Slot Nuts Casino Scam

Slot Nuts Casino Scam

Slot Nuts Casino is a Scam! Do Not Play at this Online Casino.

Slot Nuts Casino ScamDo not play at or any of their other scamming sister online casinos below. This group of casinos in on our Blacklisted Casinos List:

They are part of the Curgam Malta group of scam casinos and if you play there you will get scammed out of your hard earned money and never see a dime. It’s happened to thousands of people so don’t let it happen to you!

We get dozens of emails all the time from people telling us how Slot Nuts scammed them out of money. Once you deposit money in any of the Curgam Malta casinos you will not see any returns. If you win money they will only tell you lies after lies about how they are working on getting you paid. They never work on getting players paid. and their sister casinos only work on scamming players out of their money. This is a recent email we received about Slot Nuts casino scam.

i made a withdrawal on Jan 8th 2015 in the amount of 2,800.00 i have called them over 50 times and cannot get an answer, email,or phone call from them. All i hear is no one is in accounts and they,ll get back to me. i heard money was at bank and so many stories. its now Sept 15th 8 1/2 months ago i made withdrawal. they took alot of my money and now i cannot get any replies.

You’ve been been warned!

Always choose safe, regulated, and licensed online casinos. Unlike other websites that list thousands of untrustworthy only casinos for players to get ripped off from, we here at Casino Players Report only list approved, regulated and licensed casinos to assure our website visitors get their payouts fast and secure, every single time.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. Here are three more unfortunate players that fell victim to Slot Nuts Casino Scam:

    I was checking to see if you have had any complaints concerning slot nuts online casino paying its customers?
    I have an account there and requested a withdrawal of my $950.00 winnings, fifty of which go to their processing fee on 10/16/11.
    Once I made the request I did not receive the automated LTK code concerning my request as I was advised I would ‘in a few minutes’ after submitting all the verification data. The next day ( 10/17/11) I began calling and chatting live, but the operators kept hanging up on me and ending the live chat sessions when I began to show proof that I did send my documentation, but had not received any information. Finally on 10/18/11 I spent almost 3 hours sending and resending my documents via email while chatting with an agent because they said they were getting the emails but I was not attaching my documents. I used 4 different programs, finally resorting to pasting the documents in a word file and emailing it. While doing that I emailed Jack Wells in accounting complaining about the entire process and rudeness of the agents. Within 5 minutes I received an LTK code, only to find out in live chat that there was nothing to do with my account attached to that code.
    I finally got the email with the word document through and the live agent verified he had all the documents where he could view them clearly. He then told me it would take one business day, as did the email form Jack Wells, to assign the request to a rep and contact me phone phone or email.
    So, it is one business day later and now I cannot access the casino, I keep getting a service unavailable page. I used a live chat link from one of the emails as well as called and they keep telling me the casino is upgrading and to try again in 1-2 hours..I have been doing that for over 8 hours today and according to them they are still ‘upgrading’.
    I think they are trying to scam me out of my payout, and I am very uncomfortable because they have my personal financial information.
    Please Help! My user name there is cfeline at slot nuts casino and my phone number is 501-563-4607 I have played at other online casinos with no issue of payout or fair play and usually received my payout in a timely manner with consistent updates. The way they are handling this makes me think they are attempting to scam me.
    If you cannot help, please give me some resources and recourse for actions to take to resolve this issue.
    Cathy R

    On12-9-14 I requested $ 500 payout.and im still waiting they said it was being processed.
    April W

    Money Owed = 5,964.00 USD
    I have won money , had documents , approved , have been given many assurances my 3 wire transfers will be effected there has been no money received after waiting since 23/2/15.
    Could somebody please assist me ?
    Kind Regards,
    Keith M

  2. Another complaint about Slots Nuts Casino Scamming players…

    I requested a withdraw on the 8th November and am still no closer to receive my winnings.I feel I’m being told lies and after the first 3 days of the casino telling my they had not received my verification documents I was told I had to use a gmail account to send them as my email was y7 mail.So I went ahead and opened a gmail account [email protected] uploaded and emailed the documents which I received this ticket number
    And that’s the last time they have emailed me all other communications have been started by myself via there online live chat constantly asking where my payout is… Rozlyn


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