Pamper Casino Payout Complaint – Blacklisted

Pamper Casino Payout Complaint - Blacklisted

unresolved Pamper Casino – Unresolved (BLACKLISTED) Reason Why

We received the below complaint about Pamper Casino on Jan 24th 2016…

I requested a payout on February 2, 2015, after submitting docs, I received email stating my $1,000 withdrawal was approved. After a year of excuses, still no payout, no return emails, and the latest reason they cannot talk to their accounting dept is because they are redoing their offices !! PLEASE HELP!!

The player attached the approval letter sent by the casino for our review and verification. This was sent exactly one year ago yesterday.

We contacted Pamper Casino and did not receive a response. We then contacted them a second time letting them know that their lack of response to this situation would result in us writing up a scam report to let our website visitors know that they should avoid depositing at Pamper Casino. We received this response…

This ticket has been forwarded to Management.
Please allow 5 business days or less for a proper response


Pamper Casino Supervisor

US/Canada: 1-800-699-7213
UK: 0-808-234-1720
Australia: 1-800-883-059
Spain: 900-991723
Mexico: 01-800-681-9583
All other countries: +18006997213
Fax: +18668417072

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: JRR-842-99383
Department: Management
Type: Issue
Status: Open
Priority: Default

So after waiting a year to get paid the casino was now telling us to wait another 5 days for a “proper response” from management. The 5 days have since come and gone with no response from the casino to us or the player. At this point we have made the decision to write this Scam Report on Pamper Casino and since we have concrete proof that the players payout was approved we are also adding Pamper Casino back on our Blacklist until they decide to do the right thing and pay this player.

We recommend that all our website visitors avoid playing at this casino. Chances are you will not get paid if you win and support and management are non responsive.

CS Report

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. Pamper casino just keeps getting worse. They continue to tell this player that the money was sent but now they are just making up numbers and can’t even remember how much they owe him. Pamper Casino is a complete scam. DO NOT PLAY AT THIS CASINO!!!

    Email from player:

    What the Hell are you talking about??? First off, look at the amounts of the “so called” deposit amounts: 5925.27. Where did you pull that number from???? Out if your Ass??

    Secondly, this was never done. At no time was there any deposit attempt made to my account. I checked with Wells Fargo several times yesterday and today. Without sender information and location of source, they can’t track ACH attempt.

    Send me senders account number and location of sender. My bank needs to know where and who is sending funds to match incoming ach transactions.

    Once again. Your email is a jumbled attempt to pretend you are, or your “processor” is making attempts to pay me. This is a lie.

    You have to go to a western Union location and send me my funds. You cannot pretend that you attempted to send me the amounts you listed – 24 payments of almost $6,000 per deposit??? Look at your email? It is complete bullshit!!!!!

    Email me the Western Union reference numbers so I can go to my local WU location and collect my approved payout. Nothing else. No more bullshit. Just pay me!!!! It is obvious that you are doing everything possible, including this ridiculous story about the following transactions. Pathetic!!!

    13/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    09/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    08/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    07/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    07/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    07/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    07/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    06/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    05/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    05/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    03/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    03/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    03/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    01/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    01/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    01/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    01/02/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    30/01/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    30/01/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    29/01/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    28/01/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    27/01/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    27/01/15 EasyDebit 5925 27
    27/01/15 EasyDebit 5925 27

    Look at this nonsense !!!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!


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