KTO.com Casino Complaint – Resolved

kto.com casino complaint

We received the below payout complaint from a player at KTO.com casino…

I have 6.000 euros on KTO.com account and they wont pay me. No any bonus used at all. I have send them all documents and after that they wanted telephone verify and it was ok for me. Problem is that they havent called to me for a month now. KTO casino also doesnt answer me anything anymore. I believe KTO is fraud

We contacted KTO.com about this player complaint and we received this prompt reply…

KTO.com reply:
Dear Rick ,

Thank you for contacting KTO,

Please note that player [email protected] registered with us on the 17/12/2019 and made 6 deposits ( a total of 1800€) . She was betting and eventually increased the balance up to 6.000€.

After reviewing her betting activity and IP connections we had strong suspicious that another person was behind the account so our risk and fraud department requested additional documents and requested a security call.

The first attempt was on the 3rd January and the player did not answer the phone so we sent an informative email in which we told her to get back to us within 5 days.

The player did not come back to us in that period and we performed a second security call. The security questions were failed and the final decision it was to refund the deposit due to the breach of our T&C 2.1.1 and

You can read our T&Cs here: https://www.kto.com/#/promos/?slug=sport&news=258474

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

Best regards,

KTO Support Team

Due to the fraudulent activity from the player, we have closed this complaint in favor of the casino.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


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