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UPDATE 12/17/2016 123BingoOnline is now Blacklisted – Read the reason why

A player filed a complaint against 123 Bingo Online 2 weeks ago. Below is the complaint and the chat log file she saved after speaking with a 123 Bingo rep:

I have been trying to get a $300 withdrawal from 123 bingo since 23.5.16. Have sent repeated emails but never any valid reason why my withdrawal is still pending 5.11.2016. Didn’t realize that i could save the chat until just recently.

This is the chat transcript:

Withdrawal (**********************)

1S Seems that withdrawal was denied in error please request the withdrawal again, so we can get this fixed.23-8.   25-8

123 Bingo SupportThe withdrawal was requested again on August 23rd. usually the process would start all over again but since the mistake was ours, it should be approved by tomorrow, hopefully.

It has been escalated to management already.

We should have news on it by tomorrow night.


This is ‘Tucker’. Please verify your Email and Phone Number so that I can assist you.

Player: Email ****************. Phone ******************

Tucker: Hello

Tucker: Thank you for the account information

Tucker: How are you today?

Player: I want to know why after countless emails and replies saying arep would get back to me in 1working day- i have never once heard from anyone in customer service

Tucker: How many days has it been?

Player: I am bed ridden as per most days

Tucker: How may I help you today?

Player: Started around 3 weeks ago. Have a withdrawal pending that is still pending and nothing is happening

Tucker: What was the date of the last request?

Player: Just a small amount too. Not sure but was $300 i think

Player: Need to go in my emails to exact date but in middle august

Tucker: Bringing up the transactions now

Tucker: The withdrawal was approved on Aug 26, 2016

Player: I have sent nice,angry then livid emails as entitaled to know what problem is. First said they mistake n pur it back in my account n go withdraw again. Did this

Tucker: I will send it over to our finance department, and find out what is going on

Tucker: I typically hear back from them in 24 to 48 business hours

Tucker: I would expect you should receive that somewhere around the first or second of October

Player: Thank you. I did explain as not had phone call that i am in assisted living and have no access to phone only staff do. After 5pm australia time it on answermachine til nurse back on shift

Tucker: e are available 24/7

Player: Read that they need to ring before withdraw. But like i said we not got phone privledges were we live

Player: I was waiting for money to buy my self few little luxuries like talc n perfume. Things we don,t get

Tucker: I will be sure to let them know

Tucker: Is there anything else I can help you with, at this time?

Player: No but can i save this message at all?

Tucker: Yes, of course

Player: How. I on ipad that not mine n have no bleepin idea

Tucker: Do you see the top of the chat window were the envelope is?

Tucker: with the orange arrow

Tucker: Click there

Tucker: enter the email address that you want the chat emailed to

Tucker: and click the go go go button

Tucker: It might say send

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to your email at the end of your chat.

Player: Found it thank you. You are the first person to help me out . Thank you again.

26.10.16  Player: Hi! VIK

Vik: Hello.

Vik: For verification purposes can you please confirm your login ID?

Player: bubaree54

Vik: Thank you for the info. What can I do for you today?

Player: I am just here to ask IF abd WHEN my $300 winnings will be final and I can expect it in my bank account

Player: Have sent many many emails without any reasonable explanations as to what was happening. It is still pending my account says

Player: Just went to me emails and found one saying many changes and opoligies by 123 bingo

Vik: We are very sorry for the delay. but as we moved our operations to central europe so your payment is delayed.

Player: Reference number: ************** Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us. Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson) Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us. We are very sorry for the late reply, as we are doing lot of changes in the system and we moved our operation to central europe So we were not able to get in touch with our players on time. We are very sorry for the delay in payment but we are working on all the withdrawal request, Please be patient you will receive update very soon from our side. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Vik: but we are working on it and you will receive your money very soon.

Vik: I am personally working on all the withdrawals and I am trying my best that all the delayed payments should be done on time,

Player: Why couldn’t anyone explain this before now. a simple answer would hae been fine

Vik: I understand but I am working on it as there are so many request we are working on all of them one by one.

Vik: really sorry for the delay but we are working on it.

Player: I thought it was because no one had been intouch by phone. Explained that i am in disability share house and only nurse has phone and answer service all other times

Player: That is fine as long as I get an email letting me know when it is finalised

Vik: Thank you for understanding. Also we are coming up with some new bonus and offers soon.

Last time I bothered to try and get any straight answers from that site. Mind u i did send some scathing emails in between. They agree that the money is mine but I am still waiting. Think  I have been waiting long enough.

Regards. *****

CS Report has sent 123 Bingo Online two emails about this complaint and unfortunately they have both gone unanswered so that leaves us with no choice but to write a complaint report on 123 Bingo letting our website visitors know that if they deposit at this casino and do not get paid, we probably will not be able to help you. We recommend that players avoid 123BingoOnline.com at this time.

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