Cool Cat Casino Payout Complaint – Resolved

Cool Cat Casino Payout Complaint – Resolved

  resolved  Cool Cat Casino Payout Complaint – Resolved

Recently a player from Cool Cat casino came to us for help in resolving a payout issue. First off, just to let our website visitors know, Cool Cat Casino is part of the Virtual Casino Group of casinos but is now known as Group (or Gambling Wages if you are a casino affiliate). This groups casinos have been on our blacklist for years.

The player had been trying to get her payout from Cool Cat Casino for months and basically just getting the run-around like most of their players appear to get.

We let the player know that Cool Cat Casino is on our blacklist and that they and all their sister casinos have been their for years because of this type of non-payout behavior. I  told the player that we would contact the casino about this complaint but in reality I was not that optimistic about getting a reply. Surprisingly enough we received a reply from a casino support rep rather quickly. And the rep stated that the player was indeed owed money, not just from Cool Cat Casino but from Silver Oak Casino as well.

Just a side note; the Silver Oak Casino’s website shows no affiliation with the Group. Silver Oak Casino however is part of the Ace Revenue group which is connected to the Gambling Wages Group which is ultimately owned by the Virtual Casino Group of casinos. Confused yet??? No need to be. Always just remember to check out our blacklist page for the latest updates on the casinos players need to avoid.

Now enough of all that corporate BS and back to the complaint. Below is the email we received from the player asking for our help…


I am sorry I did not check out this page before playing! I have been trying to get my money from Coolcat for months. Please help me! I am still waiting on two withdrawals? One for $1000 was requested back on 4/29 and approved on 6/9. The other for $510  was requested on 5/23 and approved on 6/27. They stated they were combining the two and wiring it to me like the previous two that had been wired ($2264 received on 6/22). Somehow, someway now a wire transaction wouldn’t work anymore.  I’ve sent bank proof three times that I didn’t get the money.  Finally, after being promised every day that it was coming soon I said forget a wire and send a check.  Now I’m being told I have to keep waiting because there are people that won $135,000 that take priority.  I just need to cool dawn and be patient.  I’ve been told so many lines and given so much run around my head is spinning.  I will give you whatever information you need if you can help me, PLEASE!

So like I said earlier, we contacted Cool Cat Casino support without much expectations of a reply but low and behold this is what the support rep sent us…

Hello Rick

Thank you for your email.

Let me kindly inform you that the following payments will be sent within the next few hours to the wire bank account information provided by the player:

CoolCat 119627538 9-Jun xxxx Player’s Name CK Wire $     (1,000.00)
Cool Cat 120260897 27-Jun xxxx Player’s Name CK Wire $        (510.00)
SilverOak 68681814 29-Jun xxxx Player’s Name CK Wire $       (554.00)
SilverOak 69090677 18-Jul xxxx Player’s Name CK wire $    (2,000.00)

Thank you for your attention to this email.

Best Regards,

We then contacted the player to report the good news and she was very happy to hear that they were also including the Silver Oak payment along with the Cool Cat wires…

Wow! I’ll let you know if they show up! Thanks!!! I can’t believe they are also doing the silveroak ones!

The casino sent the wires out on the 3rd of August and the player sent us another email on the 8th to let us know that the money had still not posted in her bank account. Sometimes bank wires can take awhile to arrive (10 to 15 days in some instances). Online casino processors are mostly offshore businesses that need to go through one or several intermediary banks to finally arrive at the final banks destination. It can be frustrating for players at times but that’s how it works. Now in this case it is extremely frustrating because she had already been waiting months for her payouts. But finally today (8 business days since wire was initiated) we received the good news from the player that she has received all her payments and we are happy to report that this payout complaint investigation is successfully marked RESOLVED.

Just letting you know I have received all payments! Wow! Thank you so very much.

Conclusion: Although this complaint had a happy ending we would still like to remind our website visitors to avoid the Group of casinos. Keep in mind the player made the complaint to us after months of getting the run-around from Cool Cat.

The below casinos should be avoided:

Ace-Revenue casinos to be avoided include:

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. This just in from a player who claims he is being ripped off by cool cat casino…

    First I win $1200, after around $3500 in wagering bets. I only get 3comp, points. When I complain to tech support with around $300 left they reset my account and deduct all but $100. I have emails stating and screen shots for every $100 Is 1point. Then on the phone they say $1500 is 1point. Before this when I win up to $1200 they first say all is withdrawable, but not true only $100 is withdrawable. In the email it clearly states that all is withdrawable except the free $100 I started with they have several sister casinos as well. Royal7,silveroaks, and many others I’d have to look up. Was exited when I won on free money but should’ve have known I was going to get 3differnt story’s of why that money isn’t good. Dont even want to mentions the runaround on trying to withdraw either…..makes someone wonder how these people can sleep at night ripping winners off let alone losers . Also I notice major glitches and inconsistencies with keno and slots. Something is very fishy with theses sites when the only thing different is the names. Shouldve been a red flag. Luckily I didn’t lose to much of my own money

  2. I put in for withdrawal on 10-21-22 for 1800.00 and keep just getting run around I’ve done all paper documents and read all terms and conditions and have chatted several time and they are just rude can u help me get my money please


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