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unresolved Payout Complaint – Blacklisted

Two players in the past week have filed complaints about not paying out their winnings. We contacted about this issue and we did receive a reply from customer support that is having processor issues and they are asking a their players to be patient at this time while they try and sort things out.

The following two emails are both player complaints and then the third is the response from support…



I made a withdrawal request for $503.69 on March 1, which Realbet acknowledged the same day. The next day, they said my request had been forwarded to the payouts team and was in progress. They said I would receive a check by courier 15-20 business days after approval. That was longer than the 7-10 business days the website said when I submitted my request, but still not a totally unreasonable amount of time. I checked back on April 1 and was told they were experiencing delays due to high volume. My final contact with them was on May 3, when I told them nothing less than a response that included a tracking number of my payment was acceptable at this point. They gave me the same crap about how they are sorry for the inconvenience and will give me the tracking number as soon as it is available. That was almost a month ago. It seems pretty clear they are not planning to pay at this point, so anything you can do to help is much appreciated. Thanks!


I have made a payout request for $2000 on 3/29/2016 and I have not received the check yet. Yes, it is already more than 2 months and everytime I contact them, the only answer I got is ” I am so sorry for the delay. We will let you know the tracking once it is available”. What a shame.

And this is the response from…

Hello Rick,

Thank you for the update.

We are continuously working on all payout requests that we receive and process payments in the order which it was received to maintain fairness to all our players who has requested a payment ahead of his.

Kindly know that we never missed on a single payout. We have delays and is not denying that.

Rest assured that once we get the player’s payment information, he will be contacted immediately.
We guarantee that he will get his money and will have his account closely monitored until we resolve his concern.
All we ask is his extended patience.

Best regards,

RealBet Customer Service

Now although we understand that a casino/sportsbook might have processor issues from time to time, one of these players is going on 4 months without being paid. The other player is over 2 months. At first we were just going to issue a warning about and let our website visitors know to avoid them but the bigger problem we see is that realbet is still taking deposits from their players under the guise that they will receive a “quick and easy” payout once they go through the withdrawal process. This is a flat out lie and they need to be held accountable for it.

At this time we have placed on our Blacklist and we urge all our website visitors to avoid this casino/sportsbook until further notice (which means when they start paying their players).

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. Another player not being paid by…

    I have experienced the very same excuse about payouts. Placed my withdrawal in February after the Superbowl. Told the very same thing. It is June 5th and still no check or message, nothing. Tracking numbers have never been that difficult to receive from the others. Something bad about this site.

  2. Another player complaint just arrived…

    I have made two separate request payouts at the end of June of this year, one for $1500, the other for $2500. I have called the service department of realbet to get confirmation or maybe tracking numbers on my withdrawals and have been given nothing but the run around. The site went down for “technical difficulties” recently a few days ago, I immediately called the service department once again inquired about my payouts, I was told they were sorry and that I would receive my payouts soon and that the site would be back up again soon. Well they were right about the site coming back up, I am still awaiting my payouts . I tried to call the site today, the phones are not working now, I tried to deliver an e-mail to realbet and guess what the e-mail will also not go through? I am sure they are probably still taking deposits, I have one question, where is my money?

  3. And another…

    I requested my payout Back in FEB , and it has been 9 months +, and I still didn’t get my payout. Realbet has been given me an excuse every week, first it was 7-10 business days, then 21 business days, then :”we are new in the business”, then “we had to make heavy payouts for supernal winners”, then “we never get a new badge”, then ” there is some restrictions with banks, then ” we are not getting any info nation from our payout team”, then “we assure you you will get your money before NFL season”, then ” you are next , we are just waiting for a batch”, then ” we escalated your case, ” then……..I mean it is funny you got my money and other players money the minute “I HIT CLICK AND MADE A DEPOSIT”, but 9+ MONTHS (MONTHSSSS) and I still being lied to my face….

  4. This just came in from another scam victim…

    I placed an order for a payout back in June of 2016, they told me that it had been approved in first week of July. The amount was for 2500.00 and I am still waiting, I call about every other week hoping for some sort of news, I am told the same thing every time . That they are awaiting a new batch of tracking numbers for payouts and yet I still have not seen my money. We are 8 plus months and still same tired, but yet they old story, last conversation with Realbet they told me that they have not received tracking numbers for payouts since first week in December of 2016.But yet they are still taking deposits, I am at a loss and really don’t know what else to do. HELP

  5. Another scammed player at

    I won a Superbowl prop bet (February 5th0 for $2,900 and still have not been paid. Every time I call I get a different excuse. Last Friday i talked to a customer service rep who lied to me. First he claimed there was no way to know if a check had been issued then later he admitted that a check had not been issued. Claimed checks aren’t issued for 15 – 20 business days. It’s the lying that has me concerned that they have no intention of paying me.

    I see other complaints that sound very similar. This smells bad.

  6. This scam complaint just came in this week…

    its been 18 months and still no payout. from, also if I can help you I have all the emails they have sent me, and all of our conversations. thank you for your time and help.

  7. This one is a long read…

    This is a story/documentation of why Planet7Casino (and other duplicates) are pure scams.

    Planet7Casino and many others are just a variation of an interface that was put together over 10 years ago. Originally – and most scamtastical of all – there was RushMore Online Casino (the website isn’t even their anymore: Rushmore was my very first experience with the same people that still oversee and manage ALL these newer similar casinos, including Planet7Casino – LuckyRed, etc.

    They are all identifiable by their online interface for games and most of all the cashier interface.

    It’s almost identical to the old Rushmore one still, it’s only been modified to look better with their newer sleeker design for these casinos.

    Here’s my story:

    7-8 years ago I was highly addicted to gambling. I made 2 trips to Vegas ever and lost over $2,000 which I couldn’t even afford rent at $400/mo at that time, so that’s basically like pissing away 6 months of your livelihood. Not to mention food and other expenses.

    I was funding it through student loans, which was even worse.

    That’s when I found Rushmore.

    They sucked me in. I was scammed badly. Same types of things that people are saying abut Planet7 now. I won’t go into too many details there because others have posted their complaints already and because this is going to be long in general…

    The gist is they took $800 from me within 30 days and on the last $200 deposit (I made 4x $200 deposits trying to win back my Vegas losses)… on that last deposit I hit big and generated over $3500 in my bankroll. I forget the exact logistics but they found a way to pin me for wagering on a game I shouldn’t have even though it was under $5 in wagering and ALL the money stemmed from playing only with my own deposit money ( I had done enough early research to know not to accept any form of a bonus, but not enough to know that I was just pissing my money away regardless because the casino wasn’t ever going to pay me out or let me win.)

    I was winning on roulette and BJack. And I had a bit of a system because I determined on that final deposit that they were indeed a scam and that the best way would be to use that to my knowledge.

    So what did I do? I would bet ludicrous amounts randomly, always assumed I was being tracked or watched (my gameplay) and when it seemed like I should win for sure because RNG is RNG and after 100 losses you gotta win at least a couple in a row I would amp up the bet and play strangely as well. On roulette that meant suddenly going from playing the table to a bet on just red or black. But for that they had it rigged so if it was running red or black, it wouldn’t suddenly do a few of the other, it would just run it all day. So out of no where I’m betting black numbers on the table and then suddenly place $400 on Red and hit. Lay low, do it again a week later, etc.

    For blackjack, I was standing on things like 13 when the dealer had a 10 showing because at certain times you could actually tell it was like they tuned into your play and were regulating it and so they would except a hit and a bust on my $300-400 bet, but I would just stand, knowing the dealer had 12-16 underneath too and they would be the one to bust.

    I can’t figure out any other reason they would’ve claimed the type of shit they did when I won fair and square on my own deposit money with zero bonuses (hell I had even requested that bonuses not even be applicable to my account ever and they set it in the system so I could never receive one again).

    So why else would they scam me if they didn’t know I had them figured out? Exactly.

    Moving on to the real jjuicy stuff. I scammed them right back.

    I called my bank and claimed fraud on every deposit knowing they were showing up as international purchases and even signed the affadavit they sent me knowing it was perjury because int he end the US will always want to keep their money here. And a bank of a civil citizen isn’t going to watch that person get scammed out of their hard earned money, so even if they managed to find out I was lying and did know where the purchases came from, they would also find out that that money was going to overseas and AT THE TIME…ILLEGAL.. gambling casinos. This was when things like pokerstars or the like were in hot water and/or catching federal bans for US players.

    So it was a no-brainer. I got all my money back, and then kept redepositing until I won fair and square again by beating their system and then cashed out finally for something like $1250.

    It took me 4 months to get the money to my door but I did it and I paid nothing of my own money in deposits because the only one I never called fraud on was the one that won me the money that finally paid out.

    Fast forward to years later. I come across LuckyRedCasino, looking fresh, but oh so familiar. And then I realized it… it’s ALL the same people. I could tell immediately and the whole system was the same, and the scamming they were doing was they same etc. So at that time I was playing on both Rushmore and LuckyRed and caught a quick ban from both when I claimed fraud on a couple deposits again. They had finally caught on.

    Well fast forward even more, I find Planet7 and realize holy crap there are dozens of these out there and they all stemmed form the original Rushmore Online and thus were total scams.

    It’s been years though, and first I try to go back to LuckyRed only to find they have tabs on me and still have my accounts, name, etc all flagged. They wouldn’t take my deposits, but they do that by casino, not across their whole umbrella so that’s when Planet7 came into play.

    I tried to do the same to them but couldn’t win, but that was only because I had forgotten that it was all about playing by the book and then randomly amping up bets and playing anything but by the book.

    So what do I do nowadays? I go to these casinos and deposit the bare minimum to get free chip opportunities and such (no longer claiming fraud on deposits because if you get away with what I did for so many years you know to call it a win and never try again, because that’s federal jail time people).

    Anyway, I will make one $30 deposit ever and then use my system to win and cash it out for $100-200 and then start collecting y free spins and no-deposit chips and beating the system like crazy because it’s all still a huge scam and if you know that you can almost predict when the real winning rolls or card flips will truly come and save your amped up bets for those times.

    As of recent, I did this planet7 with a free chip they gave me and racked up a fat $1500 check they tried to scam me out of the winnings even though I met all their wagering requirements, and everything imaginable, but I used their greediness against them and told them since I had an accoutnf or so long I would never deposit ever again after an experience where I won fair and square on their free oppportunity and couldnt even get paid for it, so how can I trust them with real money? They even pinned me on an actual fault and rule break on my part (played a game I shouldn’t have) but I talked them out of it.

    And the main thing to remember, is that these people will never get you a check in less than 8 weeks EVER. So you just play when you get free opportunities and then take it as a win because you didn’t even risk any of your own money to get the check so who cares how long it takes?

    I cashed out another $250 from free spin winnings, another $150 from a no-deposit chip, and then they don’t count “birthday” no-deposit chips quite the same as regular ones so I was able to abuse that too and cash another $100 out.

    They’re sending me checks every 8 weeks and I only ever put $30 on.

    The moral of the story is that these people are absolutely EFFED. and it isn’t just Planet7 it’s LuckyRed and every other one that has that identical look in the online cashier and gaming areas. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

    If you want to stick it to them, then do what I did.

    And if you are a sucker and lose a bunch because you couldn’t keep it to a couple $30 deposits. You can STILL claim fraud, and I guarantee it’s not nearly as difficult or scary as you would ever imagine. Back in the day I had my bank’s fraud dispute number in my phone’s contact list I did it so many times…

    The best part is the bank refunds you immediately (and “temporarily”), and then after a month or two it is permanent. And never have they ever ever even once questioned it because you know what they are finding??? They are delving into it with experts to investigate the fraud and they find this huge overseas online gambling scam umbrella and don’t even think twice to give you your money back. They assume it was someone else depositing to those people, but even if they know it was indeed you they could care less. You just say it wasn’t get a new debit card sent and then that’s that.

    Also, I never do the authorization for payout until I actually win so only then do I provide them with my most recent card info.

    This is a lot to take in people, but I feel like people should know that Planet7 and it’s affiliates have been doing this for a good 10 years or so. And they are only getting bigger.

    I’m at a spot now where to earn any more free opportunities that I can easily abuse because it’s just so easy to play when you know your are being scammed. You lose 8 hands in a row on blackjack and then think you won’t hit at least 1 win in the next couple? You’re crazy. go from $5 to $50 bet and ride it for 3 hands and then back to $5. Do random things when the game really seems like it’s backfiring (i.e. losing on 19 or 20 multiple times in succession when the dealer flips under 17 and has to hit several times yet still beats you with a 20 or 21). By that I mean after a situation like the example there, you do something drastic like stand on 12-16 when the dealer shows 10 for the next 3 times you land in that situation. The cards mix up and then it’s back to winning, because what’s happening is you are rigging it so you become the dealer. You get what the house wanted. You win because you are now the house and you have the advantage over time. Play it out and it never fails it’s amazing. And that SHOULD NEVER WORK in theory unless their system really is rigged. If it was true to actual gameplay you would get slaughtered with those types of tactics on a single deck or even six decks, doesn’t matter, no one plays like that in real life for a reason.

    I hope a lesson can be learned from this. But I honestly am suggesting that based on this story you blacklist Planet7, LuckyRed and all others with that interface because it’s allllll the same people and they’ve been scamming US players for so long it’s crazy. Millions I’m sure they made by now.

    I keep saying the same two casinos, but that’s just because I’m too lazy to go look up all the ones that are also under their umbrella, but I know for sure there is a good 10-15 others, if not more.


    -Your Happy Reverse ScamArtist

  8. Another complaint just came in 4/24/17

    Requested payout of $1200 on February 28, 2017. Been calling weekly, no updates, customer service just says they are waiting on batch of payouts, will not let me talk to anyone else. Manager and Supervisor are on vacation! DO NOT PLAY ON REAL BET- ITS A SCAM!


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