Read the Terms and Conditions of the Casino!

Casino terms and conditions

As our website visitors most likely know, we get a lot of complaints about online casinos not paying out winnings. Most of the complaints could’ve been avoided just by simply reading the casino’s terms and conditions before depositing.

Aside from the term about only one player per household, one of the biggest complaints has to do with the amount players are spending when they bet. In other words, the Max Bet limit.

The max bet limit refers to how high of a monetary amount you are allowed to bet on one single hand (or spin at the slots). It’s usually between $5 and $10 dollars. If the casino states in their terms and conditions that the highest a player is allowed to bet on a single hand or spin is $8, that means that if you bet $9 chances are you are not getting your payout.

We hear it time and time again from players. If this happens there is nothing we can do. When the terms are broke then that is that. Rarely have we seen a casino reverse their decision on this rule.

The player is 100% responsible for reading the terms and conditions of the casino they are depositing at. If you choose not to read the T&C’s and you break the rules, you have no recourse when it comes to getting your big (or small) payout.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. I put 100-00 and received a bonus I played the playthrough amount and won $5000 which I withdrew but they rejected and gave back my $100 original deposit
    They did not rein out the 5000 I won so I can play through if it was incorrect they took it away and only gave me the original 100
    They said that I had played over $8 and voided the $5000. That I breached their Players code by spending more the 8-00 in a bet.
    Because I used around $41-00 over the $8 bet they refused to return the $5000
    This is illegal I think to get out of paying without explaining and refunding the won back to me

  2. Pokiez casino successfully allowed me to withdraw $2000 and then after all the documents were uploaded, said there support team made a mistake. There were two emails sent for a successful withdrawal of $1300 and $700. all documents were validated and approved. also there was $468.00 credit left on my casino account.
    I have made several attempts contact them about this matter and the are now refusing to respond to my emails. I have tried to contact them on [email protected]. they said that the their team made a mistake and l was not meant to be able to place a bet over $8 and l was betting $10 but l was not meant to be able to then how was l? they took all funds away and gave me $20 in the casino account. Please is there anything l can do about this?

  3. Hello, I would like to make a complaint about
    They canceled my withdrawal saying that I didn’t follow the General Bonus terms. I was buying bonuses on some slots and then they said it’s against TOS, no real explanation just that I don’t follow the TOS, but in the Terms of Services it didn’t say that it’s against it. My max bet was 1.2EUR and the maximum that you can bet with the bonus is 5EUR.

  4. Here is another example of a player losing their winnings because they over the max bet limit ($8 on this particular casino).

    Hi there i had a big win on pokie spins i pulled 23.000 but when i tryed to with draw thay stuffed me around for a few weeks and then took it and gave me 100 that’s what i diposited. When questioned them thay said i was betting to high i could only bet $8 not $10 .there was no $ 8 bet to begin with it was $7 then $10 and if your not aloud to bet big you can’t change bet untill bonuse is over. But i could change it and the wagger had finished so how can they take this k8nd regards jason

  5. This player at Bitstarz thought it would be a good idea to not only bet over the $5 max bet limit, but also tell the casino that he will sue them in a court of law in America and have all their finances confiscated. But nope, he’s not done yet. After that he pulls out his racism card because somehow Bitstarz hates Turkish people. Now he is asking for help from us to get his winnings.

    Some mornings we feel like we are living on planet Moron when reading some of the complaints we receive.

    First İ say me can little speak inglish sory for
    This …..My friend help Me This casinos turkey player not english.Casıno say ;12 term bonus condition me not see And english.And And And This general bonus term condition me take monday reoladed depozit bonus.Not same but but but but İ say ok İ accept İ say And ok This bonus term condition all me Accept ok 3500 my win delete ok good.My ago all bitcoin etherium Euro dolars 25.000 Euro my aşk depozit all same more big 5$$ bets all all time me play 10-20-30 Euro bets casınos.Why Why Why ago my 8-9 depozit not say????Me lost me dont know all time me play same bets Kore big 5$$ ….Why not say?why not give back My depozit And canceled my bets.Because me all lost.Because me dont know all time me put depozit And play 10-20-30. Euro bets.Me dont know all time same play my bets.Bıt but but casinos know This Why not say?why wait me win 3500$$ And after delete win money discarded And güve my depozit 600 Euro back pay.Ok ago my all same all give all same more big 5$$ bets.You anderstand me?casıno manipülasyon Lier casinos not right casinos.excuse.Casinos say real ; ok very good give all another lost depozit Because me dont Know me play 10-20-30 bets all discarded all need back pay depozit.Because me win all 3500$$ discarded delete And give depozit back pay.You anderstand me????help me pls.
    Casino Answer ; Hi Ercan,
    We received your complaint and are following up in reply:
    I would like to inform you that it is extremely important to familiarize yourself with the specific terms and conditions of each and every casino bonus you might be considering accepting.
    If you check bonus terms and conditions, stated on our website, you will notice that maximum bet is limitted and stated in the term
    Until the play through requirements have been met, the maximum bet that can be placed is 5 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/USDT, 50 NOK, 0.01 BCH, 0.01 ETH, 1,000 Dogecoin, 0.1 LTC, 20 PLN or 300 RUB. When it comes to Bitcoin players the maximum bet is 1 mBTC. This includes double up wagers after the game round has been completed, for example, wagering winnings from X game round on red/black, and also in-game bonus features that can be purchased.
    Unfortunately this answer will not change.
    Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
    Best of luck and thanks for contacting Bit★Starz,
    Your friendly neighbourhood Support Hero,
    Me say;
    My friend 1-) This me Türkiye player.Servise all english me little.2) Me take reloaded monday bonus And This bonus term not write.General bonus condition term write.3-) If this law will apply, give back all other deposits because I played the same too bet. If the law is important I bet you $ 5 more and lost if you had to give them back too. But you never warned. If you really care about the rule, the 25.000 euro I lost is all out of the rules, all bets above 5 $$ all you have to give back. But that’s not our problem. You are making excuses in order not to give money. You should cancel and give a refund within the same as the rule. Rule is the rule. I will sue you from America and I will freeze all your accounts.
    If you follow this rule, it’s better for me I lost all deposit 25.000 euro all you have to return it by this law because all $ 5 more bet. I will open a big lawsuit and freeze your funds.
    If this rule exists and is to be applied, then all the other investments I lost were played the same. 5 dollars were played at the same time. Then all of them should be canceled in the same way and all my deposit of 25.000 euro should be refunded. The license operator must now force the casino to this. With his own cunning defense He actually punished him. when you win
    Cancellation is also canceled when I lose business. Also, why was I supposed to abuse and lose it in the past? Why was it not told? Why was it said when I won? This is a clear sign of bad faith. Casino clearly broke the law and manipulated for profit. No extra punishment was given for it. If the law is honest, it should be applied to those I lost.
    it does not write in these 4 books. it does not write the Torah, it does not write the Bible, it does not write the Quran, it does not write the psalm. injustice.Casino manipülasyon.Bonus term m win delete backp pay depozit me lost Why not give backpay?Myy all lost backpay bitcoin etherium dolars Euro all Because all not 5$$ bets All 10-20-30$$ bets.Now licance regulator give penalty.Casino say bonus you accept ok say And say another all lost 25.0000. Euro back pay say Casino.Because same rules.All more big 5$$ bets.All delete And back pay.rules?
    where are you human? where are you human? Are you all hiding your head? where is the right, where is the law? Or is it racism for those who call me a Turkish actor?This casinos Cpyrus.Me turkey.For This not give?25.000 Euro me lost.Cobid-19 me not work.Me not have money.How when human?when?when ?where is tane law???where? you should be ashamed, shame on you. people are ashamed when they look in the mirror.Licance What your mission.All see proff seee all rules same Why you not say aşk depozit back pay.Casinos say This rules.Casino say This rules And delete And give back depozit ok no you say all another same bets more 5$$ aşk back pay.Thıs very easy.Why you not say???
    Why not give answer???What is your jop?Wht is your mission?What happed? are you working with bribery? No matter how many money they bribe you, I will send you 5 times in bitcoin. Give the allegation. Don’t be afraid.Which operatör give penalty send me bitcoin adress İ give free bitcoin.İ want right and justice.
    Yes İ wait answer. this rule is very good.Because my lost all bitcoin etherium Euro depozit alll same.All you can delete And give back my depozit.25.000 Euro all depozit you can give.Because same bets not 5 dolars more big.Same.10-20-30 Euro bets.Very very very good ok 3500$$ win money not give olm very good. this rule is very good.You delete 3500$$ win money And give my money ok This very good.My ago all lost money same big 5 $$ bets aşk back pay same.For me more good.You think pay me my win 3500$$ or another alll depozit same back pay?Which one you want?Give me answer Because not give my money İ open case Amerika.Me right.Very easy This.Me win 3500$$ delete And give my depozit back.Me lost Why not say Why not delete And back pay my depozit?This How casinos?This Casino Lier.Fraued casinos.This real speak.Say 12.term bonus condition This very very good ok ok me accept but but but but but my another all 12. Term bonus condition for This pay all depozit give back pay.25.000 Euro İ wait my all bitcoin etherium Euro send my acount.Not send me İ open case.And for for not help not only Bitstarz casinos you And casinos İ give.You operatör licance corp.Why not give penalty?why kot say casınos This MSN speak correct back pay all.Why???

  6. Just another case of not reading the terms and conditions and losing out on their winnings…

    I did some withdrawals from my house of pokies account but the withdrawals was declined because I used someone else bankcard to deposit the money in to my house of pokies account but I think there must be some way around it because I think that that is unfair I win the money fairly and still belongs to my on matter what I forgot I couldn’t\’t use someone else bankcard to deposit money on to my house of pokies account.


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