Top Three Online Sportsbooks in Arizona and Why Now is the Right Time to Sign Up


Getting into sports betting in the US is now becoming more manageable and more freely accessible than ever. Every month seems to bring with it another state that has passed the relevant legislation allowing users to make the most of online sportsbooks, and Arizona is one of many that now allows such activity.

As each state passes laws that allow online sports betting and online casino activity, the size of the market increases, and the quality of the options also improves. The legalization also helps to steer users away from non-regulated markets that can prove very hit and miss and, on occasion, fraudulent, so any move to avoid such issues is a good one.

When it comes to sportsbooks in Arizona, there are many great options to select from, and in order to make your search for the right provider a smoother one, we’ve highlighted three brands that are well worth your attention.


If you are looking for a sportsbook with a stellar reputation that has a rich history in the field, then FanDuel is an excellent place to start. Their whole service, and in particular their interface, is very progressive and modern, and right now, they are offering a sky-high risk-free bet worth up to $1000.

FanDuel’s live-streaming area is also very handy, especially if you enjoy in-play betting; the pairing of these two services is very well ordered and put together by this provider and is just another area that shows they are very forward-thinking in their approach to sports betting in 2022.


Another household name, BetMGM, are huge, and their most significant selling point comes in the form of the odds and betting markets, both of which are very competitive when compared to the competition.

In other words, when you place a bet via BetMGM, you are unlikely to then find superior odds elsewhere, and this gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your payout isn’t beaten by another provider.

Bet Rivers

Of the three sports betting providers that we recommend, these are perhaps the least well-known, but that shouldn’t be a factor in your decision-making. BetRivers is a growing presence in the sports betting market, and they have a number of big selling points that are worth taking advantage of.

What we like most about BetRivers is their loyalty program which helps you to make the most of every action and bet you place. The rewards associated with this program are substantial, and their approach to existing players is a solid one. Many providers spend all their energy getting new customers and can sometimes forget about those they already have, but that’s not the case with BetRivers.

At present, there are 18 sportsbooks that have a license to operate in Arizona, and the market is very profitable, to say the least. In the first four months of operation, sports betting in the state amounted to a massive $1.75 billion in terms of bets placed.

Of the 18 available providers, the three above would be our favorites, and if you are interested in sports betting and reside in the Grand Canyon State, what are you waiting for?

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