Punt Casino Player Complaint – Unresolved

punt casino complaint

This complaint came to us from a player a Punt Casino…

On 8/09/2019 I was busy playing with my coupon and won the jackpot of R8300 and something. I had money on and cash out R9000. This morning when I check it shows only R600 and your consultant inform me that they rectified it because I won it during my coupon. But normally it the wager bonus amount are not played through it shows there nothing to pay out I cash out my jackpot money because and it cash out.
Now PUNT casino says it can’t be pay out because it was part of the coupon.

I have proof that I cashed out and it shows that I did. Nkosi phoned me and informed me that after discussions with finance department they decided that they will pay out only R3000.
I said firmly to Nkosi they can pay it out but that I will still lay an complain. After this incident they delay deliberately on my other winnings and have every day excuses since the 13th why they don’t pay out my new withdrawal of the 13th I have all the screenshots of all the withdrawals and under reviews

We contacted the casino and after a week or so they responded with this…

Hi Rick,
Peter here Affiliate Manager from Yebo Stars Affiliates. Thanks for your below heads up on this player complaint at our Punt Casino.

I wanted to let you know that this complaint has been resolved by our teams so it would be great if you could sort out the player complaint on your site., thanks.

The player denied it was settled…

No it was not resolved they pay me only R3000 of the R9000.  As I explained Punt Casino Mr  Nkosi phoned me and said that their Finance was only willing to pay out R3000 I made it clear to him that they can pay it out but I will lay a complain and I did my jackpot money was not fully paid out.  I cashed out R9000 but the next morning they change it to R600 and after Nkosi phoned me they change it to R3000 and that was paid out they still own me R6000.  I know I played 50 free spin coupon but I did not win my jackpot on that game I had more than n R1000 on and which games and played on Twister game and then the huge Jackpot of this games I won of 8300 and something

So no it’s not resolved. As u can see there is the probe that after the jackpot it had stand on R1000 it was over R8300.

After sending this to the casino, they responded with…

Hi Rick,
I have this following information from our CS teams:

“This player won R9K from the Daily free spins which has a maximum cash out of R500, this is why we approved R600 (R500 winnings+R100 fees).”

“Once the CS team informed the player about Max Cash terms and eligibility she was very unhappy however due to this expression of dissatisfaction as an exception our team Manager approved R3000. There was also confusion on her side because she was thinking that our system will not allow her to continue to Withdraw anything over R500 however the 3K was approved”.

And the player responded with this…

Sorry but this is a total lie!

There was also confusion on her side because she was thinking that our system will not allow her to continue to Withdraw anything over R500 however the 3K was approved”.

I did not won the R9000 on the free spins I won the Jackpot on the Twister game of R8300 and something!

I cashed out and finance reversed it the following day.

I’m not happy with their reply because they still own me the R6000 of the Jackpot.

Unfortunately this complaint is now unresolved for the player and there is nothing more we can do.

Rick Norris
Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years Rick has helped numerous players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings. Rick prides himself on helping players find the best and honest online casinos in the industry.


  1. I recently won R4000 at punt casino. I never played any coupon I played straight up cash. Only to find out that I would be payed out a R1000 a week. Because they payout according to there player class term and condition. We’re does it clearly explain what that means? No were. The also don’t tell you that after your first payout that they will be returning the balance of your winnings back to your acoount in order for them to steal another 100 for fees. I never asked for them to this. They control your winnings that I won fair and square like um a child. I withdrew the full amount of which I want the full amount. There so called terms and conditions do not explain this pathetic rule clearly to the the players so that they can steal from them. I will never play at punt casino again and I clearly stated I do not want my balance of my winnings back to my account in order for me to lose another 100 for there there fees. This is rediculous and punt casino should be barred. They stealing from the players please could somebody get back to me with this matter or I’m lodging a complaint at the gambling board and to the obmatsman. Terrible casino worst I have ever played at

  2. I recently won R4000 at punt casino. Only told by email that I was going to be payed out R1000 a week. And that I have a player withdraw limit of a 1000 a week. No were could I find were that that clearly explained not even in there terms and condions neither does it explain section 6.6 called player class. This does not. Explain clearly to the the players what it means. So they Control your winnings on how much you deposit and withdraw which that is not clearly stated in there terms and conditions. Then after they pay the first 1000 of my winnings they put the balance of my winnings back to my account inorder for me to only do a withdraw again so that they can take another 100 rand for fees wich they don’t te” you thats what’s going happen. I withdrew the whole amount I never asked or gave anybody permission to put it back into my account. They stealing the players money. I have never played at any casino that does this. I want my winnings paid out in full. Nowere in there terms and condiontions does it clearly state or explain what player class means. If they did they wouldn’t have a online casino today cause no gambler on this plant would except they way punt casino is robbing the players. Please can somebody in charge contact me on xxxxxxxxxx. To resolve this. Or I’m lodging a complaint with the gambling board and spreading my horrible experience with punt casino on social media to save other players from being scammed. Thank you

  3. Hi,I have a problem solving a payout issue with Punt Casino.On logging in on 28October 2020,I noticed a rebate coupon of R60.I played with that and did not win anything.Thereafter I made four consecutive deposits of R100 before winning over R3000.I wanted to cash out R3000,but at withdrawal I noticed that the available withdrawal amount was R2900. Because Punt has a R100 withdrawal fee,I withdrew R2800.As there payout takes round about 3 working days,I contacted them after the third day when I noticed that the payout was still under review.Then I received a message from the team that I would only be paid out R600 as according to them,I won on the rebate coupon.According to them I have not made any deposits on 28 October,and I emailed them a screenshot of my bank statement which clearly shows the four deposits on 28 October.They replied with a screenshot of their system which shows the coupon being actuvated ,but none of my deposits before the win.What should I do as I feel they are robbing me of this winnings.Plus,normally when you win on a coupon,at withdrawal it CLEARLY shows that there is no withdrawable amount,and in this instance the withdrawable amount was R2900….and not the R600 they paid me out.

  4. This casino is a joke I didn’t play with any coupon I play straight Cash or Bitcoin deposit I should say i never do I collect a bonus for the reason I don’t like to play through but even when you play with out a bonus and win a messily $500.00 bucks with punt casino they dont like to pay you I won a messily $500 bucks try and cash out and they say o need to wait the allowed 72 hours and they say I have to wait one mote day which puts imus into Saturday for a layout dsy which they dont process payouts on saturdays and to call back on Monday except that’s what I did the first time I waited the 72 hours now they want me to wait another 72 hours you all hrs me f***ked up so old im going to blast you on every social media page including your facebook and twitter page cause you all are crooks do not play at this casino they will not pay you out your winnings when you win


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