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Get a taste of the thrilling world of Knockout Tournaments at Bovada. Play for bounty prizes and cash in for every player you knock out.

What if you could earn some cash while knocking ’em out at the same time? With Bovada’s Knockout tournaments, you will get to experience the thrill of being on the hunt for bounty prizes while having fun and having a blast. You will be able to play Progressive Knockouts, Knockout Sit & Gos, and Knockouts across the three different types of tournaments available.

Bovada’s regular Knockout events usually follow the following pattern; for instance, a $5 Knockout may have a total buy-in of $25+$2.50, with $20 allocated to the regular prize pool, $5 for each player’s bounty and $2.50 for the tournament fee, and the winner of each competition will receive an additional $5 to use for their own bounty as well.

As with any regular tournament, these Progressive Knockouts work the same way. However, they become a lot more interesting because each bounty increases as players knock other players out. Therefore, the game gets a bit more interesting.

As a general rule, most of these competitions work like this: There will be a $10 Knockout with a total buy-in of $30 + $3, with $20 going to the regular prize pool and $10 going to the bounty, plus a $3 fee. When you end up winning the tournament you will receive the amount of your progressive bounty if you end up being the winner.

Most of Bovada’s Knockout events work as follows:

  • A $5 Knockout event might have a total buy-in of $25 + $2.50.
  • $20 goes into the regular prize pool, $5 is each player’s bounty, and $2.50 is the tournament fee.
  • The winner of the tournament will receive an extra $5 for their own bounty.

In the poker client, you will be able to see information about all of the Knockout events. The good news is that you won’t want to miss out on these events as they run regularly. A special welcome poker bonus worth up to $500 is waiting for you at Bovada when you register as a registered player.

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