Win a Share of a €10,000 in Cash Hunt Prizes!

Cash Hunt

Hunt for $10,000 in cash! Take the Cash Hunt leaderboard to the next level by showing us your ‘Best Winning Spin Score’

When you participate in the $10,000 Cash Hunt, you could win one of 100 cash prizes. Despite the fact that this promotion has been running for a while, there are still plenty of prizes to be won with new tournaments popping up every week.

Check out this week’s chosen slots to qualify for one of the 100 weekly prizes, and maybe even the first place cash prize of $3,000!

You’ll earn points by playing and winning. For example, if you wager $1.00 and win $100, you will receive 100 points. In game 2, you wager $0.50 and win $50, you get 100 points. In game 3, you bet $2.00 and win $100, you get 50 points. But in game 1, you bet $1.00 and win $500, so you get 500 points. It’s 750 points total.


1st place- $3,000

2nd place- $2,000

3rd place- $1,000

4th-5th place- $500

6th-10th place- $150

11th-100th place- $25

All prizes will be credited within 72 hours after each tournament concludes. Since prizes are cash, there is no wagering requirement before winnings can be cashed out. 

Visit Mr Green to cash in on the $10,000 Cash Hunt!

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