I do not go back there. Very suspicious.

  2. I downloaded and installed the Real Vegas software via an email I received tell me I can have 1000 spins in Achillies. Username damienlives. They informed me when I asked what the Max Cah=shout was, I wa not eligible to withdraw anything because I used a no deposit bonus on their sister site. They said they are affiliated with and …. There has to be somewhere I can report them to. it is unfair. How am I supposed to know who their sister-sites are? They DO NOT list them. Thanks

  3. Real vegas casio just charged me 25 $ 3 times in a row&I never played a penny I did deposit 25 $ once, never loading I check email they send me three seperate charges, i call&say this is fraud, he tells me I charged myself 3 times in a row, i said I never authorized 75 $ he says I have to use as game credits, I said no I didn’t make those charges, he will return 50 but keeping my 25 $ &then close my acct, how do the they get away w theft?

  4. Another player just got scammed…

    I requested a payout of $9,000 On July 25th, 2015. I received the confirmation letter from them and now I only get the same email each time I inquire about my payout.
    It seems they have no intentions of paying me.

  5. Another victim…

    I have a pending withdrawal on Real Vegas Online casino that was submitted o 3/3/2015 that I can’t get payment for. I have chatted online with them several times, emailed them and not been able to get a payment or explanation on why the funds have not been the way the amount of the withdrawal is 5,000 dollars US. As I am writing this my account is in requested status still.

  6. …and another

    I would like to file a complaint against Real Vegas Casino online and urge other players not to make the same mistake I made and play on their website. The company quickly takes a players money yet when it is time to payout winnings they seem to have no intention of following through. I made a withdrawal request back on March 5, 2016 and it is now August 3, 2016 and still have not received any response from their casino. Everytime I contact Real Vegas Casino online I am told time and time again that my request is in process and I will be contacted as soon as there is a change. The customer service department states that the delay is due to high volumes being processed. High volumes of what? Obviously not payout request. This company only says things that sound good while it seems they have no intention of ever paying their winning players.

    I have called numerous times, emailed at least 5 or more times, and chatted at least 21 or more times with their customer service department only to get the run around time after time. I have been repeatedly told that the delay is due to volume or request being processed however I never am able to speak to a supervisor or receive any kind of response from their casino. I am told that my issue has been escalated to management and my account has been noted. Yet I never receive any response from any department of any kind.

  7. Unfortunately there is no help…

    We have been 13 months and they still say its in accounting..all forms and everything received by them and they just have one excuse after another. Please help.


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