Silver Oak Casino Complaint – Resolved

silver oak casino complaint

We received another complaint about Silver Oak Casino on Jan 18th 2018. After contacting Silver Oak about the payout issue they promised us it had been taken care of. But the finance dept. dropped the ball on this one. It took quite some time and several emails, but eventually the player did get paid. Here’s how it went down…


I deposited my own money and won.  I requested  a withdrawal in November 2017.  It was declined. I submitted by documents and made a new request, it was declined.  After several rounds, I made sure to chat the day after making the request & sending my documents.  After a lot of time on chat (the phone number provided is voice mail only & no one returns the calls) I have all of the transcripts of excuse after excuse until finally on 12/19/17 at 9:02 pm, I was  informed that is was approved & a check would go out the following week.  Well, it is now 1/12/18 and no check.  I chatted today and was told it is with finance and it should be going out “soon”.  More lies and BS.

After emailing our contact at Silver Oak Casino about this payout issue, this is the reply we received (it actually took two emails to get a reply which is unusual)…

Customer’s payment will be issued out before the end of this week. Tracking will be available next week.

After a couple of weeks had gone by the player had received ZERO payment and of course no tracking number…

Hi Rick,
Of course another week has gone by and I have yet to hear from Silver Oak regarding my check. I know they have my phone number since I keep receiving robo calls with “special offers” on my next deposit.
The email response you received stated a tracking number will be available, could you request that number?

They have had my money since December 19th when the withdrawal was approved. It is not available to play (not that I want to) and I have not received it without a straight answer as to why, which seems a lot like theft now that it is a month and a half later.

Any information you could obtain from Silver Oak would be most appreciated. I realize it is not that much money, it is truly the principle now and I will not let it go.

I contacted Silver Oak again to find out why the payment had not been received by the player. This is the reply…

Hey rick… got an update from finance…

“My apologies on this one, I thought I had already processed it but I didn’t.

It has now been submitted to the processor and we expect tracking to be available and sent to her email later this week.

And finally on Feb 14th 2018 we found out from the player that she had finally been paid her winnings…

Hi Rick,
I received the check!

Thanks for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. DO NOT PLAY AT SILVER OAK CASINO they are not paying out and there is no longer telephone contact I have been waiting for my withdraw since 9/9/2019 and all I get is the run around. The withdraw has been approved but have never received it.

  2. Do not sign up to play for this company they are scam artist you will receive a million different excuses why you cannot withdraw the money that you won the number one excuse that people have told me is that they will be told that they have multiple accounts open in which they don’t then they will tell you that even though you won a lot of money that you haven’t played long enough so you can’t withdraw it then they will tell you that the bonus coupon you used has limitations I want $520 and was not allowed to withdraw any of it I used a $79 welcome chip I deducted that from what I want then I was told that I could only withdraw $100 so I said okay I’ll withdraw that and then they told me no I can’t I have to play more I made a complaint to the representative as I was playing a game my money disappeared Into Thin Air I have screenshots of all of this I am reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau I am also reporting it to the media for every single dollar that was stolen from me I will steal a customer in return

  3. DO NOT PLAY AT SILVER OAK CASINO!!!!!! They’ve turned into scam artists. You cant even reach a live person when you call them. All you get is a recording. I requested a withdrawl on April 3, 2021 and they email me asking for some documents which I sent them, then they wanted my bank info which I sent them, then all of a sudden no response. I go to login in to my account and all of a sudden, I cant even do that. After weeks of emailing them and trying to figure out what’s going on, I finally get an email back from them saying my account is now canceled and they dont need to give me a reason as to why. And that’s it. NEVER AGAIN will I play there!


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